Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

chapter 36

Soon enough Evgeni and I were on a plane to Flordia. I couldnt think of what was so special that 4 days before his first game of the season we had to fly down to. Coach had given him the next 3 days off. With to conditions.One, wenesday when he got back he had to come to the Arena and work on some shooting drills with him. Two, bright and early he had to be at practice on Thursday. Geno agreed. Unaware of where we were going or doing, I popped in my ipod and fell asleep in his arms. I slept the hole flight and was awoken by him saying it was time to go.

"So you gonna tell me what we are doing here?" I asked.

"Nope." He laughed this evil like laugh.

"Fine." I pouted.

We walked towards the gate after getting all of our luggage.

A man in a black suit with a hat is holding a sign that says "MALKINS"

'Malkin with a S! PLURAL?' I thought.

We got in a limo that was waiting for us. A blindfold was then put on me.

"But why?" I asked.

"It is a surprise." He laughed. "Here's your ipod. An you arent touching it so you cant turn it off either!"

"Damm." I laughed.

Not too long after we arrived at are destination.

"Come on." He helped me out.

"Where are we?" I stamped my foot.

He helped me onto a cart and then next thing I know, we are stopped and he is heloing me off. We walked for like 2 seconds then he finally said I could take it off. I was so excited I ripped it donw off my eyes and i knew my mouth was wide open.

We were standing outside of Cinderella's CASTLE IN DISNEY LAND!!!! Oh my Gosh! Then I turned around to Evgeni, an here comes the best part.

HE WAS ON ONE KNEE! Box in his hand and looking up at me with a smile.

"Will you marry me?"

"YES! Oh my gosh Evgeni."

He slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me.

"I thought you would like it here." he pulled me into a hug.

"It's one of my favorite places." I smiled.

"Okay, Time for the good part."

We walked towards Cinderellas castle.

"It gets better?"

"Yup." He pulled me towards a door.

Inside was a elavator.

"Where are we going now?" I asked.

"You'll see."

When we stopped he leaded my down a hall then to a door. He slipped a key card out of his pocket and put in the slot.

"Welcome to your room for the next 2 days." He smiled, excitement in his voice.

I screamed and ran over to the balcony that over looked the park.

"This is amazing!"

"I know." He laughed.

As he was unpacking some things I pulled out my phone and called Vero first.


"Oh my god! V!"

"What?" she laughed.

"Geno proposed! At Cinderellas castle! An we are staying in her castle!"

"Oh my gosh, You are living my DREAM!" She exclaimed.

"I know. Both of ours."

"I wish you were here!!!!" I got sad.

"Yeah. But you an him deserve a couple nights away especially with what has been happening latley!" She somehow always makes a sad thing happy.

"Yeah. We do. But It's just the point." I laughed.

"Yeah. Oh I got a update for you to."

"Oh my. Tell it."

"Well Heather and Jordan broke up!" She screamed.

"What. Who with who?" I shockingly added.

"He broke up with her." she sounded less enthused.

"He didnt even say anything." I got sad.

"Yeah. I dont know that story except that it had to do with him staying with you or something!"

"Are you serious! Ill talk to him." I sighed.

"Okay. keep me filled in. An take lots of pictures so we can plan out our next Cup trip! An I will keep you updated on little miss thing."

We both laughed and said our goodbyes.

"Geno." I yelled.

"Hmmm." he walked into the part of the room I was in.

"Did you know Jordan and Heather broke up?"

"No?" he looked at me funny.

"they did."

"Wow. V tell you or him." He asked.

"V. Im calling him now." I picked up my phone and scrolled to Jordy.

"Hello." He answered.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah? Why wouldnt I be?" He questioned.

"Umm I dont know. The fact your girlfriend broke up with you."

"Oh that." He sighed.

"Tell me what happened." I added.

"Well she asked about the other night. Why I stayed with you blah blah blah. I told her. She said we were to close I need to choose. So I choose you and she said See yah NEVER. Packed her things and walked out." He breathed for probally the first time since he started talking.

"Jordan. I am SO sorry. I didnt know that I caused so much trouble."

"C. You didnt. Dont worry. She didnt deserve me if she didnt understand." I could hear him smile.

"Okay. Well you want some good news?" I smiled.


"Im engaged." I laughed.

"Well finally he asked. He's had the ring for about a month and a half." He laughed.

"A month and a half!" I said more so to Geno.

