Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

chapter 9

Back at the hotel, In are room i heard the guys come in. Bags flop on to the floor and them slam them selfs into the couch and chairs in the first room. I waited before i made my way down there. A couple of the other guys had also came in. I walked in to hear Max say,

"Geno, where's your hottie im sure she can make us feel good!"

I laughed walking in, "Yes Max? How can i help you?" giving Geno a smirk.

His eyes locked mine but no smile came across his face. I walked over an sat on his lap. He just stared around at the guys, not even bothering to look at me. I motioned for them all to leave. When they did he pulled me off him and walked away. I stared with confusion not knowing what was really wrong with him, I know he lost but it wasnt the last game, I heard him walk up the stepps but i didnt chase after him. Instead i sat there talking to Sarge.
"He's just got alot on his mind."
"Yeah....Beside the game what else is wrong?"
"He was talking to me earlier about something but im not sure that i should say, I think if he wanted you to know he'd tell you."
"I get where you coming from its fine. i think im gonna head up there to see if he will talk to me. Good night Sarge."
"Goodnight Ciera."
I walked upstairs, i found him just laying there staring at the celine. Already being dressed i climbed into bed with him putting my arm around him i felt him tense up.

"Evgeni is something wrong?"

"No i fine, i think."

"ummm... okay, what are you thinking about?"

"things. Game. You. russia thing." he said as he got up out of bed and walked around the room.

"Russia thing?"

"yes, got call from russia it old friend. come to watch play in pittsburgh."

"Thats a bad thing?"

"u see friend. u know then."

"umm im confused but okay."

He leaned over to kiss me putting both of his hands on my face.
"I sorry for earlier. i not think. u try make me happy. sorry."

"it is alright Evgeni, i should have left you alo-." he cut me off

"No. I stupid, not think. not okay. make up to u."

He climbed from the bottom of the bed up to me. Smiling for once the hole day, he slid over top of me. The most Romantic kiss was to follow. He fiercly began to take off mine and his clothes. Doing all the work to make for earlier. He kissed me from my forehead all the way down...I then felt him going in and out of me swiftly but surely. He did all the right things at all the right times. After along time of making love to me he started to slow down and eventually stop, he rolled over to lay beside me. He stared into my eyes, like before but this time the look in his eyes was differnt something i hadnt seen before in him. He moved closer to me and drapped his arm around my waist.

The next day I woke up to hearing Max and Jordan down stairs. I Felt around for Geno when i realized he wasnt there i got up and got dresses. Walking downstairs i found half of the team eating breakfast. The boys werent so interested in playing Detroit after there lost last night. Evgeni was pretty down he didnt say much the hole morning just a couple "ughs" or huffs while he got ready. It was unusual for him, you could see it in his brown eyes that he was searching for something.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

