Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

chapter 26.

Sorry that I havent had a update. Just got over the stomach flu this weekend. An was at the Penguins game the week before so..Yeah..But updating ALL the stories so look for them.Oh an I am sorry that these chapters are short. But mainly fillers.:]-ciera.
The next morning I woke up with her still in my arms. I slid out from behind her and grabbed my boxers before walking downstairs. Walking down the stairs I smelled food cooking; I ventured toward it. I turned the corner to see my MOTHER in front of the stove cooking breakfast as my father sat at the bar with a coffee in his hand.
"Hi." I muffled in russian.
"Hello my darling son." She smiled. "how was your night?"
"Not bad." I looked at her confussed.
"That is good." She smiled.
"You guys didnt happen to come into my room this morning did you?"
"I remembered it was her birthday last night and since both of your cars were here." My dad smiled nudging my arm.
"Your weird." I laughed. "Well I was gonna make her breakfast but looks like you got that under control so I am going to go for a run, then shower."
"Oh, Okay. Be careful son."
"I will mom."
With that I made my way to the laundry room to grab some pants and a shirt knowing C would still be asleep when I got back.
Ciera's POV
I woke up around 10:30 by the smell of food I have NEVER smelled before. I looked around and no Evgeni. I grabbed some things to wear and headed down stairs towards the smell of mouth watering food. I was texting on my way down the stairs so I didnt even notice Evgeni's Dad was making his way out of the kitchen until I ran into him!! Spilling coffee all down the front of him. He said something in Russian an then in came Natilia out of the kitchen.
'I dont remember him saying anything about them coming in.'
"What happened?" She said in broken English.
He said something in Russian which began a hole conversation in it, then they turned an looked at me with confused looks on there faces.
"I dont speak Russian, French yes...Russian no!." I looked at them, Playing with Evgeni's shirt that I was glad I had grabbed before heading down here.
They gave me a weird look then headed into the kitchen to clean him up.
"im sorry." I yelled to them.
I looked up to see Geno with a very confused look on his face standing in the back decks doorway.
He walked over to me, the closer he got the bigger his smile grew.
"Look nice."
"If you say so." I laughed.
"Is he okay? They said some stuff in Russian an I got way confused."
"He fine." He hugged me. "I heard it."
"Okay well you gonna tell me what they said?"
"Not important."
"Okay." I turned my head to the side looking at him, causing him to laugh at me.
He wrapped his arms around me and led me into the kitchen. For the most part it was a great breakfast. Awkward but the food was amazing.
Halfway through the meal I decided that I would try and start a conversation.
"What's your plans for today?"
"Umm have go pick up things."
"Oh okay. Anything else?"
"Not know yet."
"Just wondering I had nothing planned either."
"Oh go pack."
"Pack? For what?"
"You see later."
"It is friday right?"
"leaving monday be gone a day or so ."
"Where are we going."
"It a surprise."
"How do I know what to pack if you dont tell me where I am going?"
"Use imagination."
"I'll be up in a second."
I put my plate in the sink thanked his mother for the lovely meal and walked toward the steps. Halfway up the stairs I stopped and sat down, Pulled out my phone and hit record.
Geno POV
I talked to my parents as I sat there and ate the rest of my breakfast.
"Will you explain to me now?" I looked at them with deep disire.
"Evgeni my darling..Please dont tell me that you are serious about this girl."
"Yes! Yes I am. I love her. An I know she loves me, FOR ME! Not the name like Oksana wanted." I looked to my father for support. "Are you along with this?"
"Son. I thought it was O upstairs, her birthday is today. That is what I meant when I said that." My dad looked to me then to my mother.
"We arent saying that you have to get back together with her...."She bluntly stated.
"So what are you saying?"
"I want you to find someone from our country!!"
"I'm not going to find some Russian chick around here. An if I would she wouldnt be with me for me."
"You dont know that."
"What dont I know. She is Sidney Crosby's cousin mom. I am pretty sure she isnt in it for the name. I mean if i was her Id rather keep her name."
"Evgeni darling."
"Just promise me you will broaden your ranges before it gets anymore serious!"
"I will take that."
"I grabbed my things an took them to the sink. With out saying a word I walked into my room where C was packing some of my things an some things she had in a suitcase. I continued with what I had planned on doing and made my way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I needed to go to get the box for this week and pick up some extra things that I need for the week,
"Geno." I heard a small voice just above a whisper coming from the other room.
"Hmm." I said coming in with the towel around my waist. She didnt say a word just pointed.

Friday, December 18, 2009

chapter 25

He grabbed me and pulled me aside.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"I'm showing her that she needs to take resposibility if she wants to hang with us. An gee thanks for letting me know that you were bringing a new girl."
"Like it matters to you what I do anyways. I could be with some random hooker and get STD's and you could give to shits about me."
"Bull Shit! SIDNEY PATRICK! Dont you EVER say that I dont care about you, because I am one of the few people that cared about you before you became 'Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins' So dont be throwing shit like that around."
"Well you havent talked to me in like 3 weeks."
"An that is my fault? You are gonna blame me for that REALLY SID?"
"YES REALLY! An I dont see why everyone keeps jumping down my throat about her. I like her and I found a girl that doesnt care if im Sidney Fucking Crosby or not....An you guys need to live with that."
"Sid if she didnt care, then why was she so worried about being seen with you at Diesel?"
"I dont think that she was all into that like you guys keep telling me she was...Just get off my case would yah.."
"You take her home to DADDY then come tell me if I am right or not."
"We are leaving."
"Dont bother talking to me for a LONG time Ciera." He slammed the door.
Sid's POV
I grabbed Veronica and stormed out of Marc's house there was absolutley no way in hell that she spilled that and left it there. An I dont see why everyone keeps telling me she is only in it for the name and the money, when obviously she isnt. Or I wouldnt be with her would I? No one even knows what I would do for this girl!
"Sid I am so SORRY, I really didnt do that." she crossed her fingers behind her back.
"Yeah I didnt think that you did. I dont know what was up their asses tonight but they really arent like that all the time."
"I'm sure they're not like that but can we just stay away from them for a little while." She pushed her lip out.
When she put that lip out it was so damm cute, the things that it did to me.
"How bout we go to my house?" she asked.
"Alright that works for me."
Not long after they left Geno, C, Tyler, and Kelsey left Vero and Marc still trying to get the most of that out of the carpet till she could have it cleaned tommarow.
"Why you go off?"
"Please dont tell me that you are on their sides."
"Oh I not babe.. I curious."
She laughed that cute laugh of hers.
"Well she just pisses me off. But oh well cause I dont care cause she in NO WHERE near us, an you still technically owe me some more BDAY fun." she bit her bottom lip.
"Oh things you do." I smiled.
She leanded over an started kissing down my neck.
"Babe. I drive, I drive now."
"Ev-gen-i...." She moaned driving me even more wilder.
"I drive fast."
She leaned back over.
We were almost there when she climbed over into the drivers seat with me straddling me as I was attempting to drive.
"hmmm." She said into my neck."
"Almost home."
"Okay." She never stopped.
"You stop know. Wait till we get home."
"Nope." She continued.
Soon after a hard drive home I tried to make my way into the house when she stopped me at the door. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs to are bedroom.
"Now do whatever want." I smiled.
An with that she was off to the races. Shedding hers and my clothes till we both had only undergarments on. She crawled on top of me then she began working her way down doing everything just right. After she finished she crawled back on top of me. I tried to roll her over so that I was on top but she refused, Waved her finger at me and instead of me working, I got a break while hse did basically all the hard stuff.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

