Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

chapter 41

Sorry it took so long. We had these stupid OGT( ohio graduation test) standerized bull crap basically. An we had to do a test for each SUBJECT!!! ughh.. So yeah. I havent really had time to write...But here it is FINALLY!! More updates will be coming to. Esp. With it being easter break. Oh and if you havent already checked out two for the road. My newest story about ERIC GODARD you should check it out i think it has A LOT of petential.-C



Opon arriving back in PA Jordan and Jared were out running when Vero texted them letting him know that they landed and are back home. Elena was out with Rebecca shopping. Geno's parents well they were waiting outside Geno's since he moved the spare key, they couldnt get it.

Geno had calculated that they'd have a hour and a half to do anything they wanted before Geno had to shoot with Dan at 4.


We were excited to be back in Pittsburgh and for the season opener, but sadly all that excitement went down the drain when the gate security told us his parents were at the house.

"Maybe not know?" He looked at me.

"Did they seem upset?" I asked Jimmy the security guy.

"Nope. Pretty happy actually." He smiled.

We both looked at each other and said

"They dont know yet." at the same time.

We pulled away from the gate and toward the house.

"I'm gonna take it off. I think we should wait." I looked at him.

"Okay." He nodded.

Not long after Evgeni's parents left Geno and Ciera went upstairs to cuddle,watch a movie, and possibly sleep.

At 3 oclock Geno's alarm went off. We hadnt been sleeping, just watching the movie, so he set it just in case.

"me sorry. Got go." He kissed me.

"It's okay." I smiled into the kiss. "Ill see you later."

I watched him walk out the door to get his things ready to leave.


I heard the alarm go off and sighed. 'Damn it.'

I crawled out of bed reluctantly, and went on a search for my hockey bag.

I pulled into the arena parking lot to see not only Dans car but also Flowers SUV.

"Flower." he smiled up at me.

"Geno. I heard you finally did it."

"Yes. me did. U here for?" I sat beside him and got ready.

"I thought Id come work with you." He hit my shoulder.

"Oh. Okay." I smiled. "Thanks."

After a long, hard, productive workout Marc and I went out for coffee.

"So how was Flordia?" Marc asked.

"Great. We kinda told the media outside a club." I looked down knowing how bad this could be.

"What happened?" He looked straight at me not braking his stare.

"Someone said something about a girl up here?!" I took a drink.

"Oh Elena." He laughed. "She's telling people you are engaged."

"Are you serious?" I started getting mad.

"Yeah. Vero went to some store and the lady told her about it." Flower showed some simpathy.

"What'd she say?" I asked.

"Nothing. She didnt know what to say." His phone went off just as he finished. "Speaking of the devil."

He talked to Vero as I zoned off.

'What are they planning now?!'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CHAPTER 40!!!!!!