chapter 8

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Game one of the Stanley cup finals was tonight. The boys had gone to practice early this morning with all of there stuff for the game. They were getting on the plane at 1 o'clock. Are plane didnt leave till 4 o'clock. So i called the girls to come over to the house, knowing they would have nothing to do anyways.
Tracey, Renaee, V, Bianca and I went through are pre-flight routines.
1. Make sure we had EVERYTHING we or the guys would need.
2. Have it all loaded in the car for the airport.
3. Have a Martini.(except V)
4. Make it to the airport before the plane leaves and not forget anything.
Once at the airport we took are luggage to get checked and were on the plane. It was quite a long way to Detroit although not are longest flight. Getting off the plane was intrigeing it was such a diffrent enviroment then other places we have been. We went to luggage claim. An were on are way, there were SUV's outside so we didnt have to take a cab. We had no clue where we were staying but the driver apparently did since he asked nothing of us. He loaded up are stuff and we were on are way.
We pullled into The Detroit Riverside Hotel right in downtown. It was huge, very tall, like most of the buildings downtown. It was way bigger then Pittsburgh, But it was to big. Pittsburgh's a good size city, which is perfect, Detroit not so good.
The game started at 8:00. It was about 6:45 now. The guys had already checked in for us. The woman at the front desk gave us are keys when we told her are room numbers. They were on the 9th floor, and right by each other. Which made us pretty happy!
We found are rooms, when i walked into my room i found that Geno had already thrown his clothes around a bit. I laughed to myself and walked into the other room. I found that There was 2 floors in the other room. I walked up the circle stair way to find that he had claimed this bed. The bed on the bottom floor must have been Sarge's because he had his family photo placed on the table. His kid is so damm cute.I left my stuff in the first room. An dug threw my bag. I was dressing up for my first hockey game ever. I finished getting ready and met the girls downstairs where the SUV guy had been waiting for the fact that he had to drive us around. Poor man.
We made it to the arena by 7:25 but didnt go downstairs because we were alittle late. An by the time we got down there we werent allowed in. Blahh! We went to find are seats, they were right behind the penalty box. Right when we sat down the guys were coming out for there warm up skate. Evgeni caught my eye as he skated by..He had turned and skated backwards just so he could wave to me not to mention that he about ran into Jordan and Max.
The game started out with Detroit scoring first. Fedotenko scored in the second followed by two other goals by Detroit. The guys had lost 3-1. An by the look on there faces they werent to happy. The next game was the following day still in Detroit. It was going to be hard for them to win in a enviroment like Joe Louis Arena.
We made are way down to there locker room to find them all in their stalls with their faces in their hands and looking down at the ground.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

chapter 7

When we got back to Pittsburgh that weekend Evgeni and I went shopping. We were at Juicy Couture, when i found the absolute cutest dress ever!!
I told Evgeni, "OMG, it's perfect! I so want this dress. What do you think about it?"
"You look amazing, the color goes well with your hair color. you should get it."
"Alright i will then."
As i was walking up to the register to buy the dress my phone rang, it was V and something was wrong cause i could barley hear her. From what i could make out i got....
"get here now!" at the end of her sentence.
"Ill be there in like 30."
I didnt get the dress, friends are way more important to me. So I put the dress back and told Evgeni we had to go.
When we arrived at V's and Marc-Andre's I could hear her crying upstairs. Marc-Andre didn't look to upset so I had no clue what was going on. He sent me upstairs. When i went upstairs V was hugging Renaee and they were crying. When I seen what was in her hand, my eyes got huge andd I just stared at her, waiting to see what it had said. I started to cry when i seen the joy in her eyes. I knew then what it said.
"Im so happy for you!!!" I exclaimed.
"I knew neither of us even thought about it when i got sick this morning. I called Tracey and she brought a test over for me." V said as she started to settle down.
" Yeah you missed her she just left." Renaee added.
I went downstairs to congradulate M-A. I found the guys all downstairs in the "MAN CAVE" as they liked it to be called. They were poping Champagne bottles left and right. When we got to the house there was only 3 of the guys. There now was 10. Jordan, Sidney, Kris, Max, Chris, Tyler, Geno, Marc-Andre, Ruslan, and Sergi were sending out congratulations.
They handed me a glass, and the rest of the night consisted of us partying and we had the best reason to do so.
The next morning Renaee, Tracey, V, and I went for a little shopping to get a heads up on the maternity clothes. Plus we were bored. The guys had practice the next day to so we thought we'd head out.
While we were out we went into this sports store they had just swept Carolina an Detriot was next, everywhere you looked was " BEAT DETRIOT" or " BRING BACK THE CUP" shirts.
I think it finally sunk into are heads that the guys were in the stanley cup for the second time in a row.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

