Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

chapter 26.

Sorry that I havent had a update. Just got over the stomach flu this weekend. An was at the Penguins game the week before so..Yeah..But updating ALL the stories so look for them.Oh an I am sorry that these chapters are short. But mainly fillers.:]-ciera.
The next morning I woke up with her still in my arms. I slid out from behind her and grabbed my boxers before walking downstairs. Walking down the stairs I smelled food cooking; I ventured toward it. I turned the corner to see my MOTHER in front of the stove cooking breakfast as my father sat at the bar with a coffee in his hand.
"Hi." I muffled in russian.
"Hello my darling son." She smiled. "how was your night?"
"Not bad." I looked at her confussed.
"That is good." She smiled.
"You guys didnt happen to come into my room this morning did you?"
"I remembered it was her birthday last night and since both of your cars were here." My dad smiled nudging my arm.
"Your weird." I laughed. "Well I was gonna make her breakfast but looks like you got that under control so I am going to go for a run, then shower."
"Oh, Okay. Be careful son."
"I will mom."
With that I made my way to the laundry room to grab some pants and a shirt knowing C would still be asleep when I got back.
Ciera's POV
I woke up around 10:30 by the smell of food I have NEVER smelled before. I looked around and no Evgeni. I grabbed some things to wear and headed down stairs towards the smell of mouth watering food. I was texting on my way down the stairs so I didnt even notice Evgeni's Dad was making his way out of the kitchen until I ran into him!! Spilling coffee all down the front of him. He said something in Russian an then in came Natilia out of the kitchen.
'I dont remember him saying anything about them coming in.'
"What happened?" She said in broken English.
He said something in Russian which began a hole conversation in it, then they turned an looked at me with confused looks on there faces.
"I dont speak Russian, French yes...Russian no!." I looked at them, Playing with Evgeni's shirt that I was glad I had grabbed before heading down here.
They gave me a weird look then headed into the kitchen to clean him up.
"im sorry." I yelled to them.
I looked up to see Geno with a very confused look on his face standing in the back decks doorway.
He walked over to me, the closer he got the bigger his smile grew.
"Look nice."
"If you say so." I laughed.
"Is he okay? They said some stuff in Russian an I got way confused."
"He fine." He hugged me. "I heard it."
"Okay well you gonna tell me what they said?"
"Not important."
"Okay." I turned my head to the side looking at him, causing him to laugh at me.
He wrapped his arms around me and led me into the kitchen. For the most part it was a great breakfast. Awkward but the food was amazing.
Halfway through the meal I decided that I would try and start a conversation.
"What's your plans for today?"
"Umm have go pick up things."
"Oh okay. Anything else?"
"Not know yet."
"Just wondering I had nothing planned either."
"Oh go pack."
"Pack? For what?"
"You see later."
"It is friday right?"
"leaving monday be gone a day or so ."
"Where are we going."
"It a surprise."
"How do I know what to pack if you dont tell me where I am going?"
"Use imagination."
"I'll be up in a second."
I put my plate in the sink thanked his mother for the lovely meal and walked toward the steps. Halfway up the stairs I stopped and sat down, Pulled out my phone and hit record.
Geno POV
I talked to my parents as I sat there and ate the rest of my breakfast.
"Will you explain to me now?" I looked at them with deep disire.
"Evgeni my darling..Please dont tell me that you are serious about this girl."
"Yes! Yes I am. I love her. An I know she loves me, FOR ME! Not the name like Oksana wanted." I looked to my father for support. "Are you along with this?"
"Son. I thought it was O upstairs, her birthday is today. That is what I meant when I said that." My dad looked to me then to my mother.
"We arent saying that you have to get back together with her...."She bluntly stated.
"So what are you saying?"
"I want you to find someone from our country!!"
"I'm not going to find some Russian chick around here. An if I would she wouldnt be with me for me."
"You dont know that."
"What dont I know. She is Sidney Crosby's cousin mom. I am pretty sure she isnt in it for the name. I mean if i was her Id rather keep her name."
"Evgeni darling."
"Just promise me you will broaden your ranges before it gets anymore serious!"
"I will take that."
"I grabbed my things an took them to the sink. With out saying a word I walked into my room where C was packing some of my things an some things she had in a suitcase. I continued with what I had planned on doing and made my way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I needed to go to get the box for this week and pick up some extra things that I need for the week,
"Geno." I heard a small voice just above a whisper coming from the other room.
"Hmm." I said coming in with the towel around my waist. She didnt say a word just pointed.