He shrugged then walked away.

"yeah. The guys kept telling him to just do it. But he was nervous."


"yup. But I will let you enjoy Disney." He laughed.

"How'd you?" I looked towards the door. "nevermind."

The rest of the day was full of Evgeni and I riding every single ride in the park at least once. Well the ones we were allowed on. After the parked closed we headed to are room. Evgeni had set up a nice, romantic dinner out on our balcony. Curtesy of room service of course but you get the idea.

"This is just amazing!" I looked around.

"Wow Second amazing Ive gotten today." He laughed.

chapter 35


I stormed out of his house, with that line still stuck in my head. How could he want to marry her. Im prettier, Russian, his family loves me, and I know EVERYTHING about him. I'm perfect for him. We are perfect for each other. When I got to the hotel, I yelled for my mom as I looked out the window to the Arena.

"Honey. What's wrong?"

"Evgeni, he...He told me he wants to marry HER!!!!"

"What! Last night you said everything was going good. What happened?"

"I Don't know. He woke up, and everything went down hill from there."

"Dont worry. I'll get Natillia on the phone right away."


Leaving it in the hands of them I knew everything would get fixed. I sat there staring off into the city. A idea came to mind when the screen flashed the time of Friday's Home Opener.

"Ah ha"

I'd go to the game. Be the PERFECT hockey wife. Then he'd notice I am the perfect fit for his lifestyle. Not her. I started raiding through my clothes, perfect outfit.


"MOM!" I yelled.


"What does one where to a hockey game, if say they were a wife of a player?"

"Something nice, not very revealing."

"Can we go shopping?"

"You have a plan?"

"Yes, yes I do."




"Are you okay?" I asked.

"yup." He looked away.

"You sure?"

"No." He turned to me. "I really sorry."

"For what?" I asked concerned.

"Last night."

"Geno, You are past forgiven."

"Okay." He looked down.

My heart started racing.

"Unless you.." I trailed off. "You didnt did you?!"

"No." He moved closer to me on the couch. "I only for you."

"Good. Keep it that way." I hit his arm.

"I will." He smiled.

"So what is going through your head?"

"Well...We have fight." he smirked.

"An..." I smiled knowing his answer.

"Welll..." He looked toward the stairs then to me.

I moved onto his lap and kissed him forcefully. He deepened it and I obliged. I ended up laying with his arms around me about a hour later. Awoken by his phone sitting on the night stand. I reached to see his mother on caller ID and that he had 12 missed calls. '

chapter 34

Evgeni ran up the stairs to his room. He noticed the clothes lying on the floor by the bed. When he neared them he picked them up to smell, the only reason he would have told Ciera to get out, Alcohol! His eyes widened, he had realized this was all part of a greater scheme. Everyone that ever knew Geno was aware that he gets mean after a certain amount of alochol in him.


He grabbed a pair of jeans, slipped them on. Then grabbed a shirt and did the same. He was headed to Cieras' to apologize.

Later at Ciera's, Jordan heard him pull in and warned her.

"He's here."

"You better leave." She pushed him towards the backdoor.

"Why he already knows I am here. He had to have seen the lade out front." She stoped.

"True, But I dont want what happened to Max happen to you!"

"I'll be fine. If he doesnt understand that I am your best friend. Then he doesnt deserve you." He smiled.

A knock never came to the door like they inticipated. Jordan stood on the stairs looking out the window that over looked the drive way.

"He's not in the car."

He then headed over to the door to look through the peep hole.

"Wait, I found him." He whispered motioning for her to come look.

"What is he doing?" She whispered back.

"He looks nervouse." Jordan added.

Geno was pacing back and forth outside the door talking to himself.


"Hmmm." He concentrated out the hole.

"Should we open the door?" She asked.

"I will. I need to talk the trash out for you." He smiled.

"You dont have to do that." She laughed.

"But I am." He winked.

Ciera went into the kitchen to get a water. When she heard his voice. He sounded really upset. She put the water back and reached into the cupboard above her. Canadian Whiskey, that was what she was going to need. She poured herself a shot, and took it as she heard the door close and footsteps nearing her. As Geno came around the corner she quickly opted for a water to try and mask and smell of the previous shot.

"Hi." He looked down, his hands in his pockets.

"Evgeni." She walked by him and sat at the table in the chair closest to the wall.

"I'm sorry."