chapter 6

We arrived at the hotel around 11:30. I looked in the kitchen to see they also had gone shopping earlier. Because there was 5 cases of IBC Light. Which they must have brought down before the game. An food beyond compare they were basically partying it up tonight especially with the sweep they were on cloud 9. The fans that were staying at the hotel we met earlier wwere also outside are room waiting for us. Like I promised myself i went up to Max to talk to him about Bianca.
"Max, how do you feel about Bianca?"
"I dont know, She's a pretty cool girl and she's a lot of fun to. I could kind of see her lasting."
"yeah so can all the girls. We hung out with her today and she was a lot of fun. Kind of got upset a lot but I told her that eventually she could be like us. Like at first she didnt have a jeresey. Then no pass, you could tell that she just wished she had that I think she really likes you s loy. Maybe you should try having a Girlfriend for a while. See how you like it!"
He agreed and set off to find her. I gave Renaee a thumbs up and walked towards Tracey to kepp her in the loop as well. Max couldn't find her. So he came back up to me asking where she was but I hadnt seen her since we walked in the room. But I told her that I would look for her with the rest of the girls. We searched the hole room turned off the music and yelled for her. She just up and disappeared. No where to be found. Max looked Upset so I told him i'd go look around the hotel for her. She wasn't in her rooom or his. Not down by the pool or hot tub. I looked out on the beach but she wasn't there either. I told him she might have taken a walk an she'd probaly be back soon. So he waited didn't drink anything else, didn't sing with the guys, It wasnt the Max we all know and love, It was some guy that was boring! No fun Max??? It was really weird.
Max stayed in her room through ther hole night but apparently she never showed up for the fact that he was banging on are door at 5am. Evgeni and Tyler stayed with us the night before. So when we heard the knocking we yelled for Tyler to get it. When he answered he yelled for the rest of us. When we looked at max he didnt even look like him self. He must not have slept the hole night. We asked him what was wrong and he said.....
"she never came back last night!"
Renaee and I were shocked because the day before Bianca seemed so sure that she was certain she was in love with him.
"What do you mean." i asked him, "she didnt have anywhere else to go. Did you check with everyone else? try calling her phone? Anything?"
"YES!" He replied angrily.
"well there's not very many places she can go. Maybe she had to leave and hasnt had the chance to call. Just wait for a little bit longer and see what happens." Renaee told him.
As he walked away I could tell he wasnt going to wait, He was really nervous.
"Guys what are we going to do." , i asked them.
"Go back to bed," Tyler said as he pulled Renaee back to there room.
Geno just stared at me.
"I am scared for him. Hes being scary crazy not funny crazy. Who knows what he could do. I talked to him last night about her. He was serious about her. and she just up an disappears." I added.
"It's not your problem, she couldn't have gone far, He'll find her dont worry about it. You come back to bed?"
"I guess" as i walked back to the room I remember something she had said the day before,"Geno! I know where she is!"
"Where you think she is?" he asked.
"The amusement park!" I took off down the hall with the keys.
I saw Max pacing around in the lobby. I told him
"Go to the amusement park. then call me when you get there. Here's my keys."
When i got back to the room I told Evgeni, He told me to go to sleep, And wait for a call. I tried but for some reason I just couldn't. Eventually, I fell asleep, Next think i know is my phone rang and Evgeni piacked it up. Trying not to wake me up. Max had found her, they were coming back. When he leaned over to see if i was still asleep he found me awake.
"you worry for nothing." he laughed.
i was glad that he found her but you know how it is when friends get all freaked out, it interfers with you to. Geno wrapped his arms around me an pulled me close. I couldnt help but smile. Everything was good again. Everyone was happy. An I was witht the love of my life with nothing to do but just lay with him till we had to leave.

Friday, June 19, 2009

carolina chapter 5!!!

Finally we were at the arena. But guess what happened. Bianca didnt have a pass!!! I parked the car,and went inside to try and get one. i didnt know how id do that but i was gonnna try. Inside i found Max and told him she needed a pass. He went looking for coach Blysma to see if he could some how get her one. I got lost trying to get out side. I ended up being upstairs by the consession stands. I already didnt like the arena!! I decided to walk out the gate instead of trying to find the way i came. Good idea right?! WRONG! I ened up in a huge crowd of penguins fans. They watched where i was going and followed me. They saw the other girls and alot of canes fans yelled at Veroique for wearing that ring. I felt bad because she loves that ring.
Inside we put are signs in Marios suite he had for all of us. An went downstairs to wish the guys goodluck.
When we arrived back upstairs we were just in time. They were bringing in champagne. We hung up are signs and watched the fans pour in. Below are suite was a couple of rows reserved for all of us. Around the end of the 2nd period the camera man zoomed in on are signs. Then he zoomed in on the guys faces. They were smiling when they seen them. When Geno scored he pointed up this way. But no one knew who he was pointing at.
After the game we went downstairs to the locker room with everyone. The team was so excited they had made the series 3-0. Media was everywhere so we waited for things to cool down. A reporter asked Evgeni who he was pointing to. He smiled looked at me and said
"Most wonderful girl beside mother."
As the reporter left he asked me what i thought about the game and Geno's performance.
I told him "i think that this was his best series yet, The hat trick at mellon arena his two goals tonight. Hes doing very well and im loving every minute of it."

