Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

chapter 49


About a hour later the doctor had fully checked over everything and did everything that he needed to do. He said he would head over to the office and run a few test on some of the things he took and he might want her to come in for some X-rays, which would be kept on the Down low. I walked both Mario and the doctor out before checking on the boys. Whom which both were fast asleep. I walked back into the room Ciera was in and saw that she was also fast asleep, with the medicine the doctor gave her for the pain, i wouldnt blame her. Her phone laid beside her blinking blue which i knew ment that Geno had texted or called her. I slided it open to see that he had done both. I walked out of the room and back downstairs her phone in my hand. I walked down into the basement rec. room, where i knew noone would hear me. I called back not even looking at the text.

A few rings later he answered.

"Baby, i'm sorry about everything that happened tonight. I took her to the police department and next thing I know I come back a hour later and you are gone. I didnt mean for all that to happen. I was just stunned. I didnt know what to do. Do you forgive me? Where are you? I'll come get you."

"Nope sorry wrong person. As for her you arent gonna see let alone speak to her in a very long time. If you were so worried about her you would have called the police and an ambulance. Instead you left her on the floor. Didnt even pick her up and place her in bed or on a couch, the floor to die!!! Evgeni Vladimiovich Malkin, you disgust me."

Then I hung up the phone and went back to the texts.

He had said 'Im sorry where are you?'

There was also a couple from Jordan.
'Goodnight best friend I will see you tommarow for coffee. 10am dont forget.'
'Hey are you still up. I have a couple questions for you, they involve Jared. Call me back.'

Hmmm. Should I reply back to those or just leave them. Ill leave them and meet up with him tommarow. We need to have that talk and he should know what is going on.


I woke up and looked at the clock, 4:58 am. I looked around the room, Vero was asleep in the lounge chair in the corner. She is such a good friend. I looked around for my phone, I finally spotted it over in the corner of the side table. I reached for it but it hurt to bad to move. My stomach felt as if I had been hit in the lower stomach with a ball. I decided my best bet was to try to fall back asleep till Sid got up at 6:00 am.


No matter how hard I tried, I couldnt fall asleep. It was a complete failure. I just felt like there was somewhere else I should be or something I should be doing instead of sleeping. I finally forced myself to fall asleep around 5:00 am. Awesome a Hour and a half of sleep before our first game. Thats just great! I heard my alarm go off at 7:30am, i slowly rolled out of bed and with my eyes shut was able to make it to the shower and get undressed with out looking. I heard my phone go off again to tell me to get out of the shower, 7:45am. I ended up leaving the house at 8:15 after slowly getting my stuff together for morning skate and something to eat before attempting to get in the car. Thank God there wasnt bad traffic or I would have been late for the skate at 9:00. Walking into the room and looking at Marc and Sid, I knew I wasnt the only one who didnt sleep last night and was late getting here.

"Marc what kept you up last night, You and Vero have a rough night?" One of the guys yelled from across the locker room.

"Dont say anything just keep cool. Remember Mario is taking care of everything." I heard Sid whispher to him.


Marc and I rode over together leaving the his car for V incase she needed it. We were both pretty much late leaving. It was my fault though. I didnt want to leave her.

"What if she needs me?" I pouted.

"I'm here Sid. I'm not leaving her till 10, and only because I have a very important meeting. Otherwise I would have cancelled it." Vero reassured me. "She will be fine. Get to practice."

They pretty much shoved me out the door and down the steps. Once I was out of the house though I started to focus more on the game.

"Dude, I know you are upset, angry, and unfocused. But tonight we need our Captain. The city of Pittsburgh needs their Captain. I know its family, she's more like a sister then a cousin, but you gotta get it out of your head when you enter the arena."

Marc was right, she wouldnt want me worrying about her, she'd want me to score for her. Im dedicating tonight to her. That's what I will do. I was eager to get into the Arena, Marc had a hard time keeping up with me.

"Slow down dude." He laughed. "Whats the big hurry? We still got 8 minutes to walk in the door before we are late."

I walked straight to my stall, didnt talk to anyone, or look at anyone for that matter. I wanted to get out on the ice where I knew I could easily releave all the pressure on me right now. Oh and the fact his stall is right beside mine.

I felt the coolness of the ice run up my body as i stretched alittle before taking a couple laps. Everyone on the team knew not to talk to me if I was out early doing this. This was my clear my mind time.

