Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

chapter 6

We arrived at the hotel around 11:30. I looked in the kitchen to see they also had gone shopping earlier. Because there was 5 cases of IBC Light. Which they must have brought down before the game. An food beyond compare they were basically partying it up tonight especially with the sweep they were on cloud 9. The fans that were staying at the hotel we met earlier wwere also outside are room waiting for us. Like I promised myself i went up to Max to talk to him about Bianca.
"Max, how do you feel about Bianca?"
"I dont know, She's a pretty cool girl and she's a lot of fun to. I could kind of see her lasting."
"yeah so can all the girls. We hung out with her today and she was a lot of fun. Kind of got upset a lot but I told her that eventually she could be like us. Like at first she didnt have a jeresey. Then no pass, you could tell that she just wished she had that I think she really likes you s loy. Maybe you should try having a Girlfriend for a while. See how you like it!"
He agreed and set off to find her. I gave Renaee a thumbs up and walked towards Tracey to kepp her in the loop as well. Max couldn't find her. So he came back up to me asking where she was but I hadnt seen her since we walked in the room. But I told her that I would look for her with the rest of the girls. We searched the hole room turned off the music and yelled for her. She just up and disappeared. No where to be found. Max looked Upset so I told him i'd go look around the hotel for her. She wasn't in her rooom or his. Not down by the pool or hot tub. I looked out on the beach but she wasn't there either. I told him she might have taken a walk an she'd probaly be back soon. So he waited didn't drink anything else, didn't sing with the guys, It wasnt the Max we all know and love, It was some guy that was boring! No fun Max??? It was really weird.
Max stayed in her room through ther hole night but apparently she never showed up for the fact that he was banging on are door at 5am. Evgeni and Tyler stayed with us the night before. So when we heard the knocking we yelled for Tyler to get it. When he answered he yelled for the rest of us. When we looked at max he didnt even look like him self. He must not have slept the hole night. We asked him what was wrong and he said.....
"she never came back last night!"
Renaee and I were shocked because the day before Bianca seemed so sure that she was certain she was in love with him.
"What do you mean." i asked him, "she didnt have anywhere else to go. Did you check with everyone else? try calling her phone? Anything?"
"YES!" He replied angrily.
"well there's not very many places she can go. Maybe she had to leave and hasnt had the chance to call. Just wait for a little bit longer and see what happens." Renaee told him.
As he walked away I could tell he wasnt going to wait, He was really nervous.
"Guys what are we going to do." , i asked them.
"Go back to bed," Tyler said as he pulled Renaee back to there room.
Geno just stared at me.
"I am scared for him. Hes being scary crazy not funny crazy. Who knows what he could do. I talked to him last night about her. He was serious about her. and she just up an disappears." I added.
"It's not your problem, she couldn't have gone far, He'll find her dont worry about it. You come back to bed?"
"I guess" as i walked back to the room I remember something she had said the day before,"Geno! I know where she is!"
"Where you think she is?" he asked.
"The amusement park!" I took off down the hall with the keys.
I saw Max pacing around in the lobby. I told him
"Go to the amusement park. then call me when you get there. Here's my keys."
When i got back to the room I told Evgeni, He told me to go to sleep, And wait for a call. I tried but for some reason I just couldn't. Eventually, I fell asleep, Next think i know is my phone rang and Evgeni piacked it up. Trying not to wake me up. Max had found her, they were coming back. When he leaned over to see if i was still asleep he found me awake.
"you worry for nothing." he laughed.
i was glad that he found her but you know how it is when friends get all freaked out, it interfers with you to. Geno wrapped his arms around me an pulled me close. I couldnt help but smile. Everything was good again. Everyone was happy. An I was witht the love of my life with nothing to do but just lay with him till we had to leave.

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