Friday, June 12, 2009

carolina chapter 4!!!

It was 3:30 when we left the arena. We didnt know what to do so we decided to see what everyone else was up to. Bill Guerin's family were making him some signs. Max's new fling was still asleep. Rough night!??! We couldnt find Vladimir or Natilia anywhere. I hadnt seen them since this morning and rarley seen them the day before. An they thought they were gonna be a Burden??!!? hahah Funny joke.
Since there was really nothing to do, we decided to make are way back to the hotel and if we happened to find a cool store or something fun we were gonna stop but if not we were hitting the beach again. We didnt even get 3 blocks before we saw this neato like part outlet kind of store. When we went inside we were booed because all three of us had are guys jersey t-shirts on. We walked around the store to find these awesome markers they were like window painters but they were for signs and they had glitter in them. Tracey found these really cool boards to write on. They were black and they had those markers in gold an white, so we figured that would really stick out in a crowd of red. We bought 6 boards incase anyone else wanted one to. When we left the store we found this magazine store with every kind of magazine you could want. We found one with the guys in it. So we bought it, we might be able to use it.
When we reached the hotel Natilia was cooking up something! When I asked her what it was she said it was one of Evgeni's favorite dished from Russia, His mothers lucky Borscht. He liks to eat it before his games. Supporstious kind of!
Walking in to the living room area I noticed someone sitting in the chair. I walked out to see who it was an to my liking Miss. Veronique Larose! She is the perfect fit for flower there both the funnies people you will ever met, there one of a kind for sure. i wasnt sure you were coming. Marc-andre didnt think you would be able to watch it.
After alot of excitement she sat down with Renaee, Tracey, and I and made a sign for her future hubby. We couldnt wait for the game!
With only 3 hours till the puck dropped we had to get ready, we all threw on are jerseys. Before we left a random knock came upon are door. I answered it was Max's Fling Bianca. She became really sad that she didnt have a jersey and didnt want to goto the game anymore, she said she would rather go to the amusement park, we had to convince her that she needed to be there for Max an that we would lend her one of are Penguins T's. We then hepled her make a sign for Mad Max. I think we acually starte to like this one more then the others that had been with us this year.
Maybe we could convince him to keep her. Well we'd hve to try she worked with us well.

carolina chapter 3!!!