chapter 24

While in the limo Vero, Kelsey, and I talked about the Max incident when she jumped into the conversation. We could tell by the end of the dinner that we werent going to like her so its not like we were being complete bitches.
"So Max Talbot or Evgeni Malkin..Which ones better?" She looked at me.
"Excuse me?" Kelsey answered giving her a death stare.
"Not you her." She looked at me once again.
"Yes once again Excuse me?" Kelsey laughed in between words. "Who invited you into this conversation?"
She really becomes unafraid of what she says when she drinks though it is quite commical for V and I.
"Um Who are you trying to get smart with hun."
"I know she isnt in my face.." Kelsey looked over to us.
Vero grabbed Kels pulling her back as I got in between them.
"No fighting unless its with me."
"Alright. Lisen I dont know what you've done with Sidney and Frankly I dont want to know. Considering you have been with Max and Geno this week ALONE! Just stay away from him and everything will be dandy!"
I just looked at her laughing.."Are you serious?"
The girls then began to laugh harder.
"He's my FUCKING cousin you BIMBO!"
"Yeah, Im sure he is."
"Yea, Go ask."
"An who are you calling a bimbo?" She shook her head and put her hand on her hip.
"Obviously she just called you one." Kelsey mocked her.
Right then the door to the limo opened. I didnt even notice that we had stopped or that the boys were moving down trying to figure out what was going on. Sid was the first to crawl up. He gave me a dirty look then grabbed her and walked out the limo.
"Honey you better be prepared for worse being seen with Sidney Crosby." Vero yelled after them.
"What was that about?" Jordan asked.
"Eh slut. She's not coming to are house after!!"
"Okay babe. What ever you want." Marc agreed.
Inside I noticed that Sidney didnt even go up to the VIP like he usually does. He was down at the bottom dancing with her. Well trying to considering he was being surrounded. We all shook are heads and laughed as we made are way up the stairs. She looked up at us and then pointed to us saying something to Sid. Sid shook his head and started this way.
"Great the bitch is coming up now." Kelsey stated.
We tried to avoid her as much as we could, But it seemed like when ever we would do something she would look at Sid, He'd shake his head and then they would follow.
After about 2am we all pilled back into the limo and headed to Marc and Vero's For the AFTER AFTER party where all the guys would be waiting.
Of course Vero didnt want her there and Marc tried his hardest but she just didnt want to leave and go home even thought Sid was ready to.
Boy Oh Boy let me tell you when that girl started snooping around and went into Veros office she had for her charity work and spilled RED WINE all over the new carpet that she JUST had put in TWO days ago. I dont think I have EVER seen Vero that mad before. Instead of cleaning it up she left it there for her to find when ever she went back in there. Luckily we went in there to get some Vodka out of the liqour cabinet in there or she probally wouldnt have found it till like Monday.
I stormed out of the room before V even had the chance to. I searched till I found her and Sid sitting in the living room with Marc and Evgeni.
"Excuse me hun but dont you think that you have a mess to clean up?" They all turned and looked at me.
"What?" Marc asked.
"I think Vero could use you Marc, She is in her office." He jumped off the couch and ran down through the halls.
"An you, You need to get off his lap and GO HELP HER!" I yelled.
"Im sorry I dont know what you mean." She looked at Sid.
"Yeah I am terribly confused to." Sid looked at me.
"Your little one nighter here Spilled RED WINE ALL OVER V's Floor. An LEFT IT THERE!"
"I defidently didnt do that I dont know what you are talking about." She smiled.
"Yeah How do you know it was her. There were alot of people here."
"How because the girls were all with us, An i know that ALL the guys know that that room is OFF LIMITS during parties. THAT IS HOW."
"Still doesnt mean it was me."
"Well you know what.."
Kelsey and I grabbed her and basically drugg her down the halls. All along Sid was screaming at me the whole time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

new story.

Hey guys i have a new story about Marc-andre Fluery and Vero and her best friend. Ive kind had this thought in my head so decided to do it.:]]
but umm if you there is a short intro to it.....
and follow and comment it?!?!?!
and update on both the other storys tonight hopefullly to.


Monday, November 23, 2009

chapter 23

-inside Mellon Arena-

We walked inside to the boys skating around on the ice.

"I thought you didnt have practice today?" i asked.

He said nothing and gave me a pair of skates as he laced up his and ended up skating off with out me. I heard everything get quite as I started to walk out.

When I had finally stumbled my way out to the edge of the ice I saw the guys in a big huddle on the blue line the closest to me.

"GENO!" I yelled.

He turned around with a big smile on his face. As did the others. The first thing I did notice was that Max was nowhere to be found. As I was thinking what all they could have done or said the time I was lacing up my skates and not around Geno motioned for me to come out.

I skated on to the ice as soon as I hit the middle of the ice the lights started to dim like they do at the games. Happy birthday started playing from the booth as from the boys. When I looked up to them I noticed a yellow light in the middle of the group. They had a HUGE cake on the ice.

Geno skated out to me and grabbed my hand as he led me over to the cake the song ended.

It was kind of hard to blow out all the candles seeing there had to be like 100-150 so the boys all had to help me out.

I hugged them one by one as they wished me a happy birthday and skated off the ice eventually leaving Geno and I alone.

"You are amzing." I hugged him.

"Me Know." He smiled Embracing me. "Just try an make day great!"

"What else you got planned."

"well you party...An that really it." He laughed with a scary look.

"You sure?" I questioned.



Later that afternoon I sat at the table wondering what had happened to Max. I didnt want to take the chance of Evgeni getting mad at me because I asked about it or something.

'Maybe he will be here tonight?! An we can try an work things out because Max is a really good friend and is and has been there for me.'

The limo pulled up around two hours later to pick everyone up.

Vero,Marc,Kelsey,Tyler,Jordan,Geno,me,Kris, And room for two other who everyone told me were for Sidney and his date...Sid and a girl?!? Then again we havent talked in a while so it is hard to tell. We headed to 'Grille 36' one of my favorite resturants.

We met Sidney and his date there. When we arrived they were already at the table with drinks in their hands.

"Nothing like waiting for the people this is acually about." Kelsey said rolling her eyes.

Vero, Kelsey and I all turned an looked at each other at the same time...Saying "What the fuck." In unison making the guys all turn around and look at us.

The girl looked at us then to her self and turned a slight shade of red then whipsered something to Sid who then smiled and kissed her check.

"Hooker isnt always the best way to go." Kelsey whispered to us.

We all laughed as the boys took there seats.

"So Sid Whos the chick?" Jordan asked.

"An how much did you pay her to join you?" Kris asked.

"Excuse me?" She answered back to Kris giving him the dirtiest look ive ever seen in my life.

"Oh snippy." Kris laughed.

"Okay guys cut it out. Leave Veronica alone!!" Sid interviened.

"HHeeyyy VVVEERRRoNNiicccAAA!!" Jordan added as Sid gave him a weird look. "Sorry dude Ill stop."

"OKAY ANYWAYS!!" I added. "Its my birthday so we are here to party not yell at each other."

Drinks were pouring an soon everyone was ready for Diesel! We all hoped in the limo leaving Sid's Range Rover in the VIP parking lot of Heinz Field.

Jordan was hanging out the sun roof yelling at every girl he saw walking on the street or in the car beside us. Kris eventually joined him and they did it the hole way there.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

chapter 22

On the ride to where ever we were going I pulled out my phone and scrolled down to Max's name. I decided it would be better to find out what the hell the flowers really meant before Geno did. For some reason I dont think that he believed me.

"Flowers?" I hit send.

A few moments later we reached are destination.

"Where are we?"

"You see."

I smiled as he grabbed my hand and lead me in all a while my phone was buzzing in my pocket.

I didnt even bother with the phone because I was to involved with whatever he was doing. As we walked away from the car he pulled me in even tighter. I looked around enough to see that we were walking into this little dinner. I didnt even know that it was here. Maybe because it was tucked away an not many new like i didnt. Maybe It was one of those things that you just happen to stumble across. Either way I loved it and I hadnt even been inside yet.

Inside this little old women probally about 4 foot something greeted us and spoke to Evgeni as if he was a regular costumer and then looked at me then back to Geno an smiled nodding her head as if giving approval.

When we were finnaly left alone the first thing he said to me was "Flowers?"

"Yeah I have noclue why he sent me those. But Im sure he could tell that I was mad and he didnt want to be on my bad side."


I placed my phone on the table not even giving the text i recieved minutes ago any kind of thought.

"I'll be right back." I kissed him and walked down the hall to where the arrow saying 'restroom' hung.

Geno POV

AS she left and walked behind me i noticed her phone sitting over by the wall. This brought back the thought I had when we walked in..'who could possibly be texting her now of all times.'

I reached for her phone. The first thing I saw was Max's name was flashing on the screen. As bad as this maybe I hit the open button and began to read..

"Well it's your birthday. An you know the main reason is im just trying to make my girls day better."

'WTF! His girl.' Im so confused.

I put her phone back just in time as i heard her walking up the hall. As i thought of an excuse that wouldnt make me look terrible for doing what I had just done as walked up behind me and let her arm run its way down my shoulder.

"While you were gone your phone went off..I thought someone was calling so I grabbed it but you had a message instead." I started to trail off at the end as I looked in her eyes.

"Oh who was it?" She looked down.

