Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

carolina chapter 1!!!

I woke up at 6am to my phone ringing of course it was Evgeni.
"plane leave at 8:45, and mario found that a lot of you guys were heading down to games." he added " you want go with them an my parents orkeep original flight?"
"what time does the plane leave?" i asked.
"around 11 think", " mom better about you fly with them and so do I" " if keep you first flight it your choice."
"well it doesnt matter to me when i go" "it would probally be better if i went with them."
"alrighty i let know then" "ooo. sorry wakin you up..." he said apologetically.
"its okay ill see you when i get down there," I paused "well after your practice"
After i hung up the phone since i was already up I continued to go on with my morning. I finishe packig and made sure I had everything I needed. Went for my daily run with Joker, and eventually after some cleaning got a shower. When i got out I looked at the time it was 10:25 which i had to get to Geno's house to meet hi parents, he lives not to far but in Pittsburgh's morning traffic.....i was afraid we'd miss the plane. Plus i had to take Joker to the dog sitter. I threw my bags in the car, loaded up the dog, an speed of down the stre. I reached the dog sitter around 10:34 because it was right down the road from my house. After sitting in traffic for what seemed be hours i was at Genos exit. when i pulled in the driveway his parents were all ready to go. I grabbe my stuf and with the help of Vladimir we were on are way to the airport. Thank goodness it was one of Marios private jets or we would have missed the plane due to airport traffic. When we met up with the others we realized we werent the only ones who had gotten stuck in traffic jam. Tyler Kennedy's girlfriend Renaee who has become a very close friend of mine had also not arrive along with Bill Guerin's Family.
When Everyone arrived th plane took off, we were are way to Carolina. When I talked to Natilia she said she wasnt able to get a room in the same hotel as the guys. I turned and looked at Renaee, Tyler & Evgeni had managed to get us the captains suite at the hotel. Before Natilia got back we decided since the room was half of the floor, that they could stay with us. "Natilia we were thinking since we have that huge room and it had what like 5 bedrooms in it that you and Vladimir could stay with Renaee and I"
"Oh honey, I coudnt bare to put that burden o you girls."she added, "we will be just fine in the other hotel."
"I cant let you do that you te only reason im even on this plane right now...i was supposed to not even come but you convinced me to. plus i would feel terrible, there's plenty of room for you in the room with us."
" Mrs.Malkin, we'd love to have you two stay with us. Renaee chimed in. Shes good for that! "well since you to are so prescient abut this i guess we will have to"
"yes!" we both said at the same time.

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