By the time Renae and I got back to are room Vladimir and Natilia had left for dinner and we had a not saying to be ready by 7. An that we had reservations at 8:30. It was 6 o'clock so we both hurried to the shower and got ready. We knew the boys would get bored and come up early. I was out and ready to go at 6:40, Renaee on the other hand had just gotten out of the shower. Like i predicted the boys were up here at 6:43.
Evgeni looked at me and asked if i was ready to go, I thought we were going together because there was only one time for reservations and they said nothing about seperate ones, so my answer was " arent we waiting for Renaee?"
Him and Tyler both looked at me weird and im unison said "NO!"
I was so confused an the finally figured out why and said that we had diffrent reservations. So as poor Tyler had to wait on Renaee, Geno And I left for the night. When we got in the car I asked him what we were gonna do.
He said "a secret, you see later."
Next thing i know were in Glenwood South, We arrived at this restaurant, went to he 3rd floor, it was like a VIP area. An the worse possible person to be there had to be sitting right next to us. Alexander Ovechkin!!! Who we happened to beat a little more than a week ago. He was quite friendly to Evgeni as i thought he would be bitter we kicked him out of the playoffs, but to my dismay he was rooting for his fellow team mate and country man. He said he was here to watch the game. The girl he was with was very familiar but i couldnt quite put my finger on it. Her dad used to be a red wing, Alyonka Larionov was her name. I wasnt very fond of her for the fact she kept looking at Geno weird(the way a girl looks at someone she likes).
I motioned Evgeni to the dance floor. He grabbe my hand and we start dancing. which was pretty fun until these two girls who were with some hurricane players tried to say stuff about us. We just laughed at them an told them they can come find us after the game tommarow. After dinner we went to this private beach ouside of Raleigh. I kicked off my heels and of course Geno offered to carry them for me. As we walked hand in hand, we came across a blanket and wine. We sat there looking at the stars an talking about are day. Evgeni's curfew was midnight the game was tommarow so by the time we drove back it was 11:30 and he decided to just say goodnight and go to his room. He was REALLY tired.
The next morning i didnt wake up to my phone.....i woke up to the real Evgeni sitting next to me. It deffidently started out as a good morning. He didnt have to be at the arena till 2 so we had all morning to be together. I got up out of bed and put on one of my penguins shirts. Walked out on to the balcony and just stared out at the ocean. Down below us a couple floors from the guys, we saw some penguins fans decoratig there balconies. Matt Cooke also saw them. He signaled Geno to go down with him. An next thing i hear is screaming!! They made those fans day, but you could tell the guys were happy that some fans made trip.
The hole team went and sat on the beach for a couple of hours. It was a fun filled enviroment and fans were having fun to. It wasnt the craziness of having to sign autographs or take pictures. It was playing Volleyball and connecting with there fans.
By the time 2 came around Renaee, Tracey and I were off to get the stuff the guys needed. We got everything on the list. It was fun to because we played a game to see who could get the most and we were running through the stores an messing with each other.
We drove down to the arena but they wouldnt give us are passes to get in. So Mario had to come yell at them to make sure everyone got there passes. It was really funny, but i kinda felt bad cause i dont think he'll be there much longer. We left the guys there stuff and we had to leave because they had a warm-up going on at the time. An there locker room stinked like Fluery's shoes. Accualy it probally was his shoes.

carolina chapter 2!!!

Finnally the plane landed. When we were about to leave we both got a text, They both said " when are you guys going to the hotel?"
We looked at each other weird wondering what they had planned. We both yelled " to the hotel"
and texted them back saying..."right now"
When we reached the hotel we checked in as fast as we could and next thing you know Renaee and I are running to the elavators. Top floor level 16. 15 floors later we were excited to see what they had waiting for us. We opened the door and basically searched throught every room looking for anythin out of place. NOTHING!
" did you find anything" we asked each other, " NO" we both answered. "Damm they did that on purpose. There probally watching us or something and laughing."
So we walked out on to the balcony to find 2 boxes one blue and one green. Renaee opened hers first! The preetiest bracelet i had ever seen was in this little box inside. The charm was gold with diamond incrusted 48 . An under that box was a bigger box with a Green cocktail dress with seguences across the top part of the dress. With a note that she wouldnt let me read:[ I wasnt quite sure if mine was the same stuff or diffrent. The first thing was a Blue dress which i must say was way prettier then Renaee's. The other Box had a necklace in it the number 71 was like Renaee's but it had a blue diamond in both numbers hers didnt. In the bottom of the box as a note from Tyler that said he would of given this to Renaee but shed forget.The Guys needed some diffrent things picked up for them before the game and they asked us if we could get it for them. I texted Geno while he was practiceing and told him that
" wed have the stuff and i abs. love the dress and necklace. and btw your parents are staying with us because they were in a totally diffrent hotel."
When are bags arrived so did the Malkins.We told them we were getting ready then heading to the beach if they wanted to join us. I took my bags to my room, when Natilia brought in a duffle bag. She said that Evgeni had asked her to give it to me. Since this was are 1 year anniversery i was slow to open it. Natilia was just as anxious as i was to see what was in it. Renaee yelled for her as i was opening it. Inside was Genos jersey he had ripped in the fight against Ovechkin last week. I ran out of my room with jersey in hand to show her.
She saw the Jersey and laughed. "my Evgeni is a dork"
Renaee and i grabbed are stuff an on the way down we ran into Tracey. We told her where we were going if she wanted to come. She told us shed met us there. As we were sitting on are towels Evgeni ran by us like he didnt know us turned around and said " hey are you guys parking tickets cause you got fine written all over you."
As we were laughing Tyler,Jordan and Sidney came over. which was weird because he usually didnt hang out with us. On these trips he was with Max an Kris all the time. We played volleyball, Geno, Sid & I Won. After when we were talking about the game abunch of people noticed them. They managed to escape from the HUGE crowd tha just kept growing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