Her face dropped. "Did you read it?" She looked down to her phone reading the same thing I just had.

"Yeah acually I did."

"Geno, Honestly I dont want anything to do with him. I guess I porbally should have told you this when it happened yesterday. An I am sorry that I didnt. I just didnt want you mad and wanting to fight him."

"Will you just tell me what happened already?"

She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

"Im sorry I just need to know."

She mumbled something..


She mubbled it again..

I got up out of my seat, she turned to me as i bent down in front of her.

"Baby please, Just tell me."

"He... He kissed me." Her eyes started to fill up with tears.

"What!!!" I screamed. 'That bastard knows better.'

"Im sorry I didnt mean to yell dont cry baby."

"That's not why I am crying I dont want anything to happen to us or to you. Especially since you are teammates."

"Yeah I understand babe but he needs to be confronted about this since he is my teammate he knew better then to do this to me and to you."

He pulled out his phone and walked down the same hallway I was just in.

Ciera POV

After we had finished the rest of are breakfast we got back in the car and began driving towards downtown. Moments later we were outside of the arena.

"What are we doing at Mellon?"

"I have another surprise."

"Okay?" I looked at him confused.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

chapter 21

Sorry this took forever...I know an it is pretty short because the rest needs to be in the same chapter. So basically a fill in..

Hope you like it:]


Cieras POV

I was woken up by my phone the next morning.

"Hello" I muttered not bothering looking at the caller ID.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GURL!!!" I recognized the scream.

"Thank you Vero." I smiled into the phone.

"Welcome...SO...What did he get you???"

"What do you mean?"


"Oh I dont know. You woke me up and he isnt in bed where i left him last night." I laughed.

"I see. Well dont let me keep you waiting. GO FIND HIM!"


"Bye." She hung up as fast as she possibly could which made me laugh.

I decided that since I was 'up' I could go find him.

I started to walk down the stairs when I saw him sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hands.

I walked up behind him as quiet as possible. I reached down an kissed his neck which caused him to jump.

"Morning." I whispered in his ear.

"good Morning."
I noticed something in his hand and then the flowers sitting on the counter in the kitchen.
"Are Those for me?"
"Yeah guy drop off."
"Oh. From who?"
"I not know." He handed me the card. "What that mean?"
I read the card silently an after the first line I knew it was from Max.
"Oh nothing." I looked at Geno. "Just Max pissed me off last night bringing some whore into my house. An i got really really mad. That is it."
"oh I see her not know who was though."
"Yeah I never figured that out either, They left shortly after I talked to Vero."
"She tell him?!"
"So Send flowers?"
"I guess."
I looked around as I walked over to get a water out of the fridge.
"You clean the house?"
"No Clean when woke up."
"Hmmm wonder who did it?"
"No clue." He smiled. "Go get ready."
"Special B-day Surprise."
"Alright." I nearly ran up the stairs.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 21

Geno walked out soon after Vero went in.

"Something wrong?" He sat down.

"No I am good." I snuggled into him.

"Oh okay. Why sitting by self?"

"Vero was out here, but she went in and I liked the stars an didnt want to go in."

He smiled. "You see that one over to the left?" he pointed to it.

"I stare at it EVERY night." He laughed.

"Really?" I questioned.

"Yeah. I go get blanket is cold"

I watched him walk into the door and disapear.

Geno's POV

We sat there for a while before I realized that it had gotten a hole heck of a lot quiter then it had been. I looked down to find her fast asleep. I got up and wrapped the blanket around her and picked her up bridal style before carrying her into the warm house. I looked around a bit to check the damage before taking her upstairs. Most everyone had dispearsed except for Jordan, Tyler, and Kris; They had been sitting in the lving room with pizza and beer watching a hockey game.

"Hey Geno." I heard as I was walking up the stairs.

I turned around an whispered a "yeah"

"You want us to leave?"

"Nah put her bed then hang while."

"Oh okay."

I continued to make my way up the stairs and down the long hallway to her room. As I opened the door she started to stir a bit. She looked up at me her blue eyes gleaming as i froze not moving a inch. I was caught in her eyes. I hadnt ever seen them that blue as they were that moment.

She laughed.

"What do?"

"Nothing at all."

I shook my head as i carried her over to the bed.

"Thank you Evgeni." She kissed my cheek.

"Welcome" I said as i started to move towards the door. She grabbed my hand her eyes full of intensity the blue color that had just been had faded into a dark gray. I could tell what she wanted and she obviously couldnt wait for she was pulling me into the bed.

"Sure want do right now?"

"Most deffidently" She said as she kissed me harder.

It felt so right to be with her an do the things we did. She was crazy nuts and it was by far the best sex we had ever had. She fit so perfect in my arms as we laid in bed till we drifted to sleep. 'Now i know what is coming is the right thing.'

I never made my way back down to the guys. I assume they know why to. Staring at her made me never want to leave this position, I never wanted to be away from her EVER. The next morning i was up around 9:30. I loosened my grip of her as she started to move i froze in place. After she seemed to be back asleep I slowly made my way down stairs. The house wasnt a mess like i expected it to be and that i remembered it as last night. Someone must have titied up a bit before leaving. An to boot there was no past out guys laying around either. They must have just left after they realized I wasnt coming back. I walked into the kitchen to get a garbage bag an start to clean up some of the rest of the stuff that was laying around when I heard a knock at the door. When I opened it to my surprise there was a flower delivery man on the other side. I signed for the flowers an took them inside an sat them down on the kitchen table. Then I began to read the card.

"Sorry about last night.

Oh an by the way...


It was signed annomynous so I was alittle bit confused about the 'sorry about last night' line. 'was this why she looked upset when she was talking to Vero last night?!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


hey guys sorry i havent posted a new chapter yet. It is almost done. I have been going through alot latley an it is just killing me. It probally wont be up tommarow maybe the day after. ccause tommarows gonna be tuff for me. My boyfriend well idk what we are it is really complicated but he is going to the airforce tommarow and hes going all the way to texas. an wont be back forever. SO its killing me an to beat that this hole week end we have been in a HUGE fight an not talking to each other so yeah...:[ but im sorry new chapter soon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

chapter 21

Okay so this defidently wasnt the way i was gonna take the story right now at this point but yeah it just kind of came to me. LEt me know what you think. I love the comments.:]


A couple of rings later I got a hello.

"Hey babe."

"Hi what are you doing?"

"Getting ready come over."

"Okay just wanted to see you."

"Alright. over fast as possible."

"Okay an Geno."


"I Love you."

"Love you to."

Should I have said that?! I know that I love him but I have got to admit there was something there when Max kissed me. NO! I cant think that. There wasnt a connection it was nothing. Just something diffrent and new that is why I felt 'something'. I Dont like Max.

About 10 minutes later Max and Taylor were at my door.



"Can we come in?"

I jumped of my bed an acted like I had been rummaging through my clothes.


"What are you doing?"
"Trying to find a outfit to wear. Help me?"

"Duh. Oh My... Where did you get that?" She picked up a shirt of my floor.

"In NY kast year during Christmas."

"Its cute. Can I wear it?"

"Yeah go ahead."

She ran into the bathroom to change leaving Max and I alone. I didnt want Taylor to hear anything so I pulled out my phone and started to text Max.

"Lets not say anything about the kiss."

"Why? you know I wasnt the only one kissing."

"That is a lie Max. I am with GENO!!! I cant be kissing his teammates."

"Well fine. Ill just wait till Oksana comes back and then we will talk an I will prove to you that you feel the same."

I glared up at him. He mouthed "Sorry" before going back downstairs and getting the door.

Taylor came up seconds later.

"Wow that looks good on you. Wait hold on lets spice up your jeans." I ran over to the basket sitting on the window seal. "HERE" I threw a scarf with multipal colors.

"What do I do with this?"
"Wear it as a belt."

"Oh Okay."

Another knock on the door came.

"Come in" we both said in unison. An started to laugh.

"GENO!" I squealed.

I ran up to him an gave him a hug. He spun me around in circles then kissed me with full passion.

"What was that for?" I asked him.

"being you!" He smiled.

"Ill Leave yahll alone." Tay said as she walked out the door.

"So help me find something to wear?" I smiled at him.

"How bout nothing?" A smirk came across his face.

"You do realize Max and everyone else is around right?"

"Oh Man. Nevermind. Why He early?"

"He must have been bored. I Dont know."

"Oh me see."

After making Geno pick out of like 30 outfits I finally settled on a light blue, strapless, knee length dress with beaded work on the top.

