Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

chapter 33.


The next morning I was awoken by the smell of food. I looked around an guessed she was downstairs. I couldnt remember what happened yesterday, the last thing I remember doing was eating then my mind was blank of the rest of the nights events. I got out of bed an walked down the stairs. In the kitchen I heard the music was on Froggy. One of the many things that I loved about her was the music she liked. I walked around the corner and was startled to see Elena and not C.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was here all night silly."

"Where is Ciera."

"You told her to get out last night."

"Why would I do that?"

"She was flirting with Jordan."

"Why would she flirt with him they are line brother and sister."

"I dont know."

"Where did you sleep?"

"Guest bedroom."

"Oh good."



"Why is that?"

"She would have killed me."

"It's not like you two are serious."

"Yes we are I want to marry her eventually."

"You what?"

"I want to marry Ciera."


"I love her."

"After everything she did and you would rather marry her over me?"


"Oh my god."

"I couldnt marry you. I mean I wanted to when we were younger. but not anymore."

"Fine then I am leaving." She threw the food across the room.

Why do girls always have to throw stuff.

As she walked out the door the song Hicktown came on and I remembered the day I met Ciera.


For some odd reason Max, Jordan, Tk, Tanger and I all came home to Pitt during July now usually we would all be in other countrys but Rupp had told us about this country music festival in Ohio. About two hours from Pitt. He wanted to check it out being the hick he is. He told us that there was plenty of sexy girls in bikinis so everyone agreed. We got a camper and tickets and got ready for a weekedn of beer, girls, and sex. The moment we got out of the camper Max and Jordan were in heaven. Bikini top and short shorts everywhere you looked. Saturday morning I woke up extra early to do this 'redneck run' with Jordan. You stand in line and run to the spot you want and then put tarps down. Hell Jordan and I had beaten 99% of the people in front of us. Later that day we saw a group of girls. Max being the leader he is went after them. Told them where he was staying and asked them to join us later.

Around 9:30 that night Tanger and I had met the same girls waiting for the chance to go below the stage and get some pictures of Jason Aldean that Tanger had wanted. We talked to them for a while. They lived around here and had been coming since they were young. They were all pretty but I fell for this Burnette with blue eyes. Her name was Ciera. Not soon after we exchanged numbers and she told me to call her later. Aldean was just coming on the stage when the line started moving. This song started and I asked her to dance while we waited for our turn. The song was hicktown. I hung out with her back in the camo grounds and all day Sunday.

Monday morning before we left I some how got her to agree to get her to come watch me play. She wasn't a hockey fan so she new nothing about it or me. I was excited that she had no clue. We talked A LOT during the off season.

Then finally it was time for her to come watch me play. I scored a hat trick that night. An she came to every game she could. We went on to win the cup that year. An a year later and we are still together. Well actually I dont know that as of right now. I snapped out of my thoughts. I got to find her. I called her phone, no answer then Jordan's, same result.

Shit where could she be.


I was awaken to the smell of food. For a slight minute I was scared to death then remembered he didnt want to leave me alone last night. I walked down to see Jordan had flour on his check and forehead. An if it wasnt for the apron he would of had it all down him.

"What are you cooking?"

"homemade pancakes."

"Oh wow. It has been a while since I've had homemade."

"Yeah well they are special. They are staalsy cakes."

"Staalsy cakes??"

"Yeah the guys call them that and my bros. Cause they are AMAZING and cant be duplicated by anyone."

"Oh really."


While we were eating these 'staalsy cakes' my phone went off. Geno...hmmm..ignored. Then about 30 seconds later Jordans rang. Geno again..

"Answer or no?"


He let it ring and we continued are amazing breakfast that he had cooked up.

"Are you going to try and fix things?"

"I dont know. I want to. But that all depends what happened."

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  1. LOL-["Fine then I am leaving." She threw the food across the room.

    Why do girls always have to throw stuff.]

    Glad he finally told Elena it wasn't going to happen & he wants to marry Ciera.
    Now he needs to beg for forgiveness from Ciera!