You guys are awesome. I love your feedback I have tried to incorprate some of it into the next couple chapters. An you feedback. it is quite funny sometimes.:] Thanks for everything you guys are the best. Hope you like this one.-ciera
I was about an hour outside of Pittsburgh when I really started thinking, 'Ciera's my best friend.' I wonder if Jordan wants it to be more then that?! As soon as I pulled in the drive Jordan was running out the door.
"Bro!!!" He yelled wrapping me in a HUGE hug.
"What, Do you have nothing else better to do? Then wait for me to come? I mean its not like I didnt just see you a month ago..." I laughed.
"Well I was watching the Hawks game I DVR'd." He smiled.
"Oh cool." I laughed grabbing my stuff out of the car.
"Soo...Why Marc first?" He stood in front of the doorway.
"Cause he's cooler!!!" I laughed at his face as he stepped aside. "Im just kidding."
"Oh." He fake laughed. "Okay."
"So Jordan. What's this Ciera business?"
"Watcha mean?" He plopped down on the couch.
"You like her. Dont you?" I sat down beside him.
"Yeah. I like her. If I didnt would she still be my best friend? Ummm I think not! Duh!!." He smiled.
"You know what I mean. Dont play dumb."
"Oh brother." He laughed. "I dont know."
"How could you not know weither or not you like a girl?" I looked at him strangely."Jord. Talk to me dude."
"Fine! What do you want to know?" He asked.
"Everything. I need DETAILS, TIME AND PLACE, catch me up here.." I made myself comfortable.
"Tuesday night!" I yelled through the suite. I turned on the music and got ready. I was going out tonight for one last time before Evgeni came back. I heard about this club called Diesel, Where ALL the Penguins players go to party. I thought I mide as well get used to the place if I am going to be with Geno.
Around 11:30, I went to check it out. It reminded me of a club back home. I didnt wait in line, the bouncer seemed to like me. Either that or what I was wearing! I asked abother, well flirted with abother to allow me acess to the VIP section upstairs. I was success full and was put on the list. I was looking down over the railing when I noticed a girl that looked like me. I studied her actions as she worked through the I watched the gestures she made to guys as I made my way down. She was my long, lost twin.
"Hey!" I met her at the bar.
"Whats up?" She smiled.
"Im Elena." I got the bartenders attention.
"Rebecca!" She shook my hand.
"A martini." I flirted with him.
"Dry?" He smiled.
"Of course." I smirked.
"Make that two." She flirty-smiled.
This is the begining of a beautiful relationship!!
When he came back with our drinks the crowd errupted in screams. I looked towards the stairs to see some of Geno's friends.
"Want to go to VIP with me?" I asked Rebecca.
"Hell Yeah." She grabbed my hand as we made our way to the stairs.
"She's with me!" I smiled as I lead her past the bouncer.
At the top of the stairs she froze.
"Are you okay?" I asked turning to her.
"I'm kind of nervous!" She half-smiled.
"Dontbe! They are all really nice." I smiled.
"You know them?" Her eyes got big.
"Kind of." I smirked.
I noticed Jared looking like a zombie, when I turned around to see what he was looking at I began to feel my blood boiling.
"Snap out of it." I snapped my fingers in front of his face.
"What?" He asked.
"Off limits." I stared daggers at them.
"Why? They are HOT! Are they with someone?" He cocked his head sideways.
"ewhhh dude. That would be Elena!!!" I shivered saying her name.
I turned to Sid and Flower looking for Vero.
They pointed to the stairs. I looked down to see her arguing with the bouncer.
"Is there a problem here?" I asked him.
"Umm. No Mr. Staal!" He looked up to me.
"Call me Jordan. And V whats going on?" I asked turned towards her.
"Elena?" She questioned.
"oh yeah. They need to go. They dont need to be up there while we are here! Unless they WALK UP WITH A PLAYER!!!!" I stressed.
"Okay. Ill take care of it MR. I mean Jordan." He motioned to two other rather large men standing off to the side of the room.
Seeing them just topped off my day!!! Only one other thing could have made it better!
I was sitting on the beach with Evgeni when my phone buzzed.
"Who call?" He asked.
"Noone. I got a video message." I laughed. "From V and Jordan."
"Hey C. Hope you are having a good old time in Flordia with out us. You probally arent since we arent there. But anyways the matter off this video...... We thought youd enjoy this..."
The camera moved and Elena and some other girl were bring removed from the VIP area at Diesel.
"Oh my god." I laughed.
"What happen?" Geno looked to me. "She gone."
"I dont know. They didnt say. But thats funny." I laughed between each word.
"Yeah. Is." He joined me in laughing at them.
"Ill have to ask one of them tommarow. And about the news in PITTSBURGH to...Im still wondering about that." I looked to him.
"Me to." He smiled. " But it K."
"Oh really?"
"yup. You Mrs. Evgeni Malkin. No her." He kissed me.
What a end to a amazing day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chapter 39