Later at the party everyone seemed to be having alot of fun. As I was walking through the house I noticed Max in the far right corner of the room. It caught my eye because there was some blond girl that I had NEVER seen before. I stopped looked then walked over towards Vero who wasnt to far from where I was.

"Hey the party is a blast girl."

"Thanks! SO who is the girl with Max?"

"Oh I havent a clue I have been trying to figure that out since I first saw her. But she probally just some bimbo off the street. His fling for tonight."

"Yeah. I have never seen her before tonight."

"You seem extra curious something I should know?"

"Umm acually There is something I need to talk about."

"Alright lets go out back."

We walked out of the door and sat down on the swing. After a few moments Of silence I finally blurted it out.

"Max kissed me."

"What! When?"

"Yeah. Said that we were better together. An today like before the party started."


"Yeah. I didnt know what to do. I ran upstairs and locked my self in my room and called Geno and didnt leave till he came over."

Oh So I understand now. that is why you were so curious. You kind of do like him;Well think that you do. But I think it is just because it is something new. An him being with that girl is so good for you right now cause it proves that he cant be serious."

"Yeah I never thought of it that way."

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chapter 20

HEY! I am finnally updating this one. I really likes the begining of this chapter but I need you guys opinion on the ending and what you would like to see her do. So please let me know your opinion and comment this chapter so I can do the next one. Oh an I am also going to try and add POV's to this chapter.
Hope you like it:]

Taylor called her parents as we were getting beer and such for the party. They agreed since it was at my house that she could stay but unfortunetly they wanted to talk to me.

"Hello" I acted excited.

"Dear, Taylor may stay with you, but I dont want her drinking or taking in any part of that kind of stuff."

"Oh dont worry. I wasnt planning on letting her do that. I am at the store right now an I was picking up some mountain dew and such for her to drink. I promise you she wont touch it."

"Okay thank you darling. I will see you girls tommarow then."

"alright Goodbye."

"Are you really going to make me drink mountain dew?"

"No! You can have one or maybe some wine. I haven't decided. But you better pray that Sidney doesnt show up and if he does that he doesnt see you. I really dont want to be in trouble to the point that you cant hang with me when you are in town." I put out my bottom lip.

"Alright I will try my best to avoid him. Okay an I wont get out of handle. Just a couple... Maybe." She laughed.

We left the store within 30minutes of getting there.
"Wow. You are a fast shopper."

"Oh I have had alot of parties through the years. I know what to get and where to go." I smiled. " Im a pro."

Back at the house Max was waiting for us.
"Geez Max why so early?"

"I was bored. So I though I would come entertain you girls."

"Oh okay. There is beer in the back. Will you grab it while I unlock the door?"

"Anything for you darling."

"Thanks. Tay why dont you help him out." I smiled at her and pushed her towards the back of the car.

Taylors POV
"Hey kiddo"

"Hi Max."

"how have you been?"

"Pretty good. you?"

"Not to bad. Crushed. But not to bad." He fake smiled.

"Who could possibly even crush you?" I smiled.

"Your cousin. I hate that she is back with Geno."

"Oh I didnt even know that you liked her."

"I've had a crush on her since Sid brought her in that day. I Acually though it was Sid's girl then when he said she was single but off limits I was so relieved."

"Awh this is cute Max. Does she know?"

"I don't think so. But I was there for her when they broke up"


"Well I guess we should take these in before she freaks out." He smirked walking towards the door. "You got it?" He yelled back.

"Yup I'm good with the beer." I smiled till he turned around. "Just not with you." I mumbled.

Ciera's POV
I watched both MAx and Taylor walk in with sadness in there eyes. I grabbed Tay as she was walking back out to get some more box's.

"Tay whats wrong?"

"He likes you doesnt even notice me."



"Oh I am sorry. He does know that I am with Geno right?"

"Yeah. He 'hates it'."

"You arent mad at me are you?"

"No It isnt your fault."

"Okay. How about you start putting some things away for me. Im gonna go talk to him okay?"

"Please dont say anything. I dont think he wanted me to say anything to you."

"Alright I wont."

We parted an walked in seperate directions. I caught Max sitting in the back with a beer in hand.

"Already drinking I see."

"Yup....Want one?"

"Nahh Im good for now." I looked at him. " Is something wrong?"

"No I am just thinking about somethings."

"Oh. Wanna talk about it?"

"How about I just do this?"

Next thing I know I am kissing Max.

"Max! I am with GENO! You know that. I cant be kissing you."

"I know I am sorry but I had to do it."


"You didnt feel that spark? That connection?"

"I-I dont know Max."

I walk away an run into my room. Not knowing what to do The only thing that poped in my mind was call Geno. I needed to talk and be with Evgeni. An everything will go back to normal.

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chapter 19

"one other person I would like to mention, not many of you may know, My cousin. You've been here for me from the beginning. I am so glad that I have you here to talk to about stuff and to make the family food that I cant make.I love you ciera. Your the best cousin EVER!"

As He was saying that I knew I was balling. I hadnt expected him to say anything because it is easier just to leave someone like me out. I mean Evgeni did.

After the speeches were done I litterally ran and jumped on Sidney nearly knocking him down.

"I think YOU are by far THE BEST cousin EVER!!" I screamed hugging him.

"Yeah I have been told that once or twice." He laughed. " Im starving want to go eat now?"

"You gonna carry me?" I gave the biggest smile I could.

"On my back yeah. Like this it would kind of be hard."

"DEAL!" I jumped down and ran around behind him like I was 4 and jumped on his back.

We ended up going to one of my favorite resturants 'Grille 36'.

"An what did I do to deserve this?" I looked at Sid who pointed to Trina.

"It seems like you have been having some rough couple of weeks. An just because someones family wants to be stubborn It makes it harder on you. So lets get your mind of that shall we." She smiled.

We had to wait like a hour to get the back room, While we were waiting I met with Evgeni in the parking lot at his car.

"Sorry Cant eat. Parents not want to." He grabbed my hand.

"It's fine. It's just the Crosby's right now anyways." I shrugged.

"Oh bout parade!"

"Yeah..A..What exacually happened?" I turned to look at him.

"I sorry. They no support desicions." He looked out the window. "Oksana. She talk to parents."

"Wait you mean me?" I looked down.

"Yeah. She say you cheat on me. An I not know. They no understand truth. Oksana family friend. been with her long time." his voice started to get shaky. "They tell get back with Oksana. Or they no talk to me again."

"It's okay Geno I understand."

"Not not understand. I choose you for reason. I love YOU! Not her."

"I love you two."

"Like the sound of that. But they get over it eventually. An they not be here for while. So I no care." He smiled. "They see it an if not oh well."

"I cant believe you choose me over your parents."

"Why noone believe me when say that?"

I laughed. "I dont know it is probally becuase you are so close with them."


"Yeah. I bet go. An so should you."

"I call. We do something later."

"Alright. Goodbye Geno."

Walking back into the resturant I noticed Sidney over in the far corner with A GIRL! I never see him with a girl EVER!

I looked to Trina who shrugged her shoulders, We then both looked over to Taylor Who went over to Sidney.

"She just needs a look now? Wow do you have her trained." I laughed.

"Yeah. She is getting better." She turned and looked at me. "Do you need to talk? I know you usually talk with Sidney about most stuff but I am here if you need me."

"Acually I do need to talk to someone."

"Okay lets go over to the couch where it is more quite." She motioned for me to go first.

I sat down and shifted over toward her."It has been weird with Geno latley. Like something is trying to tear us apart. As If god is trying to tell me he is not the one for me. An I think he may have made a BIG mistake today."

"You never know. God maybe trying to tell you something or he is just trying to show how strong you two are together." She gave a reassuring smile. "I think you are the only one that will be able to tell which one it is. It looks to me that you are perfect together and if you two have been able to get through all of this then you guys will be fine."

"You think so?"

"I know so. An what was his big mistake?" She asked using air quotes.

"His parents told him to get back with Oksana or lose them. He choose me!!"

"So that is why you are stressing about this. You arent quite sure about the way your relationship is going yet. An he may have just lost his family."

"Yes! Finally someone gets what I am saying."

She laughed. " If they truley love him which I know they do. That boy means the world to them. Then they will support his desicions and they deffidently wont disown him." She patted me on the back. "Hell be fine with that it wont last long if they choose not to talk to him for a couple weeks."