"Ciera." He sat down across from her.


"Please. I drinking. You know what does me."

"Yeah, reasons why you shouldnt have been drinking with her."

"Me know. Dont think I realized what did lastnight?!" He put his head in his hands.

"Well you woudnt be here if you hadnt." She watched as he got up and bent down in front of her.

"I sorry for everything. I staying away from her. Please forgive me."

"Geno. Dont do that!" She spatted.

"Why not. She obviously trying break up."

"yeah. But she is also your best friend. That is like me ignoring staalsy because you think I like him. I couldnt do it. I wouldnt expect you to do something I couldnt." She reached for his hand.

"Yeah, guess you right. Promise when I around her you be there." He squeezed her hand.

"I promise." She smiled.

"I love you babe."

"I love you too."

"Awh group hug!" Jordan walked around the corner.

That was exactly what they did. All three having big smiles on their faces, glad everything was normal again. Well for now anyways.


I had walked in just as she told him she couldnt stay away from me even if he told her to.

''Wow.'' I mouthed.

'Am I that hard to forget?!'

When they had finished making up fully well that is what I assumed. I walked around yelling "Group hug."

I was so happy to see her happy again and knowing that she was happy made me unable to stop smiling.

"Awh Bestie." She hugged me.

"So I think Im gonna head out." I pointed towards the door.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yeah."I shook my head.

"Staalsy you stay." Geno smiled his weird toothy smile.

"I'll see you in a couple days." I smiled.

"Why not tommarow?" She asked.

"Arent you going on a trip?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot." She laughed.

"Well when you get back I want a FULL report Details and ALL!" I said in the best girly voice I could.

"Okay deal." She hugged me again.

As did Geno. I grabbed my things then headed for the Escalade.

If only she knew what was coming for her.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

chapter 33.


The next morning I was awoken by the smell of food. I looked around an guessed she was downstairs. I couldnt remember what happened yesterday, the last thing I remember doing was eating then my mind was blank of the rest of the nights events. I got out of bed an walked down the stairs. In the kitchen I heard the music was on Froggy. One of the many things that I loved about her was the music she liked. I walked around the corner and was startled to see Elena and not C.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was here all night silly."

"Where is Ciera."

"You told her to get out last night."

"Why would I do that?"

"She was flirting with Jordan."

"Why would she flirt with him they are line brother and sister."

"I dont know."

"Where did you sleep?"

"Guest bedroom."

"Oh good."



"Why is that?"

"She would have killed me."

"It's not like you two are serious."

"Yes we are I want to marry her eventually."

"You what?"

"I want to marry Ciera."


"I love her."

"After everything she did and you would rather marry her over me?"


"Oh my god."

"I couldnt marry you. I mean I wanted to when we were younger. but not anymore."

"Fine then I am leaving." She threw the food across the room.

Why do girls always have to throw stuff.

As she walked out the door the song Hicktown came on and I remembered the day I met Ciera.


For some odd reason Max, Jordan, Tk, Tanger and I all came home to Pitt during July now usually we would all be in other countrys but Rupp had told us about this country music festival in Ohio. About two hours from Pitt. He wanted to check it out being the hick he is. He told us that there was plenty of sexy girls in bikinis so everyone agreed. We got a camper and tickets and got ready for a weekedn of beer, girls, and sex. The moment we got out of the camper Max and Jordan were in heaven. Bikini top and short shorts everywhere you looked. Saturday morning I woke up extra early to do this 'redneck run' with Jordan. You stand in line and run to the spot you want and then put tarps down. Hell Jordan and I had beaten 99% of the people in front of us. Later that day we saw a group of girls. Max being the leader he is went after them. Told them where he was staying and asked them to join us later.

Around 9:30 that night Tanger and I had met the same girls waiting for the chance to go below the stage and get some pictures of Jason Aldean that Tanger had wanted. We talked to them for a while. They lived around here and had been coming since they were young. They were all pretty but I fell for this Burnette with blue eyes. Her name was Ciera. Not soon after we exchanged numbers and she told me to call her later. Aldean was just coming on the stage when the line started moving. This song started and I asked her to dance while we waited for our turn. The song was hicktown. I hung out with her back in the camo grounds and all day Sunday.

Monday morning before we left I some how got her to agree to get her to come watch me play. She wasn't a hockey fan so she new nothing about it or me. I was excited that she had no clue. We talked A LOT during the off season.