Friday, December 18, 2009

chapter 25

He grabbed me and pulled me aside.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"I'm showing her that she needs to take resposibility if she wants to hang with us. An gee thanks for letting me know that you were bringing a new girl."
"Like it matters to you what I do anyways. I could be with some random hooker and get STD's and you could give to shits about me."
"Bull Shit! SIDNEY PATRICK! Dont you EVER say that I dont care about you, because I am one of the few people that cared about you before you became 'Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins' So dont be throwing shit like that around."
"Well you havent talked to me in like 3 weeks."
"An that is my fault? You are gonna blame me for that REALLY SID?"
"YES REALLY! An I dont see why everyone keeps jumping down my throat about her. I like her and I found a girl that doesnt care if im Sidney Fucking Crosby or not....An you guys need to live with that."
"Sid if she didnt care, then why was she so worried about being seen with you at Diesel?"
"I dont think that she was all into that like you guys keep telling me she was...Just get off my case would yah.."
"You take her home to DADDY then come tell me if I am right or not."
"We are leaving."
"Dont bother talking to me for a LONG time Ciera." He slammed the door.
Sid's POV
I grabbed Veronica and stormed out of Marc's house there was absolutley no way in hell that she spilled that and left it there. An I dont see why everyone keeps telling me she is only in it for the name and the money, when obviously she isnt. Or I wouldnt be with her would I? No one even knows what I would do for this girl!
"Sid I am so SORRY, I really didnt do that." she crossed her fingers behind her back.
"Yeah I didnt think that you did. I dont know what was up their asses tonight but they really arent like that all the time."
"I'm sure they're not like that but can we just stay away from them for a little while." She pushed her lip out.
When she put that lip out it was so damm cute, the things that it did to me.
"How bout we go to my house?" she asked.
"Alright that works for me."
Not long after they left Geno, C, Tyler, and Kelsey left Vero and Marc still trying to get the most of that out of the carpet till she could have it cleaned tommarow.
"Why you go off?"
"Please dont tell me that you are on their sides."
"Oh I not babe.. I curious."
She laughed that cute laugh of hers.
"Well she just pisses me off. But oh well cause I dont care cause she in NO WHERE near us, an you still technically owe me some more BDAY fun." she bit her bottom lip.
"Oh things you do." I smiled.
She leanded over an started kissing down my neck.
"Babe. I drive, I drive now."
"Ev-gen-i...." She moaned driving me even more wilder.
"I drive fast."
She leaned back over.
We were almost there when she climbed over into the drivers seat with me straddling me as I was attempting to drive.
"hmmm." She said into my neck."
"Almost home."
"Okay." She never stopped.
"You stop know. Wait till we get home."
"Nope." She continued.
Soon after a hard drive home I tried to make my way into the house when she stopped me at the door. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs to are bedroom.
"Now do whatever want." I smiled.
An with that she was off to the races. Shedding hers and my clothes till we both had only undergarments on. She crawled on top of me then she began working her way down doing everything just right. After she finished she crawled back on top of me. I tried to roll her over so that I was on top but she refused, Waved her finger at me and instead of me working, I got a break while hse did basically all the hard stuff.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