"Your table is ready" A man came and got us. He rushed Sidney, Trina, Troy, and Taylor through the crowd and I followed behind with this girl Sid had invited to eat with us.

Sid sat on the far end with his father across for him. Trina sitting by Troy and Taylor next to her. Alowing Sidney and I to sit by each other. But instead this girl moved right in front of me and pulled the chair towards her. Which then left me sitting beside Tay on the other side of the table the farthest from him.

During the whole dinner I would look over to Sid and try and make contact. But everytime I would look at him he was looking at her or messing with her, talking with her, something everytime I looked down to him.

Tay could sense the tension, "What are you fighting about?"

"I honestly couldnt tell you. He's stuck up that girls ass." I pointed to them.

"Yeah i know he is rarley even talking to my dad. Which is way weird."

"you want to dip out of here? Go find someone who will acually talk to us."

"Oh my good yes. An I want to see Joker so bad."

"Alright. An I think he misses you two."



"Tay and I are gonna head back to my house. She wants to see Joker. An OBVIOUSLY Some PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY IGNORING US RIGHT NOW!" Sid gave me a dirty look.

"Alright that is fine. An I know how you feel darling."

"have fun girls." I looked back to see Troy waving to us.

"Bye EVERYONE!" As we walked out to the car.

"Who does she think she is?" I slammed my hands on the wheel.

"I have no clue. Obviously she doesnt know who she is messing with." She gave a evil look to me.

"I know. I hope she is with him later."

"Me two I have a little plan. She wont know what hit her."

"Haha I love you Tay."

"Who you wont me to call over? Take your pick I have EVERY guy on the teams number in there."

"Umm." She scrolled through my phone contacts. "MAX!" She screamed. "He knows how to have fun!"

"That he does."

I had her text him on my phone and ask what he was doing. About ten minutes later he texted 'me' back.

"Hello darling. I was thinking about maybe going to Diesel after the Lemieux party tonight. What were you thinking about doing?"
"Oh yeah. I will be going to the Lemieux's party to. Then maybe throwing a party at my house. You in?"
"No shit! Yeah I am in. Party at Crosby's."
"Send the word around for me but make sure that it doesnt get to Sid. He met a girl today."
"Being mr. Ignorant again?"
"Yeah. I hate him when he is like that. But umm say around midnight get it all started?"
"Hell yeah. I will see you later then. An you owe me for this."
"Yeah. I kind of figured that."

After texting Max I called Geno.
"Hiya Stud."
"What you up to?"
"Driving to store with Tay."
"Oh. Fun."
"Yeah. What are you doing later?"
"Being with you!?" He questuoned.
"Yeah. Party at my house around midnight."
"Awesome. I got surprise tonight."
"Oh really. Well I cant wait to see you."
"See you at parties."
"Bye Evgeni."
"Love you."
"Love you two." I hung up.

"Awhh Ciera and Evgeni." Taylor started laughing.
"Oh shut up" I hit her arm. " I think someone has a crush on Maxie."
"What Are you serious."
"Yes, Yes I am. I saw the way that you lite up when he texted back and that smile when you came over his name."
"So you think you will be able to go to the party since it is at my house?"
"I hope so."
"Yeah you can see Maaaxxx..." I laughed.
"I should ask now rather then later."
"Ill give them a call when we get to the store."
"Alright that works."
We started jamming after she turned the music up.

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Chapter 19

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After Kris left I jumped in the shower and got ready for the parade. I was glad that I was riding with Evgeni. Just seeing him with his parents while everyone else is with there wives or girlfriends would make me sad.

I grabbed my keys as I was walking out the door. Not even realizing that I had forgot my phone till I was half way down the street.

"Fuck! Im gonna be late."

I pulled a 'uey' and headed back to the house.

I had to break at least 2 records while racing for my phone. I unlocked the door in about 10seconds flat. Ran up the stairs to my room grabbed my phone and slid back down the banister all in about 3 minutes flat.

When I reached Mellon Arena I found Evgeni standing with his parents so I tried to stay back a little bit. But as I got closer I realzied that they were fighting about something in Russian. Obviously not wanting anyone else to hear what they were saying to him. Geno noticed me out of the corner of his eye and told me to hold on a minute. While him and his father continued what ever they were saying his mother just stared at me with a glare that could kill the devil.

I overheard Oksana's name come out of his fathers mouth then I saw him pointing at me. I now could feel and understand what they were fighting about. I felt tears forming in my eyes so i started to turn and run away. I could have been wrong they may have been saying something else but weither they were or not I didnt want to be somewhere I wasnt wanted.I started searching for Sidney.

"Hey.. I..What happened?" I heard Darryls voice.

"Nothing I think I am going to ride with you today. If that offers still good?!" I looked around at everything but at him.

"Okay. That is what I was going to ask you. But are you absolutley positive that nothing is wrong." he put his hand under my chin and pushed my head up to met his eyes.

"Yupp aboslutley." I fake smiled the best I could.

"Parade starts in 20minutes. EVERYONE riding in the parade please go find your trucks." Someone shouted over the crowd.

I locked arms with Sidney like we do when we are at family gatherings and walked to the end of the trucks. I could see Geno up ahead of us. He seemed to be searching for something. When he found what he was looking for he threw his arms up in the arm and looked at me with the funniest face I have EVER seen.

I texted him instead of trying to yell up to him.

"Dont think that I am wanted up there. I will catch you later?!"

I could tell that he got the text because he looked down than back to them and yelled something before giving me the saddest looking puppy dog face.

"Im sorry" He lipped to me.

"Ill explain everything after the parade!?" He texted me just as the parade was starting.

"So ciera why arent you riding with Evgeni I though you guys made up?" Marc asked.

"Well we did but I dont think that I am welcome up there right now. So I am just going to stay away for the day until somethings go back to normal."I smiled.

"Ohh I understand what you mean." he smiled. "Well glad to have you in the best truck in the parade." He laughed.

"Glad to be here." I smirked.

During the parade I caught up with Taylor, Troy, Trina and Vero. I hadnt seen the Crosby's in a while. An I was glad to catch up.

Soon after the parade started we were down at the stage standing in the VIP area. I was still in awe from seeing all the people lined up along the street. When we reached the stage area I know that my mouth had to have hit the floor. Sid was up so I had to 'take pictures or die.' Sids words.

im sorry

It has been like ummm 8 days since i last updated. I just have major writers block. An I thought I wanted to do something in the story but I decided it was way to soon. That I need to wait before I do that. So i am trying to think of some diffrent twist or events to spice up the story. but it is just not happening...
If anyone has anything they would like to see happen. Or anything let me know...I am working right now on the champs parade. An there is gonna be some issues with some people close to Evgeni. An some things with Sid are gonna happen to....But that is really it...I hope to have a chapter up tommarow even if it is small.

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chapter 18

The next morning I woke up to an empty house. Sid must have gone home for his Range Rover was gone and so was he. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast when I decided to invite Kris over to talk. I ran upstairs to grab my phone. When I woke up this morning I hadnt realized that I had two unread texts.
"Hey. Sorry I had to leave before breakfast. See you ay parade. Offer still stands!! -sid"
the second one was from Kris.
"Good morning."
I decided to text Sidney back first.
"Oh well It is fine. But you are missing the 'great blueberry muffins and pancakes'."
Then texted Kris.
"Hey good morning. Can you come over?"
As I was walking down the stairs to finish what I started I got a text.
"Ugh why do you have to make the good stuff when I am NOT THERE-sid."
"Because you arent here to eat it all."
I finished making the pancakes while the muffins were still in the oven.
"you are calling me fat eh? well at least save me some?-sid"
"I am not. but I will try."
Then Kris FINALLY texted me back.
"I am on my way."
"Good I made breakfast if you didnt eat yet."
As I set the stuff on the table I realzied I hadnt texted Evgeni yet.
I scrolled through my contacts and decided I would call instead.
"Awe. Were you alseep?"
"No I up. Was layin bed."
"Oh okay. well i wanted to call and tell you good morning. An that I will see you in a few hours."
"Okay morning. See then. Bye?" he questioned.
"Good bye geno. Go back to sleep." I laughed.
"I love you." He whisper almost afraid to say it.
i sat there silently thinking to make sure it was the first time he had said it. Except for the note.
"Geno you said it first." I squealed.
"I know. Me do though."
"I love you two."
"See you later."
I hung up the phone with the biggest smile on my face. I wanted to hear him say it again. I have waited so long for that. Almost 2years if you dont count the small break up. Kris was knocking at the door a few minutes later.
"Come in." I yelled from the kitchen as I took out the muffins.
"Ahh do I smell those famous muffins."
"Yes. yes you do." I laughed
i sat the plate down before he hugged me and then took his seat.
"I am glad you invited me over. This is my favorite food that you Crosby's make and I am starving."
"Yeah it is my favorite to." I looked over at him. "but i didnt just invite you over for the food. I need to talk to you about somethings."
"Alright. Go ahead." He put down his fork an stared intentlly at me.
"Last night Evgeni and I made up. We settled EVERYTHING. An we are back together. I am really sorry Kris because there was something there. It is just I am in love with Evgeni. An always have. I still want to remain close with you. Just for now it has to be friends. An only friends."
"Alrighty I understand. I knew you would choose him if it came down to it. Who wouldnt choose the person you were with for like 2 years. An I want to remain as close as possible I will always be here for you.I want to be that someone you can talk to no matter what time it is. I will always be here. Even if it is just friends." He smiled at me grabbing his fork. " these are better then Trina's."

