Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chapter 45

I hoped in the shower as soon as I read that text. I need to investigate on my part! I took two minutes to dry my hair and get dressed before i was headed out the front door. Her phone in my hand. The whole drive all I could think about was what if Jordan broke up with Heather so she woudn't marry me?! I just couldn't get the picture out of my head....
Ciera in a beautiful, strapless, flowing, white, wedding gown. Walking down the isle, the church full of family, friends and the team. Walking up to her future husband, her dad giving her away! WAIT, that's not me! It's Jordan!!! She's marrying JORDAN!!!!
I slammed the stearing wheel then the next thing i see his red and blue blinking in my mirror...SHIT!
WOW! They couldn't be anymore a like if they tried! They walk, talk, act, smile, and laugh the same way!!!
"Ciera, this is Jared!" Jordan looked to him.
"Hey! Jared, it's nice to finally meet the 'baby' of the family!" I quoted.
"Haha. Yeah, I'm usually the last one you meet! I'm the least important of the four of us. Marc and Eric are his favorite!" Jared whispered the end.
"Wait what?" Jordan looked at us.
"Nothing!" We said in unison. Then laughing afterwords.
Jared's a pretty cool guy. I think he may possibly be my favorite Staal!
Ciera and Jared were getting along great. They were laughing and carrying on just like we do. I couldn't help but trail back to when I had first met Ciera! Shoot, I think besides Marc, I was the first to meet her the day she arrived.
~~~~~~~~~Flash back.~~~~~~~~~
Sidney had talked nonstop about how his cousin was coming to Pittsburgh to get used to the city before she went to Pitt in the fall. It was right before the All Star Weekend had started. I personally wasn't very interested! Within my first couple months of being here, I had fallen in Love with Heather. I cared emenslly for her and wasnt willing to lose her. Even though I was VERY YOUNG, only 19. Plus, I knew Sidney would never let any of us be any more then friends with her! She strolled into the arena the day Sid and Marc picked her up. I was there skating trying to work out and work on my shot when Sid and Marc skated out on to the ice with her.
"JORDAN!" Marc yelled. "Come meet Ciera!"
I skated over slowly not looking like I was that excited, even though I was after seeing her picture, to see her.
"Hello!" She smiled.
I extended my hand to her!
"Jordan, staalsy, Gronk, and anything else you can come up with!"
She laughed and her face turned a slight shade of pink when I pulled her into me and gave her a hug.
"Alright, Alright! Get back to work!" Sid pulled us apart.
I skated backwords and smiled at her as they skated around a little before heading off.
~~~~~~End Flash Back~~~~~~
I could tell as soon as he saw her, he was in LOVE! Hell I can't blame him she sure is a looker! To bad she wasn't younger. I think 21 is to old for me to snatch her up, But PERFECT for Jordan!
"So you dance for Pitt I hear!" I smiled as Jordan looked to be off in a daze.
"Yeah, but sadly I only have on year left!" She frowned.
"Oh. I'm Sorry! Ever thought about keeping on doing that?"
"Dance?" She asked.
"Yeah. Like professionally. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, or Like for Hockey, The hurricanes..."
"Uhmmm, Honestly, yes. I've always wanted to be a DCC! But after meeting everyone and getting close to everything in Pittsburgh, it would be reall REALLY hard to just leave and go to Dallas!" She looked at her hand.
"Oh." I followed her gaze.
'She's Engaged or married?! Now I see why Jordan's not about telling her...' I said to myself.
"An now with Geno and I being Engaged it's even harder!"
Now I understand. He doesn't want to ruin that for his best friend, un aware of how she feels, or his teammate who he's been in Pittsburgh with since the begining!