Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

chapter 27

Thanks for all your feedback. It helped me decided weither to update this soon. Or to go to one of the other stories...
Hope you look this one to. Its kind of short though.... -Ciera
I looked out the window to see where she had been pointing. To my dismay I find my parents old friends outside and there 5'6'', Blond bombshell of a daughter step out of the car in a mini skirt and tank top.
"Is that who I think it is?" She looked up from where she was sitting on the window seal.
The only thing that I could do was nod my head.
I was getting some of Geno's things out of the side table when I heard a car pull in an two doors shut. Knowing it wasnt any of the guys I went to see who was here. Evgeni's parents were rushing out of the house to the car, hugging the people that got out. I yelled for Geno, as he came in my mouth just couldnt make words when I saw the back door to the car open up and a stiletto hit the pavement. Then she got out. I recognized her from pictures of his childhood that I have seen. Elena the girl that Evgeni had told me so many stories about. They were neighbors, best friends, and secretly it seemed they both had crushes on one another. I looked up to Geno who was just staring, I snapped my fingers in front of his face to get him out of his trance.
"Well." I finally said.
"well what?"
"Oh my." I looked at her as she walked towards the house and then looked down at what I had on.
I still hadnt changed from this morning, coffee still all down me. I ran into the bathroom: This caused Evgeni to actually move from where he was standing.
"Babe." He pounded on the door.
"What are you doing."
"Fixing my face!" I yelled. "Go pick out the cutest, sexiest thing that you can find in the closet!"
"Just do it."
"okay babe only if you unlock the door. I dont want to be left out here!"
"I will when you have the outfit."
"Okay im getting there."
I put on my make up as fast as I could, my hair wasnt that bad: it really just needed brushed. After words it just looked as if it had just been straightened it and may I say looked very good.
"Geno come on." I yelled.
He knocked on the door as I let him in, he walked in with the little royal blue dress that he had bought me a couple of weeks ago for my birthday bass at diesel.
"This good he asked."
"Yeah perfect. I was looking for that last night but couldnt find it. Thanks babe." I kissed him.
"So should I go get dressed make it look like we are going somewhere?"
"That is a great plan. Yes do that."
He laughed as he walked into the other room.
"Evgeni." I heard his mother yell.
"Yes mom."
"Where are you?"
"Bed room."
"You have guest."
"No mom. you have guest Ciera and I are going out."
I laughed to my self at that one.
"Well at least come say hello."
"I will when WE are ready."
No more was directed to either of us, untill we both walked down stairs.
"Where are you going my son?" She pulled him away into the living room.
"Ciera and I are getting some things for out trip." He reached for my hand, pulling me into the living room, then wrapping his arm around my waist.
I was so excited to see Evgeni. When my parents had told me we were going to the United States to see him I had my bags packed as fast as I could. I hadnt seen him since we were young. Although I followed everything he did including the hole time he has played for the penguins.
"Elena are you finally going to tell him how you feel?" My mother asked me.
"what do you mean?"
"Natilia and I both know that you to have had something going on that neither wanted to admit."
"I am just stating the obvious!"
The rest of the plane ride was silent. I watched out the window as we flew over the 'steel city.' Much like home there was steel plants along the rivers as we drove into downtown to the hotel before heading over to Evgeni's. Thinking about what my mother had said I changed into a mini I had brought with me before we left.
"Are you ready Elen.." My mother walked into my part of the room.
"You look beautiful"
"Why thank you."
As we drove past the huge, beautiful homes we made it to a extravagant red bricked house. The two pine trees coisiding beside his brick walk way to the front door. Above the door a beautiful white balcony like porch which I assumed lead into his room.
"Wow" was the only thing I could say.
Inside the house sure didnt discourage me. We sure didnt grow up in anything like this back in Russia I said to myself. I was in complete awh.
I waited anxiously for him to come down stairs. I was pretty sad when he had told his mother he was going out to get some things couldnt that wait!
As soon as he came around the corner with his mother I couldnt help but smile. He had on this really cute, light blue, torn up jeans, a graphic tee that said 'southern comfort',(that i didnt understand) and a pair of tennis shoes. Wow did he look diffrent since I had seen him last.
Then out of nowhere he pulls this girl up to him. My heart broke. I watched them walk out the door as my mother looked at me I wanted to cry but not in front of his parents I wouldnt.
After wrapping my arm around her I saw the excitement in everyones eyes fade. I knew right then that something was up. I grabbed C's hand reached for the keys at the bar behind Elena and walked out the door yelling a ''good bye'' into the house before shutting the door behind me.
I got in the porsce then put the top down and pulled out of the driveway. Half way down the street I got a kiss.
"what was that for?"
"Because I LOVE YOU!" She smiled.
"I love you to babe."


  1. Interesting... I can't wait to see what happens next!! Keeping going. :)

  2. LOL Evgeni's parents are so obvious!
    Loved how he just took Ciera's hand & walked out.

    Would be funny if Elena fell for one of Evgeni's team mates like Max!