Then finally it was time for her to come watch me play. I scored a hat trick that night. An she came to every game she could. We went on to win the cup that year. An a year later and we are still together. Well actually I dont know that as of right now. I snapped out of my thoughts. I got to find her. I called her phone, no answer then Jordan's, same result.

Shit where could she be.


I was awaken to the smell of food. For a slight minute I was scared to death then remembered he didnt want to leave me alone last night. I walked down to see Jordan had flour on his check and forehead. An if it wasnt for the apron he would of had it all down him.

"What are you cooking?"

"homemade pancakes."

"Oh wow. It has been a while since I've had homemade."

"Yeah well they are special. They are staalsy cakes."

"Staalsy cakes??"

"Yeah the guys call them that and my bros. Cause they are AMAZING and cant be duplicated by anyone."

"Oh really."


While we were eating these 'staalsy cakes' my phone went off. Geno...hmmm..ignored. Then about 30 seconds later Jordans rang. Geno again..

"Answer or no?"


He let it ring and we continued are amazing breakfast that he had cooked up.

"Are you going to try and fix things?"

"I dont know. I want to. But that all depends what happened."

chapter 32

I threw the popcorn across the room, as it scattered the floor. I grabbed my keys, purse, and bags from the mall. Went in to the living room grabbed the tape, my phone, and waited by the door for Jordan.
"umm." Jordan said.
"You dont have to come with me. You can stay." I looked to him.
"No. He leave to." Geno yelled.
"Okay." Jordan said walking towards the door.
He walked out the door, put the pizza and beer in his car and waited outside the car. I slammed the door as hard as I could and got in to the escalade beside his. He followed suit then put down the window.
"You can come to my house to watch the game or do whatever you'd like."
"Im coming. Im not leaving my best friend alone right now."
We both pulled out and met up at my house about 20minutes later.
When we got to her house I could tell that she had been crying on the way over.
"Hmm." She opened the door.
"It isnt worth crying over."
"I know. It's just as soon as I saw her I knew that things were gonna get messed up between Evgeni and I."
"Who is she?"
"His BFF from back in Russia."
"Why she here?"
"I dont know. We both thought that earlier that she was here to get Evgeni."
"Ahh I see. So he thought that to? Yet he is with her?"
"Yup. Now you see why I am upset?"
"Yeah." I put the pizza and beer down on the living room table and pulled her into a hug."It is okay. Gronk is here."
I know she had to smile because I smile calling myself that.
"Thanks staalsy."
"I told you I will ALWAYS be here for you."
"I know. That is why you are my BFF."
"Fo Sho. Brother from another mother."
She laughed.
"You are a goof. Give me the rest of the beer."
I took two out and handed her the rest.
"geez could this house be any messier." I followed her back into the kitchen with the pizza in hand.
"Sorry. Really havent been home for a while."
"Been at Geno's ahh I see."
She put the beer in the fridge and I grabbed two plates into the out of the cabinet.
"So you ready for this game?" I asked to break the silence.
"Hells yeah."
As soon as she said that some other guy was coming over the plan popped into my head. She just made life so much easier for me. When I could sense him getting mad, I knew it was time to start messing with things. I talked to Geno about how it seemed like she liked him then out of no where he told her to leave.
"I think he said leave." I snapped.
When she started towards me he stepped in front of her and pointed towards the door. I could see the tears in her eyes. As a smile came across my face I just stared off into the distance towards the door. Watching everything she was doing. Then he followed her right out the door.
"See I knew something was going on."
Geno hit his knuckles against the counter and I jumped up to get him some ice. After I put the ice on his already swollen hand, He smiled.
We finished dinner then watched some movies till we both were past out on the couch.
the next day I woke up and decided to make him breakfast. We had both woken up and gone upstairs during the early morning light so he was still upstairs when I wondered down.
I grabbed some eggs and other things he had laying in the fridge and decided I would make omlets. He used to love those when we were younger. Just as I finished both of them up I heard him walking down the stairs.
Jordan is the ONLY person that could have possibly made me feel better after everything that had happened. I dont think I have ever laughed and got in to a game like the way I did that night. I could believe the way he was acting. He wasnt really a Hawks fan yet he still cheered for them as if he has been a fan since the day he was born.
"Damm Jordy."
"You are crazy. I dont think I can EVER watch a game with you again."
"Why not?"
"Cause you are crazy."
"It is a good thing that you play and arent a fan or coach."
"Why is that?"
"It would probally end up bad."
"Oh I see."
"So never again huh?"
"That is a lie."
"So..." I laughed.
Jordan and I had finished watching the game and decided that it was time for bed. He wouldnt budge when I told him he should leave and go home that I would be fine. He insisted on staying incase I needed him, he is such a big brother!!! We went our seperate ways him staying in the guest room at the other end of the hall from my room.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