chapter 24

While in the limo Vero, Kelsey, and I talked about the Max incident when she jumped into the conversation. We could tell by the end of the dinner that we werent going to like her so its not like we were being complete bitches.
"So Max Talbot or Evgeni Malkin..Which ones better?" She looked at me.
"Excuse me?" Kelsey answered giving her a death stare.
"Not you her." She looked at me once again.
"Yes once again Excuse me?" Kelsey laughed in between words. "Who invited you into this conversation?"
She really becomes unafraid of what she says when she drinks though it is quite commical for V and I.
"Um Who are you trying to get smart with hun."
"I know she isnt in my face.." Kelsey looked over to us.
Vero grabbed Kels pulling her back as I got in between them.
"No fighting unless its with me."
"Alright. Lisen I dont know what you've done with Sidney and Frankly I dont want to know. Considering you have been with Max and Geno this week ALONE! Just stay away from him and everything will be dandy!"
I just looked at her laughing.."Are you serious?"
The girls then began to laugh harder.
"He's my FUCKING cousin you BIMBO!"
"Yeah, Im sure he is."
"Yea, Go ask."
"An who are you calling a bimbo?" She shook her head and put her hand on her hip.
"Obviously she just called you one." Kelsey mocked her.
Right then the door to the limo opened. I didnt even notice that we had stopped or that the boys were moving down trying to figure out what was going on. Sid was the first to crawl up. He gave me a dirty look then grabbed her and walked out the limo.
"Honey you better be prepared for worse being seen with Sidney Crosby." Vero yelled after them.
"What was that about?" Jordan asked.
"Eh slut. She's not coming to are house after!!"
"Okay babe. What ever you want." Marc agreed.
Inside I noticed that Sidney didnt even go up to the VIP like he usually does. He was down at the bottom dancing with her. Well trying to considering he was being surrounded. We all shook are heads and laughed as we made are way up the stairs. She looked up at us and then pointed to us saying something to Sid. Sid shook his head and started this way.
"Great the bitch is coming up now." Kelsey stated.
We tried to avoid her as much as we could, But it seemed like when ever we would do something she would look at Sid, He'd shake his head and then they would follow.
After about 2am we all pilled back into the limo and headed to Marc and Vero's For the AFTER AFTER party where all the guys would be waiting.
Of course Vero didnt want her there and Marc tried his hardest but she just didnt want to leave and go home even thought Sid was ready to.
Boy Oh Boy let me tell you when that girl started snooping around and went into Veros office she had for her charity work and spilled RED WINE all over the new carpet that she JUST had put in TWO days ago. I dont think I have EVER seen Vero that mad before. Instead of cleaning it up she left it there for her to find when ever she went back in there. Luckily we went in there to get some Vodka out of the liqour cabinet in there or she probally wouldnt have found it till like Monday.
I stormed out of the room before V even had the chance to. I searched till I found her and Sid sitting in the living room with Marc and Evgeni.
"Excuse me hun but dont you think that you have a mess to clean up?" They all turned and looked at me.
"What?" Marc asked.
"I think Vero could use you Marc, She is in her office." He jumped off the couch and ran down through the halls.
"An you, You need to get off his lap and GO HELP HER!" I yelled.
"Im sorry I dont know what you mean." She looked at Sid.
"Yeah I am terribly confused to." Sid looked at me.
"Your little one nighter here Spilled RED WINE ALL OVER V's Floor. An LEFT IT THERE!"
"I defidently didnt do that I dont know what you are talking about." She smiled.
"Yeah How do you know it was her. There were alot of people here."
"How because the girls were all with us, An i know that ALL the guys know that that room is OFF LIMITS during parties. THAT IS HOW."
"Still doesnt mean it was me."
"Well you know what.."
Kelsey and I grabbed her and basically drugg her down the halls. All along Sid was screaming at me the whole time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

new story.

Hey guys i have a new story about Marc-andre Fluery and Vero and her best friend. Ive kind had this thought in my head so decided to do it.:]]
but umm if you there is a short intro to it.....
and follow and comment it?!?!?!
and update on both the other storys tonight hopefullly to.