Chapter 48

okay these next couple chapters are nothing like Geno. it was just something i made up...SO please noone take it to heart. because he would never do any of this.


Around 3:45 am I heard Vero's phone go off. She didnt answer so I statred to fall back asleep not even thinking to look who it was. About five minutes later mine went off. I looked at the caller ID to see that it was Sidney. What the hell is he doing up at this hour on a game day, or any day for that matter.

"What?" I answered.

"Geez dude. My bad for waking you but this is serious. Where's V." He talked so fast.

"Asleep. Did you just call?" I asked as i leaned up to turn on the light.

"Yeah. Wake her up she needs to get over to my house right now. I'm like freaking the fuck out dude." He slowly said it this time.

"Why what happened?" I asked as I leaned over to wake her.

"V. Baby wake up." I shook her arm.

"It's Ciera. I dont know what happened. I could really use you guys though. Especially Vero." I heard him doing something in the backround.

"Okay. Let me get her up. We will be over."

He hung up.

"What Marc." she hit me.

"Sidney just called.." she looked up to me. "Something happened to Ciera."

I never saw her jump out of bed so fast.

"What? Is she okay? Is she in the hospital? What happened?" She started yelling out random questions.

"I dont know. No. And Sid didnt tell me." I tried to make sure to answer them all.

"Where are they?" She grabbed some sweats and a hoodie.

"His house. Let's go." I grabbed my shoes and tried to keep up with her as she practically ran out of the house.


I tried everything to get her to talk to me, She just wouldnt do it. So as I waited for Vero and Marc to get here I placed a wet towel on her forehead and her stomach trying to cool her off. She felt so hot when I touched her, her temperature was 110. I wanted to take her to the hospital but she made me promise not to do it. That it would cause more trouble then what was needed. I was texting Vero as she made her way here when I saw Ciera staring at me.

"Will you talk to me?" I asked her softly placing a kiss on her forehead.

"Promise you wont go awal." She stared hard into my eyes.

"I promise." I leaned in closer to her.

"Geno and I went home. We got in a fight and next thing I know that Elena girl is walking in the house. Didn't even knock. I started yelling at her and then bam, Im on the floor looking up at Geno. An Before you get up to go after him..It wasn't him. It was her. Well actually Im not sure who hit me the first time... But he didnt stop her after that, he didnt yell at her or get her off of me. She had me pinned to the floor I tried everything in my power to get her off of me. I couldnt she was to heavy and had the perfect position. She knocked me out. I woke up and I couldnt find Geno anywhere. I yelled for him, called him, he's nowhere to be found." She lifted up her left hand. "An neither is my ring." Tears started falling down her face, I could feel my eyes swelling up with tears to. Then I heard the door open and who I knew was Vero running up the stairs.

"Oh my God.." She fell to her knees. "what happened? She needs to go to the hospital right now. Something can seriously be wrong."

I looked over to see Marc helping her up and tears filled both of their eyes. Ciera was like a little sister to Marc to. He'd known her way before she decided to come down to Pittsburgh. I could see he was enragged to.

"Vero, stay here. She wont let me take her to the hospital. I need to talk to Marc for a second." I pushed him out the door as Vero took my seat and reached for her hand as tears fell down her face.

"What she tell you? Was it Geno?" He questioned.

"She said it wasnt him that it was Elena as far as she knows. But I have the weirdest feeling that it was. Why would he stand there and just let his fiance get the shit beaten out of her and not be able to do anything because how blindsided she was and how she was positioned on her. Then leave her to pretty much die in the house. Oh and her ring is gone to..Sound funny to you? Or is it just me."

"That is sketchy." He looked into the room. "Does anyone else know yet?"

"No. I was gonna call Mario once I knew what happened. An I dont wanna tell any of the guys with the first game tommarow. Yah know." I pulled out my phone.

"That's a good idea. But what happens when she doesnt show up at the game or party.. And with us two knowing all this we have to look at his face tommarow... I dont think I'll be able to do it." He shook his head.

"I dont know. I guess we will have to just get over it for that short time. I'm gonna try not to think about it. I dont think im going to go to that party, I dont think Vero will go to either one tommarow."