chapter 31

Im glad that you like it. -ciera
Elena's POV
I could tell by the look on his face when we came to the table that he was surprised. By what I dont know. He was staring a LOT, maybe it was me?!
"Hello EVGENI" I snapped my fingers in his face to snap him out of his trance.
"huh. What?" I giggled bringing a smile to his face.
"What you need?" He asked.
"nothing really." I smiled.
He looked to me then to his phone that had just gone off.
He smiled which i guessed was that girl. I need to do something, anything to come between them.
After dinner and a few drinks that Geno was dared to take, part of my plan, i decided to drive him home and hang out with him since he had told me his girl was at the mall.
After helping dumb and dumber with some shopping I headed to Geno's. I debated bringing up the hole shopping thing the hole ride over. I decided I wouldnt tonight since he was drinking.
When I pulled into the drive way I noticed the car was parked on myside. Hinting that Geno didnt drive home. I prepared for the worst and wow did I get the worst. I walked in to the smell of foreign food that was new to me. Geno cooked, and wel I might add, he would ocassionally cook things from Russia but this I had never smelled before. I walked into the kitchen and there she was, sitting on the counter heloing him cook.
"Hello." I walked into the kitchen throwing my keys on the counter.
"hi." He smiled then went back to his cooking.
Elena gave me a fake smile then started laughing this annoying little laugh.
"What are you cooking Geno."
"Evgeni is cooking me one of his moms' dishes. It's OUR favorite." She smirked.
Damm her English was good. Like she had prepared for coming here.
"Oh. I thought you were drinking what are you doing cooking?" I asked thinking back to that text.
"I did. I sleep half hour then hungry."
"Oh okay."
I wonder what she did while he was sleeping. Oh wait she was probally right there with him. I walked away after digging my phone out of my purse. I scrolled down to Jordan and texted him to see what he was doing. I walked into the living room and turned on the TV when I remembered that we taped the Hawks game from yesterday and Evgeni and I were supposed to watch it together.
"Babe." I yelled.
They got quiet and then started laughing again.
My phone started buzzing So i decided to read it first.
Nothing driving around How about you?
I didnt reply back right away, I put my phone down and then got up to see why he didnt answer me.
He turned around.
"Black Hawks game?" I motioned to the living room.
"Later?" He questioned.
"Well I am going to watch it now. You can join me or just watch it later."
"I cooking."
"I know. But still."
I heard my phone go off and so did he.
"Who talking to?"
"does it matter?"
"Of course."
"Now dont even go there. I explained that to you already."
"Yeah." He just shook his head and went back to cooking.
I went back to read my text from Jordan.
'did you tape the black hawks game?'
'oui I am about to watch it. Join?' I replied.
A couple of minutes later.....
'oui. J'aimerais bein ca.'
'oui bein sur.'
I headed into the kitchen popped some popcorn and grabbed a bag of doritos out from behind where Evgeni was standing.
"That your dinner?"
"No Jordan is bringing pizza. We are going to watch the game."
I grabbed the chips and a beer and headed for the living room. I didnt feel like hearing it. The door bell rang just as the microwave did.
"Venir dans." I yelled as I walked into the kitchen to get the popcorn. I heard the door shut and him walk across the hard wood floor towards the kitchen.
"What smells so nasty." He asked.
"Geno is cooking." I raised my eyebrows.
"Oh. Who is she."
"Elena." She smiled.
"Oh...I brought beer." He held the beer up.
"Sweet I knew there was a reason I loved you. Cause you always bring the beer."
"Oh so is that why I am your best friend?" He asked pulling the beer closer to him.
"No...I dont know what you are talking about." I laughed.
He pushed me. "Whatever."
"I not deal with this." Geno yelled.
"What?" I turned around and looked at him.
"No. Leave."
"I think he said leave." She snapped.
"Ohhhhh you dont Even KNOW who you are talking to." I started towards her before Geno stepped in front of her.
"Dont." he yelled.
"Oh okay. I see how it is."
Yes. I would like to.
yes of course.
come in.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

