Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

chapter 26.

Sorry that I havent had a update. Just got over the stomach flu this weekend. An was at the Penguins game the week before so..Yeah..But updating ALL the stories so look for them.Oh an I am sorry that these chapters are short. But mainly fillers.:]-ciera.
The next morning I woke up with her still in my arms. I slid out from behind her and grabbed my boxers before walking downstairs. Walking down the stairs I smelled food cooking; I ventured toward it. I turned the corner to see my MOTHER in front of the stove cooking breakfast as my father sat at the bar with a coffee in his hand.
"Hi." I muffled in russian.
"Hello my darling son." She smiled. "how was your night?"
"Not bad." I looked at her confussed.
"That is good." She smiled.
"You guys didnt happen to come into my room this morning did you?"
"I remembered it was her birthday last night and since both of your cars were here." My dad smiled nudging my arm.
"Your weird." I laughed. "Well I was gonna make her breakfast but looks like you got that under control so I am going to go for a run, then shower."
"Oh, Okay. Be careful son."
"I will mom."
With that I made my way to the laundry room to grab some pants and a shirt knowing C would still be asleep when I got back.
Ciera's POV
I woke up around 10:30 by the smell of food I have NEVER smelled before. I looked around and no Evgeni. I grabbed some things to wear and headed down stairs towards the smell of mouth watering food. I was texting on my way down the stairs so I didnt even notice Evgeni's Dad was making his way out of the kitchen until I ran into him!! Spilling coffee all down the front of him. He said something in Russian an then in came Natilia out of the kitchen.
'I dont remember him saying anything about them coming in.'
"What happened?" She said in broken English.
He said something in Russian which began a hole conversation in it, then they turned an looked at me with confused looks on there faces.
"I dont speak Russian, French yes...Russian no!." I looked at them, Playing with Evgeni's shirt that I was glad I had grabbed before heading down here.
They gave me a weird look then headed into the kitchen to clean him up.
"im sorry." I yelled to them.
I looked up to see Geno with a very confused look on his face standing in the back decks doorway.
He walked over to me, the closer he got the bigger his smile grew.
"Look nice."
"If you say so." I laughed.
"Is he okay? They said some stuff in Russian an I got way confused."
"He fine." He hugged me. "I heard it."
"Okay well you gonna tell me what they said?"
"Not important."
"Okay." I turned my head to the side looking at him, causing him to laugh at me.
He wrapped his arms around me and led me into the kitchen. For the most part it was a great breakfast. Awkward but the food was amazing.
Halfway through the meal I decided that I would try and start a conversation.
"What's your plans for today?"
"Umm have go pick up things."
"Oh okay. Anything else?"
"Not know yet."
"Just wondering I had nothing planned either."
"Oh go pack."
"Pack? For what?"
"You see later."
"It is friday right?"
"leaving monday be gone a day or so ."
"Where are we going."
"It a surprise."
"How do I know what to pack if you dont tell me where I am going?"
"Use imagination."
"I'll be up in a second."
I put my plate in the sink thanked his mother for the lovely meal and walked toward the steps. Halfway up the stairs I stopped and sat down, Pulled out my phone and hit record.
Geno POV
I talked to my parents as I sat there and ate the rest of my breakfast.
"Will you explain to me now?" I looked at them with deep disire.
"Evgeni my darling..Please dont tell me that you are serious about this girl."
"Yes! Yes I am. I love her. An I know she loves me, FOR ME! Not the name like Oksana wanted." I looked to my father for support. "Are you along with this?"
"Son. I thought it was O upstairs, her birthday is today. That is what I meant when I said that." My dad looked to me then to my mother.
"We arent saying that you have to get back together with her...."She bluntly stated.
"So what are you saying?"
"I want you to find someone from our country!!"
"I'm not going to find some Russian chick around here. An if I would she wouldnt be with me for me."
"You dont know that."
"What dont I know. She is Sidney Crosby's cousin mom. I am pretty sure she isnt in it for the name. I mean if i was her Id rather keep her name."
"Evgeni darling."
"Just promise me you will broaden your ranges before it gets anymore serious!"
"I will take that."
"I grabbed my things an took them to the sink. With out saying a word I walked into my room where C was packing some of my things an some things she had in a suitcase. I continued with what I had planned on doing and made my way to the bathroom to get ready for the day. I needed to go to get the box for this week and pick up some extra things that I need for the week,
"Geno." I heard a small voice just above a whisper coming from the other room.
"Hmm." I said coming in with the towel around my waist. She didnt say a word just pointed.


  1. I can't wait to see what happens!! :)

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  3. Sorry to hear you were sick. Stomach flu is the worst.
    Surprised the Parents were there all the sudden.
    Why don't they like C!? Just cause she's not Russian! That is so wrong. I hope Geno doesn't give in to them.
    Curious to see what she is pointing at!
    I hope it's not bad for them.