"Okay that sounds like the best thing to do. I know she wont. She probally wont even leave this house." He laughed. "Call Mario he might have something else to propose we do. Ill go talk with them a little."

"Okay. Watch her fever. She has had a high one since she got here. I think she needs to see a doctor ASAP." I walked down the hall to make the call.

I walked back in shortly to see that Ciera was asleep and Vero held her hand tightly, checking her pulse every now and again.

"He said that my idea was best about the team. He said not to confront Evgeni, he will after the game. He also said to bring them to the game if she is feeling up to it, they can have one of the Boxes for the night, since he now has two of them. Noone will know they are their, and none of the waiters will be around them, he will watch and attend to you two's needs." I looked to Vero. "How is she doing?"

"I dont know. She doesnt feel as hot as she was. I replaced the towels a few minutes ago. She needs a doctor Sid." She looked at me then back to her.

"I know, she made me promise no hospitals though." I sat at the edge of the bed.

"What about a house call? Do they still do those? I mean I'm sure someone would come over if the Great Sidney Crosby called them. Doesn't Mario have one on call?" Marc looked to me.

"He does. Let me have him call before he heads over here." I walked back out the room.


I didnt want to leave her side. I didnt want to do anything but be with my best friend, even if that ment that i had to give up the game and party tommarow. We were gonna look so good tommarow. That stupid Slut. I will find her. One of the girls will see her, and ill get the text that girl wont last in this city to long.

"He's on his way with the doctor. He was already a step ahead of us." Sid laughed a little.

It was good to see him smile. He had the same look on his face since we got here, to be honest it was starting to scare the shit out of me.

"Marc, Go home. I cant leave her. But you have a game tommarow and you need to be well rested. You too Sidney. Go to bed, I can take care of her and the Doctor and Mario for that matter. I will let you know of anything that needs to be sent along." She looked at both of us. "You both know she wouldnt want you guys staying up just looking at her."

They both agreed, But decided to wait for Mario, then head to bed. Marc also decided to stay in one of the other guest bedrooms, instead of driving home.

About twenty minutes later Mario was walking up the stairs with his Doctor following step for step.

"He has a contract with me that nothing gets out to the press or public. That's why I keep him around, because I know that I can trust him with anything. This isnt any different." He smiled to Sid.

"Vero, I'm going now. I wont go to sleep till you come tell me what he says though. So dont forget." Marc said as he walked down the hall.

"Yeah, I'm a head to my room to and attempt to sleep, but please be sure to let me know to." Sid kissed her hand and walked out the door.

"wow." Was all Mario could say.

"I know. I have never seen him like this." I got up to let the doctor check her out. "Can I get you guys anything?"

"Im fine. Ill let you know about her though." The doctor went back to examining her.

I sat in the corner chair just watching along with Mario. A look of concern filled his eyes, a few times i saw him look away and rub his eyes as if he was crying.

Monday, June 20, 2011

chapter 47


After we left Deluca's we walked up and down the strip district, store to store, little shops to more little shops, I just couldnt stop thinking about the look he was giving her. So I just walked around the stores barley looking at anything and then would walk back out.

"Geno!" She grabbed my arm to stop me from walking any farther. "We've been shopping for HOURS! An you clearly arent looking at anything in any of the stores. If you dont wanna buy something I think we should just go home."

I looked to her and slowly pulled out of her grip and walked into a little shop on the corner.

"Fine." She pouted.

She had to follow me because I was her ride home. Jordan left her and she rode into town with him.

"Here!" I pointed

"What?" She lurked around the corner.


While Jordan was napping I decided to investigate a little bit more into the whole Best Friend situation. I called Max and got his imput, Flowers, and Tylers, before realizing that Jordan may have been right. They all pretty much said the same things, Ciera and Evgeni are happy together, they've fought for a while to get to where they are, or Jordan would never be able to make her have to decide between the two of them, he'd rather leave it the way it was. Geez he's got himself in one sticky situation.


After walking around aimlisly for hours, Evgeni finally found something to wear to the season opener party at Marios tommarow night. I had my outfit picked out weeks ago when V and I went shopping, I guess that is the difference between male and female.

"Home?" He asked me softly, nibbling at my ear.

"Yeah, If you are finished here." I looked at his new outfit.

"Done." He grabbed my hand and off we went.