chapter 30

Thanks for the feed back guys. Hope you like it:]]]-C
We figured eventually they would leave and head back to the hotel, When I say this I mean Elena. As I expected they had. I prepared myself for fighting between his parents and him when we walked through the door. Inside no one was there, just a note saying that they had gone out to lunch and Elena's parents were meeting them afterwords. They also expected Evgeni to meet them at the restaurant. Since I had made plans with the girls, he decided that he would go. We both got ready and pulled out of the drive way one after the other. Him taking the porsce (against my will) and I ended up taking the Escalade.
I met the girls at TGI Fridays at Robinson a favorite of mine for lunch. I couldnt wait to tell them what this mornings evens had brought. The girls were all smiles as usual when I saw them walk through the doors over to the table that Heather and I had previously been sitting at before going to get a picture with a young fan who I had remembered from the games.(She was Evgeni's BIGGEST fan) Soon after we ordered everyone was looking at me when Vero snapped me out of my daze.
"Are you okay? Something seems wrong."
"Yeah. But there is something it isnt nesicarilly wrong though."
"Yeah that obvious."
"Well when you order sex on the beach instead of a beer yeah its obvious."
"I know. But Elena, Geno's BFF from back home an her family are in town."
"We both came to the conclusion that his parents want them together." I took a sip of my drink.
"Oh damm. You are always the one that someone seems to always try an ruin things for."
"I know. Just my luck right?"
After a few more drinks, and a great lunch with the girls I was in a great mood. I couldnt wait to get home. We said our goodbyes and drove off in all directions.
I drove straight home hoping Evgeni would be there waiting...No such luck. i texted him saying I was gonna go check out the mall if he wanted could meet me there. It was about a hour, hour and a half before he texted me back.
'Just left dinner, drank alittle just gonna head home.'
I would have been there waiting if I hadnt ran into Jordan and Max who invited me to help them get some new clothes that actually looked NORMAL! For a change. I gladly accepted and went off to help them. Well mainly Max because maybe if he actually looked good for once that he could find a girl that may take him serious and want him for him.
I knew my mother had to have something planned I didnt want to worry C so I instead decided that I wouldnt say anything to her about it. When I walked over to the very large table I noticed there were enough menus to serve six. I looked to my father who's eyes were full of epithy as my mother motioned for me to sit down.
"What happened to just the three of us?"
"I didnt plan this if that is what you are saying." I sat down. "They were unable to get reservations for they dont have a known name they wanted to try this place for they had heard so many great things as have I."
"Well I will stay as long as there is no funny buisness."
Soon enough I heard her eccentric voice coming from behind me I turned around an there she was. Standing even taller with her stilletos on. Instead of the skirt she now had on nice very flattering sun dress with her hair in curls. Like from when we were younger. I remeber sitting on the floor at her house staring up at the ceiling playing with those bouncy natural curls of hers after a long, hard day of practice. They were so calming to me, I would go to her for everything then slowly Hockey drug me away from back home and from her. Before Oksana I had wanted so badly for her to be mine. The one that I would always have at my side in times of need. I always pictured it being Elena. Who would have thought that the girl I now picture holding my kids standing at the front door after I returned from a really long road trip be a girl I would have never met if it wasnt for Hockey.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

