Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

chapter 25

He grabbed me and pulled me aside.
"What the hell are you doing?"
"I'm showing her that she needs to take resposibility if she wants to hang with us. An gee thanks for letting me know that you were bringing a new girl."
"Like it matters to you what I do anyways. I could be with some random hooker and get STD's and you could give to shits about me."
"Bull Shit! SIDNEY PATRICK! Dont you EVER say that I dont care about you, because I am one of the few people that cared about you before you became 'Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins' So dont be throwing shit like that around."
"Well you havent talked to me in like 3 weeks."
"An that is my fault? You are gonna blame me for that REALLY SID?"
"YES REALLY! An I dont see why everyone keeps jumping down my throat about her. I like her and I found a girl that doesnt care if im Sidney Fucking Crosby or not....An you guys need to live with that."
"Sid if she didnt care, then why was she so worried about being seen with you at Diesel?"
"I dont think that she was all into that like you guys keep telling me she was...Just get off my case would yah.."
"You take her home to DADDY then come tell me if I am right or not."
"We are leaving."
"Dont bother talking to me for a LONG time Ciera." He slammed the door.
Sid's POV
I grabbed Veronica and stormed out of Marc's house there was absolutley no way in hell that she spilled that and left it there. An I dont see why everyone keeps telling me she is only in it for the name and the money, when obviously she isnt. Or I wouldnt be with her would I? No one even knows what I would do for this girl!
"Sid I am so SORRY, I really didnt do that." she crossed her fingers behind her back.
"Yeah I didnt think that you did. I dont know what was up their asses tonight but they really arent like that all the time."
"I'm sure they're not like that but can we just stay away from them for a little while." She pushed her lip out.
When she put that lip out it was so damm cute, the things that it did to me.
"How bout we go to my house?" she asked.
"Alright that works for me."
Not long after they left Geno, C, Tyler, and Kelsey left Vero and Marc still trying to get the most of that out of the carpet till she could have it cleaned tommarow.
"Why you go off?"
"Please dont tell me that you are on their sides."
"Oh I not babe.. I curious."
She laughed that cute laugh of hers.
"Well she just pisses me off. But oh well cause I dont care cause she in NO WHERE near us, an you still technically owe me some more BDAY fun." she bit her bottom lip.
"Oh things you do." I smiled.
She leanded over an started kissing down my neck.
"Babe. I drive, I drive now."
"Ev-gen-i...." She moaned driving me even more wilder.
"I drive fast."
She leaned back over.
We were almost there when she climbed over into the drivers seat with me straddling me as I was attempting to drive.
"hmmm." She said into my neck."
"Almost home."
"Okay." She never stopped.
"You stop know. Wait till we get home."
"Nope." She continued.
Soon after a hard drive home I tried to make my way into the house when she stopped me at the door. I picked her up and carried her up the stairs to are bedroom.
"Now do whatever want." I smiled.
An with that she was off to the races. Shedding hers and my clothes till we both had only undergarments on. She crawled on top of me then she began working her way down doing everything just right. After she finished she crawled back on top of me. I tried to roll her over so that I was on top but she refused, Waved her finger at me and instead of me working, I got a break while hse did basically all the hard stuff.

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  1. Sid needs to wake up.That girl is totally using him.
    Good for Ciera to stand up to her & Sid.

    LOL -I love that she seduced Geno! Lucky girl! =-)