I Woke up for our movie night at about 6:30, I wondered the house looking for Jared but failed to find him anywhere on the property. I then checked my phone. No texts or calls. Wonder where that loser ran off to. I plopped down on the couch and opened up my labtop to see pictures of Ciera,Evgeni, Sidney and I. All of which were from different times and different places. What was he doing. I then accidently clicked the one of Ciera and Geno at the beach, them walking out of the club hand in hand and ring clearly on her left hand. I cant believe I let her get so far out of reach that I cant fix it now. I have to sit back and watch as she is married of to a Russian imbisale. I cant let her do it, yet I have to. I need someone to talk to, but who, I cant talk to the guys they all tell me the same and they try not to get involved because of Evgeni. I started gazing through my contacts, then it hit me. Her best friend, she would know how she really feels about me, how she feels about him. I need to talk to Vero as soon as I can.


No Answer. I guess I'll just wait till she calls me back. About two minutes later.

JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP AROUND Filled the silence.

"Jordan, Hi. What did you need?" Her soft voice filled the house after I placed it on speaker phone.

"I need to talk to you, it's very important and urgent." I blurted out.

"uhm. Okay." She laughed a little. "When?"

"Tommarow, maybe after the game, before the party preferably." I walked towards the kitchen phone in hand.

"Okay. I can do that. How about right after the game before everyone leaves. An do I need to bring Ciera?" She questioned.

"NO." I screamed. "Sorry. But you cant tell her anything about this. Promise me V."

"It's okay. You tell her everything Jordy." She stressed everything. "Whats up?" She sounded weary.

"It's just..." I was looking for the right words to say. "I need to talk to you about her...That's all."

"Ohhh." She paused. "Well okay then. Tommarow after the game. We can go wherever you want to go to talk."

"Okay. I will let you know. Remember you can't tell anyone."

" I wont don't worry about it." She had a smile on her face I could tell by the way she talked.

"Bye V and thank you sooo much." I smiled into the phone.

"Your very welcome. See you tommarow." She hung up.


It was late for my phone to be going off on the night before our first game. I rolled over to see that clock said 3:30am. 'Oh geez' The caller ID said C-baby. This caused me to literally jump out of the bed to get it.

"hello." I said all grogally.

"Sid..Im sorry for waking you. I just cant stay at this house tonight. Can I come stay with you." Ciera whispered. she sounded as if she had been crying.

"Yes. Of course. What happened?" I walked down the hallway.

"Ill tell you in like five minutes." she sniffed.

"Okay. Doors unlocked, i'll be waiting in the kitchen darling." I hung the phone up then scrolled through my contacts. Geno..Geno..Where the hell is his number.

When I found his number I called four times, he never answered. What the hell is going on. As I hung up the last time, Ciera was pulling in the drive. I sat at the bar and waited. When I saw her walking towards me, she just looked like she had been through hell.

"What the hell." Was all I could say till she fell into my arms.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

chapter 46

Wooooo Update:]


We were just finished eating when I saw the expression on Jareds face change dramatically. The whole time we were at DeLucas he had been happily smiling at both Jordan and I. Then his face just dropped like he'd seen a ghost or something. I turned around to see what he was looking at when I saw Geno looking around from table to table. He spotted me and I waved him over with a smile.

"Hi Babe. Sorry I forgot my phone at the house. How was practice?" I asked moving over so he could sit down.

"I notice. It was no good. I got hit with puck." He looked to Jordan. "Thanks"

I looked between the two of them and saw a lot of tension.

"Okay...." I looked to Jared. Who then shrugged his shoulders to answer my look.

"I didnt mean to do that evgeni. Chill." Jordan took a drink.

"Sure." Geno kept his gaze. "Why you no tell me about brunch?" He then looked to me.

"I thought I did. Im sorry." He kissed his cheek.

"Okay. you wanta help find outfit for party?" He looked back to Jordan after saying that.

"Yeah we can go after we are done here." I answered him.

"Are you no done?" He looked at the table.

"We are having a conversation dude." Jordan answered for me.

"Jordy." I looked to him. "Chill the both of you. Whatever happend today it is OVER RIGHT NOW!"


When I saw that Jordan kept staring at Ciera and only Ciera I started getting frustrated.

"Can we go? We have other to do!" I pleaded.