Hope you guys like this one..:]
We made another couple rounds in the park. Geno was stopped about a dozen times for pictures but neither of us minded. We ended up both wanting to go on the Tower or Terror about three times before we ended up giving up and going somewhere else. The line for the ride was so long...!!!! That night I managed to talk Evgeni into going to Forrest Gump to eat.
"Why. Some where Romantic!!?!?" He pleaded.
"I have had enough romance for now babe." I smiled.
"Fine. I guess will work." He frowned.
"Awh.. Cheer up darling. Youll love the place." I laughed at his expression.
Geno seemed to be having fun, just as I predicted. He was taking pictures and making sure to take mental notes so he could show and tell all the guys about it.
"This cool." He smiled.
" I know right. Great food to!" I laughed.
"Babe." He grabbed my hand. "Just remember, I for you. Not Elena, No Parents. You!"
"I know." I smiled.
Our food came soon after as did the sunset outside the window we had been sitting by.
"Thats so pretty." I looked out.
"Yeah. Always here." He grabbed my hand.
When we got to the car outside he looked at me funny.
"What?" I laughed.
"You Drive?" He dangled the keys.
"Where to?" I swipped them from his hand.
"Club?" He opened the door for me.
"YES!!" I yelled.
I had never been to a club in Flordia. A lot of Paparazzi were outside, so I put my ring on my other hand.
"ready?" He reached for my hand.
"Of Course." I smiled.
Questiones were thrown up in the air as Geno and I walked by.
"Geno. Why are you in Flordia? Did you get traded? Is that Ciera? I've heard you are engaged. Is that true? Did you ask Ciera? Or is it the other girl?"
He stopped dead in his tracks.
"What girl?" He turned as everyone got quiet.
"There is another girl in Pittsburgh, out shopping with your mom and claiming to be your Fiance."
"That not true." He looked at me.
I just smiled putting the ring back where is belonged.
"This Ciera. She Fiance." He lifted my hand so they could see the ring.
"Ciera. Evgeni. Where and How did it happen?? Was it romantic?"
I smiled and laced my fingers with his as we made our way into the club.
"I sorry." He said once we were in the VIP section.
"Its okay. Your moms gonna flip." I looked at him.
"I know." He shrugged his shoulders.
"Dance!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor.
When I got the text from Jordan I immediately got ready.
"Marc, baby." I yelled down the stairs.
"Hmmm." He walked to the door.
"Im running down to the Strip. Do you need anything?"
"ummm." He thought. "Beer and pizza would be good." He smiled.
"Sid's coming over?" I smirked.
"Yeah. Is that okay with you?" He wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Yes. But why dont you order in the Pizza and have Sid pick up the beer. I dont know how long I will be."
"Alright." He kissed me.
"See yah later. You two behave." I smiled grabbing my purse and leaving.
In a short time, I was outside the same store in the picture. Ive never really been in this store. I dont find many of their dresses attractive.
"Hello. May I help you?" A nice looking woman asked.
"Umm. Im looking for a dress." I smiled.
"Occassion?" She asked with a smile.
"Well I saw it on your website." I thought back to the dress in the picture.
"Okay. What did it look like?" She walked towards a computer as I followed.
"Black and gold. It was really pretty." I lied.
"Oh. The halter top?" She turned the screen to me.
"Yes. That is it." I got 'excited.'
"Im sorry. We just sold this one this morning." She looked at me with a blank expression.
"Are you serious?" I paused. "My husband loved that dress. He wanted me to wear it to his game on Friday.." I frowned.
"Your husbands game Friday?" She looked at me weird.
"Yes?!" I questioned.
"The woman that bought the dress," She smiled."Was getting it for her Fiance's game."
"Oh really?" I smirked.
"Yup. He is a Penguins player. Does yours play for them to?" she seemed excited.
"Yes. Yes he does." I smiled politly. "Do you know which players Fiance it was?"
"Evgeni Malkin. I assume. His mother was with her."
"Elena. Damn her. I told her I wanted it." I played along. "Thank you."
She smiled. "Who's wife are you?"
"Marc-Andre." I dug for my phone to avoid the rest of the converstaion.
I was really calling Jordan, but I made it seem otherwise.
"Girl. How you going to get my dress. You had better let me borrow it." I waved and walked out the door.
"What?" He asked.
"Nevermind. The dress is for the game. The woman showed me it on the computer. It is GORGEOUS!"
"What are we going to do? What are we going to tell Ciera?" He asked sadly.
"I dont know. Dont say anything yet." I stressed.
"Alright." He replied. "I gotta go. Ill text you later."
While I was talking to Vero I heard the door bell ring.
'sweet pizza is here.'
I got my pizza and sat down to watch the Hawks game I DVR'd.
'I wish my bestie was here !'
During the first intermisson Jared called.
"Im like 5 hours out!!!" He excitedly said.
"Alright. Ill be waiting at the house for you." I hung up and sent a forward through my contacts.
*Jared is about 5 hours out side of town. Around 11 I am taking him to Diesel. If anyone would like to join you are more then welcome to.*