chapter 29

We drove around down town for awhile so we could try and figure out what was going on.
"What did your parents say earlier?"
"Ohh umm, nothing."
"No it was something because you wont tell me."
"Geno. I can take it dont worry. Just tell me."
"At first dad thought was Oksana. Then both say you using me. Then want me to find russian girl."
Right as he finished that last sentence I came to the conclusion that they were trying to hook them up, knowing that his mother dislikes Oksana.
"So that is why she is here."
He just looked at me with sadness in his eyes.
"I..I not know I promise that."
By now the car had stopped an we had pulled into the arena parking lot.
"Geno that pretty little russian girl isnt going to leave you alone. An It is apparent they arent going to stop till I am gone."
I got out of the car and headed for the door.
"to bad I rather have them go against me then lose you. Dont like it to bad for them."
I didnt say anything I just continued walking towards the door.
She came storming into the arena. Unsure if she was alone or not I just sat there an watched as she laced up her skates and walked down the runway. Just as soon as I was going to get up and talk to her Geno came in. Looked over to me, noticed her shoes, laced up and followed out the door.
''what the hell'' i muttered.
I looked at Jordan who was looking at me.
"You think they are fighting?"
"I dont know why dont you go find out for your best friend."
"I dont want Geno to attack me."
He grabbed his stick and headed out as I finished getting dressed.
'An to think I doubted anyone would be here today since we had the day off.'
I skated out to get glares from Geno but a smile from Ciera.
"What did Max send you out here?" He growled.
"No dude practice." I lifted my stick.
"Why we have day off."
"dude I partied last night, you were there. I need to work that off." I patted my stomach.
"Well you are more then welcome out here. I just need to skate to get my mind off something's." She smiled then skated away from him and towards me.
"Yes?" I looked down to her.
"Can I get a hug, your hugs do wonders. An I need that right now."
"Of course." I pulled her in. "You know I am always here for you. You are like the little sister I never had. Anytime of day just call and super Jordan will be there."
"Thank you it mean A LOT!"
"Your welcome, and Max would like to talk to you." I smiled.
A smirk came across her face. "You were being a spy for him." She hit my arm.
"Yeah maybe. Was I a good one?"
"You had me fooled for a second there."
"Darn I ruined it."
"Yes, Yes you did."
"But seriously please." I smiled.
"Maybe, skate with me?"
"Umm I dont know if I should." I nuddged to Geno.
"Oh we arent fighting his parents just dont want me to be with him."
"ohh. wow."
"yupp. Well here comes Max time for World War three." We both laughed.
I watched as he skated over to Ciera and I. Then I noticed Geno doing the same. Using his Giant strides they met at us at the very same time.
"C come skate and talk with me please."
"How about we all skate together." She looked to me then to Max.
"Im cool with it." I smiled.
"Yeah me to." Max replied after I did.
"Geno?" She turned an looked at him.
"No thanks." He turned towards the runway. "Personal."
I watched him skate down the runway and into the locker room door.
"I'll be back."
They both nodded there heads and skated off towards center ice.
When I had finally made it into the locker room Geno had unlaced his skates and had thrown them into his stall.
He wouldnt look up at me.
"Whats wrong." I sat next to him.
His eyes glared at me and I could see the hurt.
"Why make skate with Max?"
"Geno you are teammates!"
"When jersey on. No jersey here."
"Evgeni please there is something else wrong here. Just talk to me."
"Why you not with Staalsy."
"Cause there is something wrong with you and I am concerned."
"Well come with me then."
"Just take off skates."
I did as I was asked, while I unlaced mine he put on his shoes and headed for the door.
I followed him up to the booths, mainly the media booth.
"What are you doing?"
"Talking to you."
"Why up here?"
"Quite and no disruptions."
"Okay so talk to me babe. Whats wrong?"
"I know parents want me be with Elena."
"Oh." I looked over the Ice at Jordan and Max.
"I not want to. I be with you."
I looked up at him, he had a twinkle in his eye. I couldnt resist. I reached up and kissed him.
"Geno I want to be with you. If you think that I want Jordan, you are mistaken. He's like my big brother, My best friend. The Max thing is a whole other story. I liked him a LONG TIME AGO! Not anymore. The only person that I want is you an dont forget that."
"Okay. I sorry."
"For what?"
"Be jealous."
"It is okay, everyone gets that way sometimes."
We walked out of there hand in hand back down to the locker room and laced up once again.
Seeing us skate back on the ice I motioned for Jordan and Max.
"I need to say something." Max looked at us. "I am sorry to the both of you. I dont know what happened when I kissed you."
"It is okay." Geno brough Max into a bro hug.
"HEY!" Jordan yelled.
"Awhh Staalsy want some loving?" Max looked over to him.
"Yes.." He smiled.
Then they all looked at me.
"I dont want in this bro loves fest." An skated away leaving them there in their bro hug.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