carolina chapter 1!!!

I woke up at 6am to my phone ringing of course it was Evgeni.
"plane leave at 8:45, and mario found that a lot of you guys were heading down to games." he added " you want go with them an my parents orkeep original flight?"
"what time does the plane leave?" i asked.
"around 11 think", " mom better about you fly with them and so do I" " if keep you first flight it your choice."
"well it doesnt matter to me when i go" "it would probally be better if i went with them."
"alrighty i let know then" "ooo. sorry wakin you up..." he said apologetically.
"its okay ill see you when i get down there," I paused "well after your practice"
After i hung up the phone since i was already up I continued to go on with my morning. I finishe packig and made sure I had everything I needed. Went for my daily run with Joker, and eventually after some cleaning got a shower. When i got out I looked at the time it was 10:25 which i had to get to Geno's house to meet hi parents, he lives not to far but in Pittsburgh's morning traffic.....i was afraid we'd miss the plane. Plus i had to take Joker to the dog sitter. I threw my bags in the car, loaded up the dog, an speed of down the stre. I reached the dog sitter around 10:34 because it was right down the road from my house. After sitting in traffic for what seemed be hours i was at Genos exit. when i pulled in the driveway his parents were all ready to go. I grabbe my stuf and with the help of Vladimir we were on are way to the airport. Thank goodness it was one of Marios private jets or we would have missed the plane due to airport traffic. When we met up with the others we realized we werent the only ones who had gotten stuck in traffic jam. Tyler Kennedy's girlfriend Renaee who has become a very close friend of mine had also not arrive along with Bill Guerin's Family.
When Everyone arrived th plane took off, we were are way to Carolina. When I talked to Natilia she said she wasnt able to get a room in the same hotel as the guys. I turned and looked at Renaee, Tyler & Evgeni had managed to get us the captains suite at the hotel. Before Natilia got back we decided since the room was half of the floor, that they could stay with us. "Natilia we were thinking since we have that huge room and it had what like 5 bedrooms in it that you and Vladimir could stay with Renaee and I"
"Oh honey, I coudnt bare to put that burden o you girls."she added, "we will be just fine in the other hotel."
"I cant let you do that you te only reason im even on this plane right now...i was supposed to not even come but you convinced me to. plus i would feel terrible, there's plenty of room for you in the room with us."
" Mrs.Malkin, we'd love to have you two stay with us. Renaee chimed in. Shes good for that! "well since you to are so prescient abut this i guess we will have to"
"yes!" we both said at the same time.

intro to carolina.

pittsbugh penguins
renaee-tk's GF
joker-my german shepard.
tracey-Gronk's GF
Bianca-Max new fling
Mario Lemieux
Alexander Ovechkin
Alyonka Larionov-ovch. Girl
Veronique Larose-Fluerys Fiance
Natilia & Vladimir Malkin
Jeff-Security tht saves me.
me/ciera-Geno's GF
Coach Blysma
genos parents dont speak much english in the story they do. just act like i translated it for you. THIS STORY IS FICTION!!! it does have some real events n people in it but i made this up.
i started with carolina because the beach setting. but i will do other before and after this game if it goes well.

p.s. the story follows this.:] look for it.