Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

chapter 32

I threw the popcorn across the room, as it scattered the floor. I grabbed my keys, purse, and bags from the mall. Went in to the living room grabbed the tape, my phone, and waited by the door for Jordan.
"umm." Jordan said.
"You dont have to come with me. You can stay." I looked to him.
"No. He leave to." Geno yelled.
"Okay." Jordan said walking towards the door.
He walked out the door, put the pizza and beer in his car and waited outside the car. I slammed the door as hard as I could and got in to the escalade beside his. He followed suit then put down the window.
"You can come to my house to watch the game or do whatever you'd like."
"Im coming. Im not leaving my best friend alone right now."
We both pulled out and met up at my house about 20minutes later.
When we got to her house I could tell that she had been crying on the way over.
"Hmm." She opened the door.
"It isnt worth crying over."
"I know. It's just as soon as I saw her I knew that things were gonna get messed up between Evgeni and I."
"Who is she?"
"His BFF from back in Russia."
"Why she here?"
"I dont know. We both thought that earlier that she was here to get Evgeni."
"Ahh I see. So he thought that to? Yet he is with her?"
"Yup. Now you see why I am upset?"
"Yeah." I put the pizza and beer down on the living room table and pulled her into a hug."It is okay. Gronk is here."
I know she had to smile because I smile calling myself that.
"Thanks staalsy."
"I told you I will ALWAYS be here for you."
"I know. That is why you are my BFF."
"Fo Sho. Brother from another mother."
She laughed.
"You are a goof. Give me the rest of the beer."
I took two out and handed her the rest.
"geez could this house be any messier." I followed her back into the kitchen with the pizza in hand.
"Sorry. Really havent been home for a while."
"Been at Geno's ahh I see."
She put the beer in the fridge and I grabbed two plates into the out of the cabinet.
"So you ready for this game?" I asked to break the silence.
"Hells yeah."
As soon as she said that some other guy was coming over the plan popped into my head. She just made life so much easier for me. When I could sense him getting mad, I knew it was time to start messing with things. I talked to Geno about how it seemed like she liked him then out of no where he told her to leave.
"I think he said leave." I snapped.
When she started towards me he stepped in front of her and pointed towards the door. I could see the tears in her eyes. As a smile came across my face I just stared off into the distance towards the door. Watching everything she was doing. Then he followed her right out the door.
"See I knew something was going on."
Geno hit his knuckles against the counter and I jumped up to get him some ice. After I put the ice on his already swollen hand, He smiled.
We finished dinner then watched some movies till we both were past out on the couch.
the next day I woke up and decided to make him breakfast. We had both woken up and gone upstairs during the early morning light so he was still upstairs when I wondered down.
I grabbed some eggs and other things he had laying in the fridge and decided I would make omlets. He used to love those when we were younger. Just as I finished both of them up I heard him walking down the stairs.
Jordan is the ONLY person that could have possibly made me feel better after everything that had happened. I dont think I have ever laughed and got in to a game like the way I did that night. I could believe the way he was acting. He wasnt really a Hawks fan yet he still cheered for them as if he has been a fan since the day he was born.
"Damm Jordy."
"You are crazy. I dont think I can EVER watch a game with you again."
"Why not?"
"Cause you are crazy."
"It is a good thing that you play and arent a fan or coach."
"Why is that?"
"It would probally end up bad."
"Oh I see."
"So never again huh?"
"That is a lie."
"So..." I laughed.
Jordan and I had finished watching the game and decided that it was time for bed. He wouldnt budge when I told him he should leave and go home that I would be fine. He insisted on staying incase I needed him, he is such a big brother!!! We went our seperate ways him staying in the guest room at the other end of the hall from my room.


  1. A little confused at the Beginning.
    Who is saying this?
    {"umm." He said.
    "You dont have to come with me. You can stay."
    "No. He leave to."

    Is it just Jordan & C talking?

    Can't believe Geno is acting like this.Telling the woman he loves to leave like that!
    He said that he saw him & C with kids not Elena!
    He better wake up before he loses her!

  2. Please update soon! I can't wait to see what happens!!