Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter 43

we can do it!!!!<33333333
Sorry it has been a while:]-C
I walked up to Sid and wrapped him in a HUGE bear hug.
"thanks kid. Mean lots!" I told him
"I know bud. An your welcome. Your next beers on me!" He smirked.
"thanks!" We walked towards our table where everyone else was sitting."
I texted Geno around 11:30 to let im know I was heading home and to text me soon if he needed a ride. He did have practice in the morning and I hadnt seen him all day long, although that upset me, i let him have some fun. On the other hand Vero and I found an amazing outfit for the both of us! We had found a women in the strip who makes custon outfits. Some how we managed to get her to make a dress out of a jersey of the guys. She even told us she would work on them and nothing else so that they would be ready for the game. When I walked through the door into the kitchen from the garage I noticed lights on in the living room.
"Hello?" Some questioned with a thick accent.
"It's Ciera." I answered.
Oh. Natilia." She called back.
I walked towards the licing room to see a glass of wine in her hand, a empty bottle laying on the table and our pictures, from Flordia, scattered across the floor and table. I quickly hid my left hand in my pocket. I said hello, then walked to the kitchen to put my bags and stuff down on the counter. Odly enough just as I had a couple of weeks ago, to find Elena and Geno cooking in the kitchen making dinner for them selfs. I took off the ring and put it inside my purse.
'No need to rush things.' I said to myself.
"Geno?" She asked.
"With the guys." I grabbed for a water in the fridge.
"Practice in morning. He need here." She yelled/talked.
"Im sorry. I told him to get home about 45mins ago. He was at the Brewery. He should be home in like 20 minutes."
When Evgeni finally came home I wished her a good night and headed to bed. Shortly after He joined me.
"She Crazy!" He laughed. "She try drive tipsy."
This caused me to laugh. "where she go then?"
"Me call brother, he come, take her." He kissed my forehead.
"Oh okay." I smiled pulling him closer to me and pressing my lips to his.
I was the DD for the night unfortunetly, After dropping Kris, Tyler, and Max at thier places, Jared and I headed home. He was past out in the front seat before we even got to Kris's house. As I sat there in the dark, quiet car I started to think. 'Wonder what she is doing right now.' 'Man do I miss my best friend.' I looked over to Jared and laughed. He was now starting to droll. Oh man i gotta get a picture of this. I pulled my camera out of the console and snapped a picture. 'Gee that is attractive.' Jared started to wake up as I hurridly attepted to hide the camera.
"What was that?" He whipped his eyes and then his mouth.
"Car going past." I laughed.
"Oh okay. Where are we?" He looked out the window.
"About 3 minutes away. I was half tempted to leave you in here all night. So dont fall back asleep." I laughed, causing a smirk to cross his face.
"Remember when we did that to Marc." He laughed. "It was after Tamara's Party. Marc and Eric were Trashed! An You and I were the only ones home."
"Oh yeah. That was awhile ago." I thought back.
"Not really. Like 2 years." He giggled.
"Really?" I startedd to try to do the math. "I thought it was WAY longer then that."
"Nope. Mom and Dad were at that farmers meeting thingy in Quebec that weekend."
"Oh yeah thats right." I smirked. "Good times that weekend."
We pulled into the driveway. Jared stumbled to the door as I fumbled with the keys in the dark.
"Come on dude!" He leaned on my shoulder.
"Im trying. N bro?" I looked to him.
"Yeah?" He looked to me.
"Back up. Man I feel like im bringing home a drunk girl." I went back to fiddling with the keys.
"ah You aint got no types of game." He laughed.
"Oh really?!" I smirked.
"Yeah. OR I wouldnt be with you right now, Ciera wouldnt be marrying Geno, and you would be able to tell her how you feel," He turned an barfed into the shrubs.
"No. She is my best friend. An thanks for the present dude." I opened the door and helped him up the stairs. "Im not cleaning up and shit that comes out of your mouth."
"Thanks dude. I will see you in the morning!" He climbed into bed with out changing and pulled the blanket over his head.
'What if Jared is right? but I cant possibly ruin that for her. She is to excited and way to happy. It would kill me if i hurt her.'

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So im really sad. I was going to post today but i just cant do it. Last night a 12 year old was killed on a fourwheeler..:[ His brother was like my boyfriends best friend...So he was balling his eyes out and so was his brother brandon. An I lost it last night. I didnt know what to do. So I cant get that out of my head. As off now there will be an update tomarow hopefully. Its just this is really got to me. We Love you Adam. You will never be forgotten.