"Yeah. I guess. Since you wont drop it for some reason..." she looked to the boys. "I had a great brunch and it was nice meeting you Jared. I will see you guys at the game tommarow and hopefully the party after words. Let me know if you need a ride Jared." she smiled getting up. The three of us following suit.

"I did to. It was very nice meeting you and I will let you know i might just ride over with Jordan." He smiled giving her a hug.

"I missed these brunches." Jordan smiled as he pulled her into a huge hug. "We need to start doing this again."

"That we do." She smiled. "Bye guys." She waved as we walked off.

"Where to?" I asked her.

"Anywhere you wanna go babe." She grabbed my hand as we walked out the door.


"So?" I asked as soon as he shut his door.

"She is an amazing girl. I must say I now know why you are so badly in love with her." He smiled.

"No. I told you were just friends. That is all." I turned the key.

"Sure you are. Just as much as Geno and Ciera are friends." He laughed at me. "Big bro...Im not as stupid as I look honestly."

"Okay. I do like her a lot. But Im not in love. An I care way to much to ruin anything she has going." I turned down to hit the interstate.

"Well Why dont you think she would be happy with you bro?" I looked over to see him staring at me.

"I dont know. Cause she is happy the way her life is now. So why take the chance and why make it awkward between us? I dont think it would help anything if I said something to her." I Looked down.

"I think it would do wonders. I saw the way she looked at you. Just like she looks at him." We pulled in the drive way just as Jared stopped talking. "You never know."

I sat in the car and pondered. I wonder what life would be like if we were more then just best friends... Well time to take a nap before movie night with my little bro.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chapter 45

I hoped in the shower as soon as I read that text. I need to investigate on my part! I took two minutes to dry my hair and get dressed before i was headed out the front door. Her phone in my hand. The whole drive all I could think about was what if Jordan broke up with Heather so she woudn't marry me?! I just couldn't get the picture out of my head....
Ciera in a beautiful, strapless, flowing, white, wedding gown. Walking down the isle, the church full of family, friends and the team. Walking up to her future husband, her dad giving her away! WAIT, that's not me! It's Jordan!!! She's marrying JORDAN!!!!
I slammed the stearing wheel then the next thing i see his red and blue blinking in my mirror...SHIT!
WOW! They couldn't be anymore a like if they tried! They walk, talk, act, smile, and laugh the same way!!!
"Ciera, this is Jared!" Jordan looked to him.
"Hey! Jared, it's nice to finally meet the 'baby' of the family!" I quoted.
"Haha. Yeah, I'm usually the last one you meet! I'm the least important of the four of us. Marc and Eric are his favorite!" Jared whispered the end.
"Wait what?" Jordan looked at us.
"Nothing!" We said in unison. Then laughing afterwords.
Jared's a pretty cool guy. I think he may possibly be my favorite Staal!
Ciera and Jared were getting along great. They were laughing and carrying on just like we do. I couldn't help but trail back to when I had first met Ciera! Shoot, I think besides Marc, I was the first to meet her the day she arrived.
~~~~~~~~~Flash back.~~~~~~~~~
Sidney had talked nonstop about how his cousin was coming to Pittsburgh to get used to the city before she went to Pitt in the fall. It was right before the All Star Weekend had started. I personally wasn't very interested! Within my first couple months of being here, I had fallen in Love with Heather. I cared emenslly for her and wasnt willing to lose her. Even though I was VERY YOUNG, only 19. Plus, I knew Sidney would never let any of us be any more then friends with her! She strolled into the arena the day Sid and Marc picked her up. I was there skating trying to work out and work on my shot when Sid and Marc skated out on to the ice with her.
"JORDAN!" Marc yelled. "Come meet Ciera!"
I skated over slowly not looking like I was that excited, even though I was after seeing her picture, to see her.
"Hello!" She smiled.
I extended my hand to her!
"Jordan, staalsy, Gronk, and anything else you can come up with!"
She laughed and her face turned a slight shade of pink when I pulled her into me and gave her a hug.
"Alright, Alright! Get back to work!" Sid pulled us apart.
I skated backwords and smiled at her as they skated around a little before heading off.
~~~~~~End Flash Back~~~~~~
I could tell as soon as he saw her, he was in LOVE! Hell I can't blame him she sure is a looker! To bad she wasn't younger. I think 21 is to old for me to snatch her up, But PERFECT for Jordan!
"So you dance for Pitt I hear!" I smiled as Jordan looked to be off in a daze.
"Yeah, but sadly I only have on year left!" She frowned.
"Oh. I'm Sorry! Ever thought about keeping on doing that?"
"Dance?" She asked.
"Yeah. Like professionally. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, or Like for Hockey, The hurricanes..."
"Uhmmm, Honestly, yes. I've always wanted to be a DCC! But after meeting everyone and getting close to everything in Pittsburgh, it would be reall REALLY hard to just leave and go to Dallas!" She looked at her hand.
"Oh." I followed her gaze.
'She's Engaged or married?! Now I see why Jordan's not about telling her...' I said to myself.
"An now with Geno and I being Engaged it's even harder!"
Now I understand. He doesn't want to ruin that for his best friend, un aware of how she feels, or his teammate who he's been in Pittsburgh with since the begining!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chapter 44