chapter 27

Thanks for all your feedback. It helped me decided weither to update this soon. Or to go to one of the other stories...
Hope you look this one to. Its kind of short though.... -Ciera
I looked out the window to see where she had been pointing. To my dismay I find my parents old friends outside and there 5'6'', Blond bombshell of a daughter step out of the car in a mini skirt and tank top.
"Is that who I think it is?" She looked up from where she was sitting on the window seal.
The only thing that I could do was nod my head.
I was getting some of Geno's things out of the side table when I heard a car pull in an two doors shut. Knowing it wasnt any of the guys I went to see who was here. Evgeni's parents were rushing out of the house to the car, hugging the people that got out. I yelled for Geno, as he came in my mouth just couldnt make words when I saw the back door to the car open up and a stiletto hit the pavement. Then she got out. I recognized her from pictures of his childhood that I have seen. Elena the girl that Evgeni had told me so many stories about. They were neighbors, best friends, and secretly it seemed they both had crushes on one another. I looked up to Geno who was just staring, I snapped my fingers in front of his face to get him out of his trance.
"Well." I finally said.
"well what?"
"Oh my." I looked at her as she walked towards the house and then looked down at what I had on.
I still hadnt changed from this morning, coffee still all down me. I ran into the bathroom: This caused Evgeni to actually move from where he was standing.
"Babe." He pounded on the door.
"What are you doing."
"Fixing my face!" I yelled. "Go pick out the cutest, sexiest thing that you can find in the closet!"
"Just do it."
"okay babe only if you unlock the door. I dont want to be left out here!"
"I will when you have the outfit."
"Okay im getting there."
I put on my make up as fast as I could, my hair wasnt that bad: it really just needed brushed. After words it just looked as if it had just been straightened it and may I say looked very good.
"Geno come on." I yelled.
He knocked on the door as I let him in, he walked in with the little royal blue dress that he had bought me a couple of weeks ago for my birthday bass at diesel.
"This good he asked."
"Yeah perfect. I was looking for that last night but couldnt find it. Thanks babe." I kissed him.
"So should I go get dressed make it look like we are going somewhere?"
"That is a great plan. Yes do that."
He laughed as he walked into the other room.
"Evgeni." I heard his mother yell.
"Yes mom."
"Where are you?"
"Bed room."
"You have guest."
"No mom. you have guest Ciera and I are going out."
I laughed to my self at that one.
"Well at least come say hello."
"I will when WE are ready."
No more was directed to either of us, untill we both walked down stairs.
"Where are you going my son?" She pulled him away into the living room.
"Ciera and I are getting some things for out trip." He reached for my hand, pulling me into the living room, then wrapping his arm around my waist.
I was so excited to see Evgeni. When my parents had told me we were going to the United States to see him I had my bags packed as fast as I could. I hadnt seen him since we were young. Although I followed everything he did including the hole time he has played for the penguins.
"Elena are you finally going to tell him how you feel?" My mother asked me.
"what do you mean?"
"Natilia and I both know that you to have had something going on that neither wanted to admit."
"I am just stating the obvious!"
The rest of the plane ride was silent. I watched out the window as we flew over the 'steel city.' Much like home there was steel plants along the rivers as we drove into downtown to the hotel before heading over to Evgeni's. Thinking about what my mother had said I changed into a mini I had brought with me before we left.
"Are you ready Elen.." My mother walked into my part of the room.
"You look beautiful"
"Why thank you."
As we drove past the huge, beautiful homes we made it to a extravagant red bricked house. The two pine trees coisiding beside his brick walk way to the front door. Above the door a beautiful white balcony like porch which I assumed lead into his room.
"Wow" was the only thing I could say.
Inside the house sure didnt discourage me. We sure didnt grow up in anything like this back in Russia I said to myself. I was in complete awh.
I waited anxiously for him to come down stairs. I was pretty sad when he had told his mother he was going out to get some things couldnt that wait!
As soon as he came around the corner with his mother I couldnt help but smile. He had on this really cute, light blue, torn up jeans, a graphic tee that said 'southern comfort',(that i didnt understand) and a pair of tennis shoes. Wow did he look diffrent since I had seen him last.
Then out of nowhere he pulls this girl up to him. My heart broke. I watched them walk out the door as my mother looked at me I wanted to cry but not in front of his parents I wouldnt.
After wrapping my arm around her I saw the excitement in everyones eyes fade. I knew right then that something was up. I grabbed C's hand reached for the keys at the bar behind Elena and walked out the door yelling a ''good bye'' into the house before shutting the door behind me.
I got in the porsce then put the top down and pulled out of the driveway. Half way down the street I got a kiss.
"what was that for?"
"Because I LOVE YOU!" She smiled.
"I love you to babe."

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The main part that you should read would be where the breakfast starts towards the end cause that is the part i changed.:]
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