Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

carolina chapter 2!!!

Finnally the plane landed. When we were about to leave we both got a text, They both said " when are you guys going to the hotel?"
We looked at each other weird wondering what they had planned. We both yelled " to the hotel"
and texted them back saying..."right now"
When we reached the hotel we checked in as fast as we could and next thing you know Renaee and I are running to the elavators. Top floor level 16. 15 floors later we were excited to see what they had waiting for us. We opened the door and basically searched throught every room looking for anythin out of place. NOTHING!
" did you find anything" we asked each other, " NO" we both answered. "Damm they did that on purpose. There probally watching us or something and laughing."
So we walked out on to the balcony to find 2 boxes one blue and one green. Renaee opened hers first! The preetiest bracelet i had ever seen was in this little box inside. The charm was gold with diamond incrusted 48 . An under that box was a bigger box with a Green cocktail dress with seguences across the top part of the dress. With a note that she wouldnt let me read:[ I wasnt quite sure if mine was the same stuff or diffrent. The first thing was a Blue dress which i must say was way prettier then Renaee's. The other Box had a necklace in it the number 71 was like Renaee's but it had a blue diamond in both numbers hers didnt. In the bottom of the box as a note from Tyler that said he would of given this to Renaee but shed forget.The Guys needed some diffrent things picked up for them before the game and they asked us if we could get it for them. I texted Geno while he was practiceing and told him that
" wed have the stuff and i abs. love the dress and necklace. and btw your parents are staying with us because they were in a totally diffrent hotel."
When are bags arrived so did the Malkins.We told them we were getting ready then heading to the beach if they wanted to join us. I took my bags to my room, when Natilia brought in a duffle bag. She said that Evgeni had asked her to give it to me. Since this was are 1 year anniversery i was slow to open it. Natilia was just as anxious as i was to see what was in it. Renaee yelled for her as i was opening it. Inside was Genos jersey he had ripped in the fight against Ovechkin last week. I ran out of my room with jersey in hand to show her.
She saw the Jersey and laughed. "my Evgeni is a dork"
Renaee and i grabbed are stuff an on the way down we ran into Tracey. We told her where we were going if she wanted to come. She told us shed met us there. As we were sitting on are towels Evgeni ran by us like he didnt know us turned around and said " hey are you guys parking tickets cause you got fine written all over you."
As we were laughing Tyler,Jordan and Sidney came over. which was weird because he usually didnt hang out with us. On these trips he was with Max an Kris all the time. We played volleyball, Geno, Sid & I Won. After when we were talking about the game abunch of people noticed them. They managed to escape from the HUGE crowd tha just kept growing.

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