Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

chapter 47


After we left Deluca's we walked up and down the strip district, store to store, little shops to more little shops, I just couldnt stop thinking about the look he was giving her. So I just walked around the stores barley looking at anything and then would walk back out.

"Geno!" She grabbed my arm to stop me from walking any farther. "We've been shopping for HOURS! An you clearly arent looking at anything in any of the stores. If you dont wanna buy something I think we should just go home."

I looked to her and slowly pulled out of her grip and walked into a little shop on the corner.

"Fine." She pouted.

She had to follow me because I was her ride home. Jordan left her and she rode into town with him.

"Here!" I pointed

"What?" She lurked around the corner.


While Jordan was napping I decided to investigate a little bit more into the whole Best Friend situation. I called Max and got his imput, Flowers, and Tylers, before realizing that Jordan may have been right. They all pretty much said the same things, Ciera and Evgeni are happy together, they've fought for a while to get to where they are, or Jordan would never be able to make her have to decide between the two of them, he'd rather leave it the way it was. Geez he's got himself in one sticky situation.


After walking around aimlisly for hours, Evgeni finally found something to wear to the season opener party at Marios tommarow night. I had my outfit picked out weeks ago when V and I went shopping, I guess that is the difference between male and female.

"Home?" He asked me softly, nibbling at my ear.

"Yeah, If you are finished here." I looked at his new outfit.

"Done." He grabbed my hand and off we went.


I Woke up for our movie night at about 6:30, I wondered the house looking for Jared but failed to find him anywhere on the property. I then checked my phone. No texts or calls. Wonder where that loser ran off to. I plopped down on the couch and opened up my labtop to see pictures of Ciera,Evgeni, Sidney and I. All of which were from different times and different places. What was he doing. I then accidently clicked the one of Ciera and Geno at the beach, them walking out of the club hand in hand and ring clearly on her left hand. I cant believe I let her get so far out of reach that I cant fix it now. I have to sit back and watch as she is married of to a Russian imbisale. I cant let her do it, yet I have to. I need someone to talk to, but who, I cant talk to the guys they all tell me the same and they try not to get involved because of Evgeni. I started gazing through my contacts, then it hit me. Her best friend, she would know how she really feels about me, how she feels about him. I need to talk to Vero as soon as I can.


No Answer. I guess I'll just wait till she calls me back. About two minutes later.

JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP AROUND Filled the silence.

"Jordan, Hi. What did you need?" Her soft voice filled the house after I placed it on speaker phone.

"I need to talk to you, it's very important and urgent." I blurted out.

"uhm. Okay." She laughed a little. "When?"

"Tommarow, maybe after the game, before the party preferably." I walked towards the kitchen phone in hand.

"Okay. I can do that. How about right after the game before everyone leaves. An do I need to bring Ciera?" She questioned.

"NO." I screamed. "Sorry. But you cant tell her anything about this. Promise me V."

"It's okay. You tell her everything Jordy." She stressed everything. "Whats up?" She sounded weary.

"It's just..." I was looking for the right words to say. "I need to talk to you about her...That's all."

"Ohhh." She paused. "Well okay then. Tommarow after the game. We can go wherever you want to go to talk."

"Okay. I will let you know. Remember you can't tell anyone."

" I wont don't worry about it." She had a smile on her face I could tell by the way she talked.

"Bye V and thank you sooo much." I smiled into the phone.

"Your very welcome. See you tommarow." She hung up.


It was late for my phone to be going off on the night before our first game. I rolled over to see that clock said 3:30am. 'Oh geez' The caller ID said C-baby. This caused me to literally jump out of the bed to get it.

"hello." I said all grogally.

"Sid..Im sorry for waking you. I just cant stay at this house tonight. Can I come stay with you." Ciera whispered. she sounded as if she had been crying.

"Yes. Of course. What happened?" I walked down the hallway.

"Ill tell you in like five minutes." she sniffed.

"Okay. Doors unlocked, i'll be waiting in the kitchen darling." I hung the phone up then scrolled through my contacts. Geno..Geno..Where the hell is his number.

When I found his number I called four times, he never answered. What the hell is going on. As I hung up the last time, Ciera was pulling in the drive. I sat at the bar and waited. When I saw her walking towards me, she just looked like she had been through hell.

"What the hell." Was all I could say till she fell into my arms.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

chapter 46

Wooooo Update:]


We were just finished eating when I saw the expression on Jareds face change dramatically. The whole time we were at DeLucas he had been happily smiling at both Jordan and I. Then his face just dropped like he'd seen a ghost or something. I turned around to see what he was looking at when I saw Geno looking around from table to table. He spotted me and I waved him over with a smile.

"Hi Babe. Sorry I forgot my phone at the house. How was practice?" I asked moving over so he could sit down.

"I notice. It was no good. I got hit with puck." He looked to Jordan. "Thanks"

I looked between the two of them and saw a lot of tension.

"Okay...." I looked to Jared. Who then shrugged his shoulders to answer my look.

"I didnt mean to do that evgeni. Chill." Jordan took a drink.

"Sure." Geno kept his gaze. "Why you no tell me about brunch?" He then looked to me.

"I thought I did. Im sorry." He kissed his cheek.

"Okay. you wanta help find outfit for party?" He looked back to Jordan after saying that.

"Yeah we can go after we are done here." I answered him.

"Are you no done?" He looked at the table.

"We are having a conversation dude." Jordan answered for me.

"Jordy." I looked to him. "Chill the both of you. Whatever happend today it is OVER RIGHT NOW!"


When I saw that Jordan kept staring at Ciera and only Ciera I started getting frustrated.

"Can we go? We have other to do!" I pleaded.

"Yeah. I guess. Since you wont drop it for some reason..." she looked to the boys. "I had a great brunch and it was nice meeting you Jared. I will see you guys at the game tommarow and hopefully the party after words. Let me know if you need a ride Jared." she smiled getting up. The three of us following suit.

"I did to. It was very nice meeting you and I will let you know i might just ride over with Jordan." He smiled giving her a hug.

"I missed these brunches." Jordan smiled as he pulled her into a huge hug. "We need to start doing this again."

"That we do." She smiled. "Bye guys." She waved as we walked off.

"Where to?" I asked her.

"Anywhere you wanna go babe." She grabbed my hand as we walked out the door.


"So?" I asked as soon as he shut his door.

"She is an amazing girl. I must say I now know why you are so badly in love with her." He smiled.

"No. I told you were just friends. That is all." I turned the key.

"Sure you are. Just as much as Geno and Ciera are friends." He laughed at me. "Big bro...Im not as stupid as I look honestly."

"Okay. I do like her a lot. But Im not in love. An I care way to much to ruin anything she has going." I turned down to hit the interstate.

"Well Why dont you think she would be happy with you bro?" I looked over to see him staring at me.

"I dont know. Cause she is happy the way her life is now. So why take the chance and why make it awkward between us? I dont think it would help anything if I said something to her." I Looked down.

"I think it would do wonders. I saw the way she looked at you. Just like she looks at him." We pulled in the drive way just as Jared stopped talking. "You never know."

I sat in the car and pondered. I wonder what life would be like if we were more then just best friends... Well time to take a nap before movie night with my little bro.