Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

chapter 8

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Game one of the Stanley cup finals was tonight. The boys had gone to practice early this morning with all of there stuff for the game. They were getting on the plane at 1 o'clock. Are plane didnt leave till 4 o'clock. So i called the girls to come over to the house, knowing they would have nothing to do anyways.
Tracey, Renaee, V, Bianca and I went through are pre-flight routines.
1. Make sure we had EVERYTHING we or the guys would need.
2. Have it all loaded in the car for the airport.
3. Have a Martini.(except V)
4. Make it to the airport before the plane leaves and not forget anything.
Once at the airport we took are luggage to get checked and were on the plane. It was quite a long way to Detroit although not are longest flight. Getting off the plane was intrigeing it was such a diffrent enviroment then other places we have been. We went to luggage claim. An were on are way, there were SUV's outside so we didnt have to take a cab. We had no clue where we were staying but the driver apparently did since he asked nothing of us. He loaded up are stuff and we were on are way.
We pullled into The Detroit Riverside Hotel right in downtown. It was huge, very tall, like most of the buildings downtown. It was way bigger then Pittsburgh, But it was to big. Pittsburgh's a good size city, which is perfect, Detroit not so good.
The game started at 8:00. It was about 6:45 now. The guys had already checked in for us. The woman at the front desk gave us are keys when we told her are room numbers. They were on the 9th floor, and right by each other. Which made us pretty happy!
We found are rooms, when i walked into my room i found that Geno had already thrown his clothes around a bit. I laughed to myself and walked into the other room. I found that There was 2 floors in the other room. I walked up the circle stair way to find that he had claimed this bed. The bed on the bottom floor must have been Sarge's because he had his family photo placed on the table. His kid is so damm cute.I left my stuff in the first room. An dug threw my bag. I was dressing up for my first hockey game ever. I finished getting ready and met the girls downstairs where the SUV guy had been waiting for the fact that he had to drive us around. Poor man.
We made it to the arena by 7:25 but didnt go downstairs because we were alittle late. An by the time we got down there we werent allowed in. Blahh! We went to find are seats, they were right behind the penalty box. Right when we sat down the guys were coming out for there warm up skate. Evgeni caught my eye as he skated by..He had turned and skated backwards just so he could wave to me not to mention that he about ran into Jordan and Max.
The game started out with Detroit scoring first. Fedotenko scored in the second followed by two other goals by Detroit. The guys had lost 3-1. An by the look on there faces they werent to happy. The next game was the following day still in Detroit. It was going to be hard for them to win in a enviroment like Joe Louis Arena.
We made are way down to there locker room to find them all in their stalls with their faces in their hands and looking down at the ground.

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