Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

chapter 41

Sorry it took so long. We had these stupid OGT( ohio graduation test) standerized bull crap basically. An we had to do a test for each SUBJECT!!! ughh.. So yeah. I havent really had time to write...But here it is FINALLY!! More updates will be coming to. Esp. With it being easter break. Oh and if you havent already checked out two for the road. My newest story about ERIC GODARD you should check it out i think it has A LOT of petential.-C



Opon arriving back in PA Jordan and Jared were out running when Vero texted them letting him know that they landed and are back home. Elena was out with Rebecca shopping. Geno's parents well they were waiting outside Geno's since he moved the spare key, they couldnt get it.

Geno had calculated that they'd have a hour and a half to do anything they wanted before Geno had to shoot with Dan at 4.


We were excited to be back in Pittsburgh and for the season opener, but sadly all that excitement went down the drain when the gate security told us his parents were at the house.

"Maybe not know?" He looked at me.

"Did they seem upset?" I asked Jimmy the security guy.

"Nope. Pretty happy actually." He smiled.

We both looked at each other and said

"They dont know yet." at the same time.

We pulled away from the gate and toward the house.

"I'm gonna take it off. I think we should wait." I looked at him.

"Okay." He nodded.

Not long after Evgeni's parents left Geno and Ciera went upstairs to cuddle,watch a movie, and possibly sleep.

At 3 oclock Geno's alarm went off. We hadnt been sleeping, just watching the movie, so he set it just in case.

"me sorry. Got go." He kissed me.

"It's okay." I smiled into the kiss. "Ill see you later."

I watched him walk out the door to get his things ready to leave.


I heard the alarm go off and sighed. 'Damn it.'

I crawled out of bed reluctantly, and went on a search for my hockey bag.

I pulled into the arena parking lot to see not only Dans car but also Flowers SUV.

"Flower." he smiled up at me.

"Geno. I heard you finally did it."

"Yes. me did. U here for?" I sat beside him and got ready.

"I thought Id come work with you." He hit my shoulder.

"Oh. Okay." I smiled. "Thanks."

After a long, hard, productive workout Marc and I went out for coffee.

"So how was Flordia?" Marc asked.

"Great. We kinda told the media outside a club." I looked down knowing how bad this could be.

"What happened?" He looked straight at me not braking his stare.

"Someone said something about a girl up here?!" I took a drink.

"Oh Elena." He laughed. "She's telling people you are engaged."

"Are you serious?" I started getting mad.

"Yeah. Vero went to some store and the lady told her about it." Flower showed some simpathy.

"What'd she say?" I asked.

"Nothing. She didnt know what to say." His phone went off just as he finished. "Speaking of the devil."

He talked to Vero as I zoned off.

'What are they planning now?!'


  1. I hope Geno gives it to Elena with both barrels for spreading that rumor. =-)

  2. Great update!! Please update again soon!

    I remember taking the OGTs a couple years ago. They sucked a ton but hopefully you did really well on them! :)