Oh my has it been long. Geez. Im so SORRY! I didnt realize it was that long ago that i posted. But in goood news, i passed all 5 OGT test. An Im out of school, Which means WAY WAY MORE chapters being posted. :]Oh an I also now work at TARGET:D so that may throw a curve ball every now and then. -ciera

The next morning I wokr up at 3:15, 4:00, 4:45, 5:30, 6:10, 7:20 and stayed awake when I woke at 8:11. As I got out of bed I reached for my phone. 'No messages. Dang noone like me.' I laughed to myself. I slowly made my way downstairs, put on some coffee and sent a text to the guys to make sure they all got up for morning practice. I left a note for Jared I'll be back at 12:30. Be ready to go. -Big bro. Jared was meeting Ciera today, and to be perfectly honest with you I was quite nervous. I really didnt need him to blurt out something to her and make it all uncomfortable for us to be around each other. Walking into the locker room everyone seemed excited that the first game of the season was tommarow, well except me. I was told that I looked like Ive seen a ghost, Or that I was a ghost. Apparently, I was very pale, more then usual, so coach sent me to the trainers room before practice.
"Im fine coach, just tired. Woke up like every half hour to forty-five minutes last night!"
"Whats been eating you Jordan?" He asked as we walked towards the tunnel.
"Nothing. Just trying to get back in the swing of things! Thats all. Im fine, really coach."
"Okay then. Out with the rest of the team!"

When I got out of bed I realized I had a half hour to get ready and a half hour to be at Delucas to meet Jordan. I had missed that place, Jordan and I used to eat there EVERY week during the season, Sunday morning when they werent away that is. I jumped in the shower, not even looking at my phone as I walked past the night stand.

At around 11:40 I called Ciera to tell her I got hit at practice but was okay if anyone mentioned it to her. She didnt asnwer, although the alarm was set for 11:30. 'Where could she be?' Maybe the shower?! Ill just wait about ten more minutes.

When I got out of the shower, I got dressed right away. Im gonna be late If i dont hurry! I kept telling myself. I rushed out the door grabbing my purse and keys, putting my shoes on as I went.

Geno: 12:30 and she still didnt text me back. Well maybe she didnt get up. I guess Ill just drive home and see. When I reached the house I noticed the truck wasnt in the driveway. 'She left? But wait. No text or call me.' Weird. I parked the car and went inside yelling for her as I went, but got no answer. I walked into our room, she had gotten a shower, but where was she now? Her phone was laying on the bed. I grabbed it to see she had three missed calls from me, two voice mails also from me. Ten text messages were left unread, starting from when I texted her around noon. Six from me, Two from Vero, one from her sister and one from Jordan. I insitinctivly picked his to read first.
Hey, same booth as usual, I might be a tad bit late!;)
Wait did she say anything about this?
I dont think she did!

