Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

chapter 24

While in the limo Vero, Kelsey, and I talked about the Max incident when she jumped into the conversation. We could tell by the end of the dinner that we werent going to like her so its not like we were being complete bitches.
"So Max Talbot or Evgeni Malkin..Which ones better?" She looked at me.
"Excuse me?" Kelsey answered giving her a death stare.
"Not you her." She looked at me once again.
"Yes once again Excuse me?" Kelsey laughed in between words. "Who invited you into this conversation?"
She really becomes unafraid of what she says when she drinks though it is quite commical for V and I.
"Um Who are you trying to get smart with hun."
"I know she isnt in my face.." Kelsey looked over to us.
Vero grabbed Kels pulling her back as I got in between them.
"No fighting unless its with me."
"Alright. Lisen I dont know what you've done with Sidney and Frankly I dont want to know. Considering you have been with Max and Geno this week ALONE! Just stay away from him and everything will be dandy!"
I just looked at her laughing.."Are you serious?"
The girls then began to laugh harder.
"He's my FUCKING cousin you BIMBO!"
"Yeah, Im sure he is."
"Yea, Go ask."
"An who are you calling a bimbo?" She shook her head and put her hand on her hip.
"Obviously she just called you one." Kelsey mocked her.
Right then the door to the limo opened. I didnt even notice that we had stopped or that the boys were moving down trying to figure out what was going on. Sid was the first to crawl up. He gave me a dirty look then grabbed her and walked out the limo.
"Honey you better be prepared for worse being seen with Sidney Crosby." Vero yelled after them.
"What was that about?" Jordan asked.
"Eh slut. She's not coming to are house after!!"
"Okay babe. What ever you want." Marc agreed.
Inside I noticed that Sidney didnt even go up to the VIP like he usually does. He was down at the bottom dancing with her. Well trying to considering he was being surrounded. We all shook are heads and laughed as we made are way up the stairs. She looked up at us and then pointed to us saying something to Sid. Sid shook his head and started this way.
"Great the bitch is coming up now." Kelsey stated.
We tried to avoid her as much as we could, But it seemed like when ever we would do something she would look at Sid, He'd shake his head and then they would follow.
After about 2am we all pilled back into the limo and headed to Marc and Vero's For the AFTER AFTER party where all the guys would be waiting.
Of course Vero didnt want her there and Marc tried his hardest but she just didnt want to leave and go home even thought Sid was ready to.
Boy Oh Boy let me tell you when that girl started snooping around and went into Veros office she had for her charity work and spilled RED WINE all over the new carpet that she JUST had put in TWO days ago. I dont think I have EVER seen Vero that mad before. Instead of cleaning it up she left it there for her to find when ever she went back in there. Luckily we went in there to get some Vodka out of the liqour cabinet in there or she probally wouldnt have found it till like Monday.
I stormed out of the room before V even had the chance to. I searched till I found her and Sid sitting in the living room with Marc and Evgeni.
"Excuse me hun but dont you think that you have a mess to clean up?" They all turned and looked at me.
"What?" Marc asked.
"I think Vero could use you Marc, She is in her office." He jumped off the couch and ran down through the halls.
"An you, You need to get off his lap and GO HELP HER!" I yelled.
"Im sorry I dont know what you mean." She looked at Sid.
"Yeah I am terribly confused to." Sid looked at me.
"Your little one nighter here Spilled RED WINE ALL OVER V's Floor. An LEFT IT THERE!"
"I defidently didnt do that I dont know what you are talking about." She smiled.
"Yeah How do you know it was her. There were alot of people here."
"How because the girls were all with us, An i know that ALL the guys know that that room is OFF LIMITS during parties. THAT IS HOW."
"Still doesnt mean it was me."
"Well you know what.."
Kelsey and I grabbed her and basically drugg her down the halls. All along Sid was screaming at me the whole time.

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