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chapter 18

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I got ready, grabbed a rose out of each basket and was on my way out the door with out saying a word to anyone. Halfway down the street Renaee texted me....

"You okay?"

"DT." Are code for dont tell or show anyone what I am about to say.


"I am going to Genos. Will let know how goes."

"Alrighty, ILY Girly. Be careful:]"

"You two.:}"

Geno must have heard me pull in cause he coming from the backyard out the pool gate.

"missed you." He gave me a huge hug, Lifting me off the ground.

"Missed you two." I smiled. " Can we talk now?"

"Yeah. Inside or out?"


Walking inside I saw that Geno must have had the cleaners just here. The carpets were just done. It made me not want to walk on them. An the house had a diffrent smell to it.

He must have seen the confusion in my face.

"Cleaners. Big mess. Sorry."

"It's fine." I smirked. "I got something for you." I sat my purse down on the table.

"What you got?" He looked at me intrigued.

I pulled out the two roses and handed them to him.

"My flowers!?"

"Yup. But why so many."

"One for everytime I have messed up and every hour this past couple of weeks that I wasnt with you." I felt so guilty for getting rid of the flowers at that point. Because EVERY single one ment something.

"Awh. That was so cute."

"I know. Just think. Come out. I do." He laughed sitting down on the coach.

"So you want to go first or me?"

"Welll...I....Uh....Got a question."


"What go on with Max and Kris?"

"Well I guess Kris really likes me. But I am not ready for him right now. An he completley understands. An Max honestly I wouldnt mind being with him. But I really couldnt trust him when he was on the road to be honest. As bad as that sounds."

"Alright, want to get you back." He looked at me then down.

I moved over closer to him then sat down.

"Evgeni. I have missed you I want to try again. But if something like this is gonna happen I want to know ahead of time."

"I tell you EVERYTHING" He smiled putting his arm around me.

"Okay and there is another condition." He tilted his head to the side. "No more Oksana."

"Not want her. Want you." He started tickleing me.

"Good." I said after he stopped. "Cause I want things back to normal."

"So..." He smiled. "parade tommarow."

"Yeah I know." I laughed.

"You ride with me?" He looked away when I looked towards the ground.

"Of course. Unless Sid has other plans."

"Okay. rather ride with him. You can. I understand. You to close."

They only think I could think to do was Kiss him and that is exacually what I did. Before I knew it we were back in his room doing what we both rightfully deserved.

It wasnt till around 7 that we realized how long it took us. We both jumped in the shower after ready texts about parties an people wondering where we were. Seeing no one knew but Renaee they were worried neither of us answered.

I left Evgeni at his house, reasurring him that I would met up with him later. I called Sid first to see where he was.

"Where the hell have you been? I called and texted you but you didnt answer me I have been looking for you for hours!!!" He screamed into the phone.

"Sorry. Where are you? we need to talk about where I was." I laughed to myself.

"At your house waiting for YOU TO COME HOME." He yelled again.

"Alright I am about 10 minutes away I will see you then."

"Wait ten minutes? That's Sewickley."

I hung up asap!

When I pulled up he came rushing out to make sure I was in one piece.

"Sidney Patrick. I am fine. I promise."

"Alright. How was GENO?" He said in a weird voice.

"How did you know."

"I did the math. He lives ten minuted from here."


"Mhm. But I guess you guys are good. Since you must have had make-up sex." He quinged thinking about it. "Either that or you went for a swim." He squirmed all the way inside.

All I could do was laugh. He will never lose those pictures in his head.

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chapter 17

Kris an I's hands slipped apart as I walked out the door with Jordan. Not lisening to Gronks warning Kris followed right behind. As I reached the bottom of the steps It was very quite, excpet a little arguering I could hear coming from outside. Jordan opened the front door. An everything fell silent. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. 24 baskets of a dozen roses of every color, sitting on my front porch an my walk. Max was fighting witht the delivery guy who wouldnt leave till I signed hie paper thingy. So I did as told so he would shut the hell up.

I got in to a train of thought. Just staring at all the flowers. When I noticed that Max was talking to me.

"Do you wannt anything from him? Cause honestly I would just like to destroy them all." I glared at him, he caught it and laughed. "Roses are corny."

His face when he said that brought me down to the ground I was laughing so hard.

"umm." I thought to my self. "Yeah take them somewhere that could use them." I flashed him a smile while grabbing a basket of white ones with blue glitter at the top. An yellow with black glitter. "Except these."

"Anything for you babe."

I laughed walking back into the house.

I pulled out my phone and decided that it was time to talk. I turned to look at everyone following me like lost puppys.

"EVERYONE stay down here. I gotta do something." I turned on my heel and headed up the stairs.

Once in my room I locked the door and went in to the bathroom and also locked that door as the phone rang. A few rings later an I heard the voicemail come on. I pressed end, an slid down the wall to the floor burying my face in my hands.

About 3minutes later my phone rang. Not looking to see who it was I answered.


"you okay? something wrong?" A voice I reconized and missed rang out trough the phone.

"Geno!" I screamed. "I am fine. Why did you leave." I settled down.

"I a-a meeting." he stuttered.

"It is okay you dont have to tell the truth." I sighed putting my hand on my forehead as I leaned back on the wall.

"No. Dont want mad at me."

"Why....Oh nevermind I know why.."

"Not her. Made go." I smiled at the thought of him kicking her out. "For good." He added. "I sorry left. Not want you to..." he trailed of.

Awkward silences bug me so badly so I spoke up...

"Oh okay and I didnt get to finish what I was going to say."

"That what afriad of." He sounded scared. " Met again? try over, Me. You?"

"Ummm where?"

"come home!"

I though about it for a minute that realized that he had ment his house.

"mean my house." He said inocently.

"Yeah. about 20minutes?"

"Good. see you then."

just some news...

okay so i was looking at pictures of tyler kennedy on the hall of fame site.

and one poped up with tk and a blond girl....(kelsey)

Did anyone know that TK had a girl?


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chapter 16

Sarge walked over an said, "sorry to intrude but he wanted me to give you this."

I looked over and he was gone. I could feel my heart breaking even more. Did he not want to work this out??

"He had to go to a meeting." Sarge said immediatley after seeing me look up at him.

I looked down on the table as Sergei walked away.

"I'll meet you in the car?" Sid questioned. I just shook my head up and down.

After about 5 minutes of decideing weither or not to open it, I did. Gonch must have helped him for it was full sentences.


Before Oksana had come, I had planned a BIG surprise for you. I decided I was going to do this back in Detriot. I still want to give you this surprise but I am not sure that you will accept it now...I want you to let me show you exacually how I feel. I know you are stubbern. But Babe I miss you. I want to talk more in person. We wrote this last night just in case you would get mad at me. Since you are reading it you must be mad. Please call or text me when you are ready to talk about this better. An if you would rather be with Kris or Maax or any other guy. It is okay. I am just happy I got to spend the time I did with you. As long as you are happy I will try and be happy for you.

