Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

carolina chapter 5!!!

Finally we were at the arena. But guess what happened. Bianca didnt have a pass!!! I parked the car,and went inside to try and get one. i didnt know how id do that but i was gonnna try. Inside i found Max and told him she needed a pass. He went looking for coach Blysma to see if he could some how get her one. I got lost trying to get out side. I ended up being upstairs by the consession stands. I already didnt like the arena!! I decided to walk out the gate instead of trying to find the way i came. Good idea right?! WRONG! I ened up in a huge crowd of penguins fans. They watched where i was going and followed me. They saw the other girls and alot of canes fans yelled at Veroique for wearing that ring. I felt bad because she loves that ring.
Inside we put are signs in Marios suite he had for all of us. An went downstairs to wish the guys goodluck.
When we arrived back upstairs we were just in time. They were bringing in champagne. We hung up are signs and watched the fans pour in. Below are suite was a couple of rows reserved for all of us. Around the end of the 2nd period the camera man zoomed in on are signs. Then he zoomed in on the guys faces. They were smiling when they seen them. When Geno scored he pointed up this way. But no one knew who he was pointing at.
After the game we went downstairs to the locker room with everyone. The team was so excited they had made the series 3-0. Media was everywhere so we waited for things to cool down. A reporter asked Evgeni who he was pointing to. He smiled looked at me and said
"Most wonderful girl beside mother."
As the reporter left he asked me what i thought about the game and Geno's performance.
I told him "i think that this was his best series yet, The hat trick at mellon arena his two goals tonight. Hes doing very well and im loving every minute of it."

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