Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CHAPTER 40!!!!!!

You guys are awesome. I love your feedback I have tried to incorprate some of it into the next couple chapters. An you feedback. it is quite funny sometimes.:] Thanks for everything you guys are the best. Hope you like this one.-ciera
I was about an hour outside of Pittsburgh when I really started thinking, 'Ciera's my best friend.' I wonder if Jordan wants it to be more then that?! As soon as I pulled in the drive Jordan was running out the door.
"Bro!!!" He yelled wrapping me in a HUGE hug.
"What, Do you have nothing else better to do? Then wait for me to come? I mean its not like I didnt just see you a month ago..." I laughed.
"Well I was watching the Hawks game I DVR'd." He smiled.
"Oh cool." I laughed grabbing my stuff out of the car.
"Soo...Why Marc first?" He stood in front of the doorway.
"Cause he's cooler!!!" I laughed at his face as he stepped aside. "Im just kidding."
"Oh." He fake laughed. "Okay."
"So Jordan. What's this Ciera business?"
"Watcha mean?" He plopped down on the couch.
"You like her. Dont you?" I sat down beside him.
"Yeah. I like her. If I didnt would she still be my best friend? Ummm I think not! Duh!!." He smiled.
"You know what I mean. Dont play dumb."
"Oh brother." He laughed. "I dont know."
"How could you not know weither or not you like a girl?" I looked at him strangely."Jord. Talk to me dude."
"Fine! What do you want to know?" He asked.
"Everything. I need DETAILS, TIME AND PLACE, catch me up here.." I made myself comfortable.
"Tuesday night!" I yelled through the suite. I turned on the music and got ready. I was going out tonight for one last time before Evgeni came back. I heard about this club called Diesel, Where ALL the Penguins players go to party. I thought I mide as well get used to the place if I am going to be with Geno.
Around 11:30, I went to check it out. It reminded me of a club back home. I didnt wait in line, the bouncer seemed to like me. Either that or what I was wearing! I asked abother, well flirted with abother to allow me acess to the VIP section upstairs. I was success full and was put on the list. I was looking down over the railing when I noticed a girl that looked like me. I studied her actions as she worked through the I watched the gestures she made to guys as I made my way down. She was my long, lost twin.
"Hey!" I met her at the bar.
"Whats up?" She smiled.
"Im Elena." I got the bartenders attention.
"Rebecca!" She shook my hand.
"A martini." I flirted with him.
"Dry?" He smiled.
"Of course." I smirked.
"Make that two." She flirty-smiled.
This is the begining of a beautiful relationship!!
When he came back with our drinks the crowd errupted in screams. I looked towards the stairs to see some of Geno's friends.
"Want to go to VIP with me?" I asked Rebecca.
"Hell Yeah." She grabbed my hand as we made our way to the stairs.
"She's with me!" I smiled as I lead her past the bouncer.
At the top of the stairs she froze.
"Are you okay?" I asked turning to her.
"I'm kind of nervous!" She half-smiled.
"Dontbe! They are all really nice." I smiled.
"You know them?" Her eyes got big.
"Kind of." I smirked.
I noticed Jared looking like a zombie, when I turned around to see what he was looking at I began to feel my blood boiling.
"Snap out of it." I snapped my fingers in front of his face.
"What?" He asked.
"Off limits." I stared daggers at them.
"Why? They are HOT! Are they with someone?" He cocked his head sideways.
"ewhhh dude. That would be Elena!!!" I shivered saying her name.
I turned to Sid and Flower looking for Vero.
They pointed to the stairs. I looked down to see her arguing with the bouncer.
"Is there a problem here?" I asked him.
"Umm. No Mr. Staal!" He looked up to me.
"Call me Jordan. And V whats going on?" I asked turned towards her.
"Elena?" She questioned.
"oh yeah. They need to go. They dont need to be up there while we are here! Unless they WALK UP WITH A PLAYER!!!!" I stressed.
"Okay. Ill take care of it MR. I mean Jordan." He motioned to two other rather large men standing off to the side of the room.
Seeing them just topped off my day!!! Only one other thing could have made it better!
I was sitting on the beach with Evgeni when my phone buzzed.
"Who call?" He asked.
"Noone. I got a video message." I laughed. "From V and Jordan."
"Hey C. Hope you are having a good old time in Flordia with out us. You probally arent since we arent there. But anyways the matter off this video...... We thought youd enjoy this..."
The camera moved and Elena and some other girl were bring removed from the VIP area at Diesel.
"Oh my god." I laughed.
"What happen?" Geno looked to me. "She gone."
"I dont know. They didnt say. But thats funny." I laughed between each word.
"Yeah. Is." He joined me in laughing at them.
"Ill have to ask one of them tommarow. And about the news in PITTSBURGH to...Im still wondering about that." I looked to him.
"Me to." He smiled. " But it K."
"Oh really?"
"yup. You Mrs. Evgeni Malkin. No her." He kissed me.
What a end to a amazing day.


  1. This is getting intense! haha

    Keep it coming! Can't wait for the next update!!

  2. LOL Jordan had Elena tossed out of Diesel!

    Ugh! Please don't let Jordan become another Max!
    Just keep Jordan her buddy