While I was waiting at our usual table in the back of the resturant, I realized my phone hadnt gone off all morning. I started digging frantically, worried about geno; that wasnt like him. 'Oh SHIT!' I left my phone on the bed GREAT! What if something happens or happened! How will I find out and how will anyone get a hold of me. Just as I was having a nervous break down, I caught Jordan out of the corner of my eye walking in with a younger looking, similar boy behind him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter 43

we can do it!!!!<33333333
Sorry it has been a while:]-C
I walked up to Sid and wrapped him in a HUGE bear hug.
"thanks kid. Mean lots!" I told him
"I know bud. An your welcome. Your next beers on me!" He smirked.
"thanks!" We walked towards our table where everyone else was sitting."
I texted Geno around 11:30 to let im know I was heading home and to text me soon if he needed a ride. He did have practice in the morning and I hadnt seen him all day long, although that upset me, i let him have some fun. On the other hand Vero and I found an amazing outfit for the both of us! We had found a women in the strip who makes custon outfits. Some how we managed to get her to make a dress out of a jersey of the guys. She even told us she would work on them and nothing else so that they would be ready for the game. When I walked through the door into the kitchen from the garage I noticed lights on in the living room.
"Hello?" Some questioned with a thick accent.
"It's Ciera." I answered.
Oh. Natilia." She called back.
I walked towards the licing room to see a glass of wine in her hand, a empty bottle laying on the table and our pictures, from Flordia, scattered across the floor and table. I quickly hid my left hand in my pocket. I said hello, then walked to the kitchen to put my bags and stuff down on the counter. Odly enough just as I had a couple of weeks ago, to find Elena and Geno cooking in the kitchen making dinner for them selfs. I took off the ring and put it inside my purse.
'No need to rush things.' I said to myself.
"Geno?" She asked.
"With the guys." I grabbed for a water in the fridge.
"Practice in morning. He need here." She yelled/talked.
"Im sorry. I told him to get home about 45mins ago. He was at the Brewery. He should be home in like 20 minutes."
When Evgeni finally came home I wished her a good night and headed to bed. Shortly after He joined me.
"She Crazy!" He laughed. "She try drive tipsy."
This caused me to laugh. "where she go then?"
"Me call brother, he come, take her." He kissed my forehead.
"Oh okay." I smiled pulling him closer to me and pressing my lips to his.
I was the DD for the night unfortunetly, After dropping Kris, Tyler, and Max at thier places, Jared and I headed home. He was past out in the front seat before we even got to Kris's house. As I sat there in the dark, quiet car I started to think. 'Wonder what she is doing right now.' 'Man do I miss my best friend.' I looked over to Jared and laughed. He was now starting to droll. Oh man i gotta get a picture of this. I pulled my camera out of the console and snapped a picture. 'Gee that is attractive.' Jared started to wake up as I hurridly attepted to hide the camera.
"What was that?" He whipped his eyes and then his mouth.
"Car going past." I laughed.
"Oh okay. Where are we?" He looked out the window.
"About 3 minutes away. I was half tempted to leave you in here all night. So dont fall back asleep." I laughed, causing a smirk to cross his face.
"Remember when we did that to Marc." He laughed. "It was after Tamara's Party. Marc and Eric were Trashed! An You and I were the only ones home."
"Oh yeah. That was awhile ago." I thought back.
"Not really. Like 2 years." He giggled.
"Really?" I startedd to try to do the math. "I thought it was WAY longer then that."
"Nope. Mom and Dad were at that farmers meeting thingy in Quebec that weekend."
"Oh yeah thats right." I smirked. "Good times that weekend."
We pulled into the driveway. Jared stumbled to the door as I fumbled with the keys in the dark.
"Come on dude!" He leaned on my shoulder.
"Im trying. N bro?" I looked to him.
"Yeah?" He looked to me.
"Back up. Man I feel like im bringing home a drunk girl." I went back to fiddling with the keys.
"ah You aint got no types of game." He laughed.
"Oh really?!" I smirked.
"Yeah. OR I wouldnt be with you right now, Ciera wouldnt be marrying Geno, and you would be able to tell her how you feel," He turned an barfed into the shrubs.
"No. She is my best friend. An thanks for the present dude." I opened the door and helped him up the stairs. "Im not cleaning up and shit that comes out of your mouth."
"Thanks dude. I will see you in the morning!" He climbed into bed with out changing and pulled the blanket over his head.
'What if Jared is right? but I cant possibly ruin that for her. She is to excited and way to happy. It would kill me if i hurt her.'

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So im really sad. I was going to post today but i just cant do it. Last night a 12 year old was killed on a fourwheeler..:[ His brother was like my boyfriends best friend...So he was balling his eyes out and so was his brother brandon. An I lost it last night. I didnt know what to do. So I cant get that out of my head. As off now there will be an update tomarow hopefully. Its just this is really got to me. We Love you Adam. You will never be forgotten.