I went back to met Sid at the car with tear rolling down my face. He wrapped me in his arms and took the letter from me.
"Are you okay?"
No answer so I guess he just read it as i cried in to his chest.
"Wow, That is really Deep at times. Do you want to talk to him more?" he asked lifting my head up.
"Kind of." I sobbed.
He opened my door and I jumped in kicking off my shoes and pulling up my knees.
Back at the house, Everyone was still there as if they knew something was going to happen. Renaee came running along with Kris and Max at her side. I ran up the stairs trying to avoid looking at anyone. Renaee was the only one to follow.
"What happened? Why had and have you been crying?"
No words came out. I just slowly handed the letter to her. She began reading it and by watching her expressions on her face I could tell what part she was on.
"Omg. Did you call or anything?" she asked frantically.
"Nope. We met at the Cafe and Sid and Sarge tried to help us work it out but Geno had to leave. An then Gonch gave me that."
"Can I call hi--" she was cut off by a knock at the door.
"It's me Sid."
She unlocked the door. But Kris and Max had walked out from behind him. I buried my face in the pillow.
"Sorry they forced me." Sid apologized. "They got alot of dirt on me."
"It's fine. Calm down goof ball." i sobbed into the pillow.
"Darling, Beautiful. Tell Maxie what's wrong." He sat beside me.
I couldnt help but laugh at his voice and the fact he called him self 'Maxie'. I moved the pillow, wiped my eyes, and handed them the note.
Kris read it first by the look in his eyes I knew something had changed in him. Max had a diffrent reaction, more of a 'I am sorry' look mixed with a 'Fuck you man' look.
After a long silence Max stormed off downstairs to tell the other. I dont know why he was so mad. Sidney took Renaee out of the room to talk about something obviously me since they couldnt say it in front of me, Just leaving Kris and I alone.
"I'm gonna make this easy for yo---" I cut him off.
"No lisen. Tangers, I like you alot and I always have ever since Sid introduced me to you guys. But it is just really hard with you guys being teammates right now and then.." I trailed off. Unsure of what to say next. He pulled me closer.
"I like you to and everyone can see that including Evgeni. Which is why this is so diffrent for me. I am usually the guy who is always shy around people. Mostly girls, but with you it is just so diffrent. I dont even know how to react when I am around you. You send this rush all through my body. But I know how you feel about Evgeni and it is the same you always have. That is why I will make it easy for you. I will wait for you. Till you realize that you are ment to be with me. An I can take it. I promise."
He gave me the biggest hug as i whispered "Thank you."
Jordan walked in right on cue as if he was sitting out side of the door waiting and lisening to are conversation.
"Umm Ciera you might want to come downstairs." he hesitated. " Kris you might want to stay up here."
"Huh?" we both looked at him.
"There is something you need to see. But I dont think that you would want to Tangers."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chapter 15

I laid across the bed putting my head where he had been laying. The sheets smelled SOOOO good, that I didnt want to move. Then I felt someone grab my hand and pull me up.
"We should do this more often." He smiled. " Just not with Max."
He grabbed my hand and led me out of the room.
"Wait." I stopped. "Where are we going?"
"I am going to make you breakfast. So dont make me drag you."
I took a peak into the living room to see that Chris and Sidney were sleeping on the coach. An Jordan was on the floor, it looked like he had been kicked off of the coach by one of the two still remaining. Even though Kris, Max, and I had been the only ones up before he started cooking everyone was up as soon as the smell seeped through the rest of the house.
"How was your night sexy?" Max asked with his 'gets em everytime smile' across his face.
I rolled my eyes but smirked, "Terrible I woke up looking at Kris instead of you!" I pouted turning to him.
I dont think I have ever seen someones face light up while another spun around like he was a ballerina.
"But then I turned to see you and it got WAY worse." I added. "Im just fucking with you Max. My night and morning was good."
"Whatever girl you know you want me. I mean who wouldnt? I am Max Talbot SUPER STAR."
"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" I jumped and turned to see Sidney flustered and Red. "What the hell were you doing in her bed?"
"Dude calm down. Kris was there to. An plus nothing happened."
"I dont care. An I told Kris he co--" I cut him off.
"By the way What The Hell was that about???"
"I though you could use some company. I talked to him about how he feels. An I dont know I guess I just slipped up." He slowly looked down at the ground.
I sternley lifted his head. "Well dont yell at Max If you let Kris. Now apologize to one of your best friends."
"I know . I am Sorry Maxie."They hugged each other it was so cute."Everyone just stay away from her. GOT IT!"
We met Geno. He was wearing Jeans with rips at the top and on the back with a light blue Penguins T-shirt an a black hat pulled down over his face. He was looking pretty good. Sarge and Sid both said they were there to help us get out what we need to with out making a scence. We agreed and sat in silence for a minute or two.
"Geno says that he doesnt quite know how to explain to you what happened. I assure you that he didnt and hsnt done anything with Oksana beside a little dancing the other night." Sarge continued. " He also wants you to know that you mean the world to him. An he doesnt want to lose you especially not to Tangers."
"What happens with Kris and me has nothing to do with this. You were mad at me cause I couldnt make it to the game. An next thing I know you start hanging out with her again. You knew this was going to happen thats why you wouldnt tell me in Detriot. An It also explains why you were trying so hard to get me to come. You knew she would do this!" I felt a tear fall down my face.
"No. Not how happen. I care, I do. You-You amazing. I NOT want to lose you!! Had surprise for you. After game, Oksana follow home. Get shower. You come. Things get messed up."
"I know you care but sometimes I just dont know anymore. Why did you even invite her to the game? To replace me? To maybe make yourself fell better?"
"No. You not lisen. Not how happen. she show up. Had pass. Try surprise me. Didnt work. She try get back me." He sighed. " I try get rid her. She no go. Sarge try help. No luck."
"I did try even got security. The only thing we could do was keep her from the locker room. Cause she did have the pass." Sergei looked at me then to Geno.
"See. No lie."
"Okay but I still dont know. Sidney can I talk to you for a second."
"Yeah lets go over here." He pointed over to a empty table.
He looked at me then over to Evgeni.
"I saw the way you looked at him. You dont think you can trust him do you? An I saw the way you looked at Kris this morning to. Is there something else there other then what I was hoping for."
"I dont think I could trust him not as long as she is around, in his life and in contact with him. When I woke up with Max/Kris this morning I had this feeling that I have NEVER had before. But I dont know if it was good or bad. Honestly I dont know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME SID!" I begged.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chapter 14

