Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

chapter 9

Back at the hotel, In are room i heard the guys come in. Bags flop on to the floor and them slam them selfs into the couch and chairs in the first room. I waited before i made my way down there. A couple of the other guys had also came in. I walked in to hear Max say,

"Geno, where's your hottie im sure she can make us feel good!"

I laughed walking in, "Yes Max? How can i help you?" giving Geno a smirk.

His eyes locked mine but no smile came across his face. I walked over an sat on his lap. He just stared around at the guys, not even bothering to look at me. I motioned for them all to leave. When they did he pulled me off him and walked away. I stared with confusion not knowing what was really wrong with him, I know he lost but it wasnt the last game, I heard him walk up the stepps but i didnt chase after him. Instead i sat there talking to Sarge.
"He's just got alot on his mind."
"Yeah....Beside the game what else is wrong?"
"He was talking to me earlier about something but im not sure that i should say, I think if he wanted you to know he'd tell you."
"I get where you coming from its fine. i think im gonna head up there to see if he will talk to me. Good night Sarge."
"Goodnight Ciera."
I walked upstairs, i found him just laying there staring at the celine. Already being dressed i climbed into bed with him putting my arm around him i felt him tense up.

"Evgeni is something wrong?"

"No i fine, i think."

"ummm... okay, what are you thinking about?"

"things. Game. You. russia thing." he said as he got up out of bed and walked around the room.

"Russia thing?"

"yes, got call from russia it old friend. come to watch play in pittsburgh."

"Thats a bad thing?"

"u see friend. u know then."

"umm im confused but okay."

He leaned over to kiss me putting both of his hands on my face.
"I sorry for earlier. i not think. u try make me happy. sorry."

"it is alright Evgeni, i should have left you alo-." he cut me off

"No. I stupid, not think. not okay. make up to u."

He climbed from the bottom of the bed up to me. Smiling for once the hole day, he slid over top of me. The most Romantic kiss was to follow. He fiercly began to take off mine and his clothes. Doing all the work to make for earlier. He kissed me from my forehead all the way down...I then felt him going in and out of me swiftly but surely. He did all the right things at all the right times. After along time of making love to me he started to slow down and eventually stop, he rolled over to lay beside me. He stared into my eyes, like before but this time the look in his eyes was differnt something i hadnt seen before in him. He moved closer to me and drapped his arm around my waist.

The next day I woke up to hearing Max and Jordan down stairs. I Felt around for Geno when i realized he wasnt there i got up and got dresses. Walking downstairs i found half of the team eating breakfast. The boys werent so interested in playing Detroit after there lost last night. Evgeni was pretty down he didnt say much the hole morning just a couple "ughs" or huffs while he got ready. It was unusual for him, you could see it in his brown eyes that he was searching for something.

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