Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

carolina chapter 3!!!

By the time Renae and I got back to are room Vladimir and Natilia had left for dinner and we had a not saying to be ready by 7. An that we had reservations at 8:30. It was 6 o'clock so we both hurried to the shower and got ready. We knew the boys would get bored and come up early. I was out and ready to go at 6:40, Renaee on the other hand had just gotten out of the shower. Like i predicted the boys were up here at 6:43.
Evgeni looked at me and asked if i was ready to go, I thought we were going together because there was only one time for reservations and they said nothing about seperate ones, so my answer was " arent we waiting for Renaee?"
Him and Tyler both looked at me weird and im unison said "NO!"
I was so confused an the finally figured out why and said that we had diffrent reservations. So as poor Tyler had to wait on Renaee, Geno And I left for the night. When we got in the car I asked him what we were gonna do.
He said "a secret, you see later."
Next thing i know were in Glenwood South, We arrived at this restaurant, went to he 3rd floor, it was like a VIP area. An the worse possible person to be there had to be sitting right next to us. Alexander Ovechkin!!! Who we happened to beat a little more than a week ago. He was quite friendly to Evgeni as i thought he would be bitter we kicked him out of the playoffs, but to my dismay he was rooting for his fellow team mate and country man. He said he was here to watch the game. The girl he was with was very familiar but i couldnt quite put my finger on it. Her dad used to be a red wing, Alyonka Larionov was her name. I wasnt very fond of her for the fact she kept looking at Geno weird(the way a girl looks at someone she likes).
I motioned Evgeni to the dance floor. He grabbe my hand and we start dancing. which was pretty fun until these two girls who were with some hurricane players tried to say stuff about us. We just laughed at them an told them they can come find us after the game tommarow. After dinner we went to this private beach ouside of Raleigh. I kicked off my heels and of course Geno offered to carry them for me. As we walked hand in hand, we came across a blanket and wine. We sat there looking at the stars an talking about are day. Evgeni's curfew was midnight the game was tommarow so by the time we drove back it was 11:30 and he decided to just say goodnight and go to his room. He was REALLY tired.
The next morning i didnt wake up to my phone.....i woke up to the real Evgeni sitting next to me. It deffidently started out as a good morning. He didnt have to be at the arena till 2 so we had all morning to be together. I got up out of bed and put on one of my penguins shirts. Walked out on to the balcony and just stared out at the ocean. Down below us a couple floors from the guys, we saw some penguins fans decoratig there balconies. Matt Cooke also saw them. He signaled Geno to go down with him. An next thing i hear is screaming!! They made those fans day, but you could tell the guys were happy that some fans made trip.
The hole team went and sat on the beach for a couple of hours. It was a fun filled enviroment and fans were having fun to. It wasnt the craziness of having to sign autographs or take pictures. It was playing Volleyball and connecting with there fans.
By the time 2 came around Renaee, Tracey and I were off to get the stuff the guys needed. We got everything on the list. It was fun to because we played a game to see who could get the most and we were running through the stores an messing with each other.
We drove down to the arena but they wouldnt give us are passes to get in. So Mario had to come yell at them to make sure everyone got there passes. It was really funny, but i kinda felt bad cause i dont think he'll be there much longer. We left the guys there stuff and we had to leave because they had a warm-up going on at the time. An there locker room stinked like Fluery's shoes. Accualy it probally was his shoes.

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