Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

chapter 29

We drove around down town for awhile so we could try and figure out what was going on.
"What did your parents say earlier?"
"Ohh umm, nothing."
"No it was something because you wont tell me."
"Geno. I can take it dont worry. Just tell me."
"At first dad thought was Oksana. Then both say you using me. Then want me to find russian girl."
Right as he finished that last sentence I came to the conclusion that they were trying to hook them up, knowing that his mother dislikes Oksana.
"So that is why she is here."
He just looked at me with sadness in his eyes.
"I..I not know I promise that."
By now the car had stopped an we had pulled into the arena parking lot.
"Geno that pretty little russian girl isnt going to leave you alone. An It is apparent they arent going to stop till I am gone."
I got out of the car and headed for the door.
"to bad I rather have them go against me then lose you. Dont like it to bad for them."
I didnt say anything I just continued walking towards the door.
She came storming into the arena. Unsure if she was alone or not I just sat there an watched as she laced up her skates and walked down the runway. Just as soon as I was going to get up and talk to her Geno came in. Looked over to me, noticed her shoes, laced up and followed out the door.
''what the hell'' i muttered.
I looked at Jordan who was looking at me.
"You think they are fighting?"
"I dont know why dont you go find out for your best friend."
"I dont want Geno to attack me."
He grabbed his stick and headed out as I finished getting dressed.
'An to think I doubted anyone would be here today since we had the day off.'
I skated out to get glares from Geno but a smile from Ciera.
"What did Max send you out here?" He growled.
"No dude practice." I lifted my stick.
"Why we have day off."
"dude I partied last night, you were there. I need to work that off." I patted my stomach.
"Well you are more then welcome out here. I just need to skate to get my mind off something's." She smiled then skated away from him and towards me.
"Yes?" I looked down to her.
"Can I get a hug, your hugs do wonders. An I need that right now."
"Of course." I pulled her in. "You know I am always here for you. You are like the little sister I never had. Anytime of day just call and super Jordan will be there."
"Thank you it mean A LOT!"
"Your welcome, and Max would like to talk to you." I smiled.
A smirk came across her face. "You were being a spy for him." She hit my arm.
"Yeah maybe. Was I a good one?"
"You had me fooled for a second there."
"Darn I ruined it."
"Yes, Yes you did."
"But seriously please." I smiled.
"Maybe, skate with me?"
"Umm I dont know if I should." I nuddged to Geno.
"Oh we arent fighting his parents just dont want me to be with him."
"ohh. wow."
"yupp. Well here comes Max time for World War three." We both laughed.
I watched as he skated over to Ciera and I. Then I noticed Geno doing the same. Using his Giant strides they met at us at the very same time.
"C come skate and talk with me please."
"How about we all skate together." She looked to me then to Max.
"Im cool with it." I smiled.
"Yeah me to." Max replied after I did.
"Geno?" She turned an looked at him.
"No thanks." He turned towards the runway. "Personal."
I watched him skate down the runway and into the locker room door.
"I'll be back."
They both nodded there heads and skated off towards center ice.
When I had finally made it into the locker room Geno had unlaced his skates and had thrown them into his stall.
He wouldnt look up at me.
"Whats wrong." I sat next to him.
His eyes glared at me and I could see the hurt.
"Why make skate with Max?"
"Geno you are teammates!"
"When jersey on. No jersey here."
"Evgeni please there is something else wrong here. Just talk to me."
"Why you not with Staalsy."
"Cause there is something wrong with you and I am concerned."
"Well come with me then."
"Just take off skates."
I did as I was asked, while I unlaced mine he put on his shoes and headed for the door.
I followed him up to the booths, mainly the media booth.
"What are you doing?"
"Talking to you."
"Why up here?"
"Quite and no disruptions."
"Okay so talk to me babe. Whats wrong?"
"I know parents want me be with Elena."
"Oh." I looked over the Ice at Jordan and Max.
"I not want to. I be with you."
I looked up at him, he had a twinkle in his eye. I couldnt resist. I reached up and kissed him.
"Geno I want to be with you. If you think that I want Jordan, you are mistaken. He's like my big brother, My best friend. The Max thing is a whole other story. I liked him a LONG TIME AGO! Not anymore. The only person that I want is you an dont forget that."
"Okay. I sorry."
"For what?"
"Be jealous."
"It is okay, everyone gets that way sometimes."
We walked out of there hand in hand back down to the locker room and laced up once again.
Seeing us skate back on the ice I motioned for Jordan and Max.
"I need to say something." Max looked at us. "I am sorry to the both of you. I dont know what happened when I kissed you."
"It is okay." Geno brough Max into a bro hug.
"HEY!" Jordan yelled.
"Awhh Staalsy want some loving?" Max looked over to him.
"Yes.." He smiled.
Then they all looked at me.
"I dont want in this bro loves fest." An skated away leaving them there in their bro hug.


  1. Glad to see Geno & Max makeup.

    I just wonder what little tricks this Elena is going to pull.

  2. Thank you. Parts of the story r true but most of it is fiction.