" I am SO sorry Cuz. I just thought they were friends and that he would tell you about her or intro you. I didnt know he had her at the house with him. I didnt want to start something I knew nothing about and end up upsetting you. An then nothing be going on with them. An yes that ment everything to me."
"Whatever Sid I would have felt better that you told me instead of finding out from someone else when you knew. That is the hole problem with that."
Kris interrupted...
"Let's get out of here. This DJ sucks."
"I think he is fine, and I just got here! Come on lets ALL go dance." I tried to pull them towards the dance floor.
"I dont really feel like dancing right now." He said anxiously. Motioning over to Sidney.
I looked at Sidney then tried to find what they were trying to avoid. Evgeni and Oksana had just walked in. An I was fine with the fact they were there after all I told him to have fun with her. But she so went through my clothes at the house because she had on my favorite dress. Uhh.. Who wears another girls clothes with out asking her first.....??? Thats what really set me off. He saw me looking at him and are eyes locked once again. I could tell that he didnt want to be here, an defidently not like that. She followed his gaze to me. Kissed him and then started laughing, rubbing her hands down the dress. I was not amused. But Whatever I wasnt going to let her bother me.
Renaee, Tyler, Sid, Kris, Max, Jordan, Chris and I all hit the floor together. I saw that Oksana had left and gone up to the VIP Lounge, and Geno was heading my way. Thank God that Sidney seen him and moved in front of him and started a conversation with him because it could have been bad. An as if they had it planned Max, Kris, And Jordan all surrounded me and moved me to the other side.
Later that night, The guys all ended up staying at my house. Renaee and Tyler dissapeared but we all knew they had gone to the guest room, they both were trashed so they probally wont remeber what happened. Jordan and Chris went downstairs to the game room, to supposivley 'get a beer' but they were down there for ever!!! Max and Kris headed straight to the X-box 360, an started playing NHL 09. Sidney was out in the kitchen so I figured I would go talk to him some more.
When I walked in his facial expression was blank I just couldnt read it.
"Sidney I am sorry for blowing up on you earlier I should have just asked you calmly why you didnt tell me."
"It's fine. But there is something more important we need to talk about then that."
"Geno?" I asked looking down at the floor.
"Yeah. At Diesel he wanted to talk to you so badly. But I told him he had to talk threw me. He agreed and told me to tell you that he wants you back." He stared at me intenitally. "You should have seen him at his interview the other day. They wouldnt drop the subject of you. He looked misrable and he eventually began to cry and walk away. I think you should at least talk to him."
"Alright. But we never have the chance. Were never alone." I sat down on the counter facing him.
"I can call him and see if he has time to come over or met us somewhere. An another thing whats going on with you and Kris? An why the hell did Max and Jordan both come and ask me to help them with you?"
"Alright that works. WHAT!!! Max and Jordan BOTH asked you to help them get with me??? An as for Kris I guess he really liked me and Hes fun to be around and he has been with me through this hole ordeal." I couldnt help but smile thinking about everything we had gone through this past couple weeks.
"Well I guess I will have to talk to him to." He smiled. " An yes they did I told them no though. An I will go call."
As I waited for his return I thought about what I would say to him when I saw him. How I felt. Maybe I didnt want him back. I Kind of liked hanging out with the other guys, and flirting with them, It was fun! I mean that takes alot to do that to there teammate, and be here with me.
Sidneys POV
As I left the room to call Geno. I looked back at Ciera who was looking down at the floor in a deep thought. I hope she is able to work this out and if not that they can be friends. It would be hard cause she is gonna see him alot. I felt terrible, I might have been able to stop all of this. What if I would have said something to him. Maybe got him to call and tell her she was here. He finnally picked up.
"H-hello?" He stuttered.
"Evgeni, It is Sidney. What are you doing right now?"
"was sleeping, you woke me up." he groaned.
"Oh I am sorry. Is she with you?" I asked with care trying not to piss him off.
"No!!! Make her GO!!" He said frustrated.
"Oh well she wants to talk about all of this. When do you want to met?"
"She...She want talk?" He asked with a surprise sound in his voice.
"Yeah. We just talked." I paced outside.
"It to late now. Tommarow morning. We met?"
"Alright. Ill text you tommarow with location."
I hung up and walked back in to the kitchen.
"Hmm." she looked up at me.
"He said tommarow. I woke him uo he was sleeping."
"Ohh alright..."
"I think I'm gonna head to bed....Wake me up tommarow when you are ready to go."
"Will do." I kissed her forehead and told her goodnight. I walked with her to the steps but we parted as I walked into the Living room with the rest of the guys as she headed up stairs.
Sunday morning I woke up with Kris and Max laying on both sides of me, with Kris's arms around me. I turned slowly to Kris trying not to wake either of them. They both looked adorable while sleeping. I started playing with Kris's hair that was in his face, which must have woken him up.
"Good Morning Beautiful" he smiled as he opened his eyes.
"Hello. Umm what happened last night?"
"Sid sent me up here last night after we talked. He gave me permission but I wasnt planning on it at all. You were already asleep when I walked in, I am sorry if you didnt want me here." He looked over at Max, " An I guess he came in after I did."
"Oh really. It is fine. If I didnt want you here I would have kicked you of the bed instead of playing with your hair." I laughed which woke up Max.
"Hey Max." I turned over to him.
"Well Hello." He wiped his eyes and looked under the blanket. "I probally should go downstairs before Crosby wakes up." He said with a sad look on his face.
Kris and I both laughed as he walked out the door.

Monday, July 13, 2009

chapter 13

After they were done Renaee and I were outside waiting for the guys to come out. TK took forever, When we saw Geno come out I texted Kris asking where they were and that we needed to go ASAP! He came up to me and imediately are eyes locked. They looked so sincere and sad.
"Sorry. nothing happen. Promise. Told you, you see when friend come."
"Yeah well you forgot to mention it was your EX- FIANCE!!!" I screamed.
Sarge heard me yelling all the way across the parking lot and hurried over to help Evgeni. I looked at him and told him to tell Evgeni that,I cant deal with this right now. I really need to think about things and that he can have fun with Oksana because I have given up on him. Kris and Tyler walked out and stepped between Geno and us as Sergei was telling him what I said. I looked down to see that he was forming fist at his sides and getting a really pissed off look on his face.
"Lets go girls." Tyler pushed us into the car.
Friday morning Renaee called.
"Were getting you out of the house for some fun. I am outside. using my key. An I am coming in."
Next thing I know she is pulling the covers off of me.
"I dont want to go."
"I dont care." She snaped.
She pulled me up and out of bed.
"Lets go shopping!"
"Alright I will do that."
I got a shower and got dressed, and we were headed for Grove City Prime Outlets. Tyler had called Renaee while we were shopping telling her that we were ALL going out when they get back from Detriot.
"Im not sure I should go what if Evgeni is there?"
"Then you show him what he lost. An plus Tangers want you to go. He really does like you and I know you used to like him to before Jenny. So maybe god is giving you your second chance with him."
"I dont even have anything to wear."
"How about we go get that sexy dress you found the other day."
That night we watched the boys game on TV at Vero's. They lost but it was coming back to Pitt for game 6.
Saturday night had finally came. Even thought they didnt get in till like 2am they were still out partying. Renaee said she would pick me up around 1am. I was finishing getting ready just as she walked in.
"Damm you look FINE! Come on we are going to show you a good time."
When we arrived at the club most of the guys had already grabbed there girls and were dancing. I waved to them all out on the dance floor and headed straight for Sidney. We still hadnt talked since the day I found out. He had been avoiding me at all cost. An it totally sucked cause I really missed him.
"How could you not tell me? Did you think I wouldnt find out and everythin would be okay? We promised we would tell each other everything no matter what it was about or who it involved.
Did that mean anything to you?"

Friday, July 10, 2009

chapter 12

About a half hour later she called me back.
"Omg! Girl. I cant believe him."
"I know right and i didnt even do anything to get him so pissed off that he would even consider doing that." i sobed.
"What was the fight about? you not going?"
"Isnt your mom getting that surgery well already had the surgery."
"yes. She made me come up to find this."
"Where are you?"
"My house."
"Okay Kris, tk, And I are on are way!"
"Alright but why Kris?"
"Cause he was worried. An I know he can make you laugh."
About 20minutes later I heard a knock on the door.
"Its unlocked." I yelled from the living room.
"Sorry It took so long. I knew you would want some Rasberry Ice Cream And budlight. Plus i bought the newest season of Gilmore Girls that you dont have." she held up the bags.
"Thank you. you know me well." I held up a half empty contanior of ice cream and a few crushed cans.
Kris came and sat by me, and out his arm around me and snatched away the ice cream.
"See this is why i didnt want to tell you. Your going to be so depressed that your going to ruin your perfect body."
"Wait you were the one that told her?" Tk asked.
"Yeah. I cant let some one I care for be treated like that."
"Well thats why Sid told us not to tell her. Because we didnt know all the facts and we knew this would happen." He spat at Kris.
"What the hell Tyler. Why wouldnt you tell your girlfriend. Especially seeing it was her best friend who was the one it was happening to. I could have taken care of this with out the mess."
"Well i am sorry. I never thought about it that way."
Suddenly "GENO" came across the screen. This time he attempted to call. Seeing I didnt reply back to any of his 50 messages let alone read them since the time i left.
Renaee grabbed the phone and put it on speaker as she answered.
"What the hell do you want?" She yelled.
"Talk and Apologize to my Girlfriend. Please I talk to her."
"Ehhnt sorry wrong answer."
"Sorry she's currently unavailable at this time. Dont call back at this time. Thank You and have a Horrrible day." She smirked hanging up.
"That was a good one" Tyler encouraged her.
"Kris, Tyler you guys shouldnt be getting in the middle of this. Especially with the finals and such." I pleaded.
"Eh im already in the middle of it." Kris said calmly.
"Yeah and plus he aint gotta clue." Tyler laughed.
Tyler and Renaee stayed and drank with me for about 4 or 5 episodes before leaving. Kris on the other hand was getting in to Gilmore Girls and wanted to stay longer. Plus he said he wanted to be there for me if i needed anything! I never realized he cared that much.

The next couple of days just seemed to drag on. Evgeni kept texting and calling me along with leaving me messages at work and home. Flowers by the dozen, teddy bears, anything he could do to talk to me. But that fact was that I frankly didnt even want to hear his voice. The Penguins game was tonight. The hole city caught up in the mania. I decided i would go to this game. But no Suporting my regular 71 but tonight I had on my 87 jersey instead. Obviously the camera guys noticed for the fact that they zoomed in on me plenty of times. An then to Geno. He had a firey look in his eyes. He scored that night but that wasnt what the press was interested in after the game.
"Geno Geno." one yelled. "Why didnt she have your jersey on tonight?"
He didnt reply with much. "Idk. Game questions please."