Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

chapter 17

Kris an I's hands slipped apart as I walked out the door with Jordan. Not lisening to Gronks warning Kris followed right behind. As I reached the bottom of the steps It was very quite, excpet a little arguering I could hear coming from outside. Jordan opened the front door. An everything fell silent. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. 24 baskets of a dozen roses of every color, sitting on my front porch an my walk. Max was fighting witht the delivery guy who wouldnt leave till I signed hie paper thingy. So I did as told so he would shut the hell up.

I got in to a train of thought. Just staring at all the flowers. When I noticed that Max was talking to me.

"Do you wannt anything from him? Cause honestly I would just like to destroy them all." I glared at him, he caught it and laughed. "Roses are corny."

His face when he said that brought me down to the ground I was laughing so hard.

"umm." I thought to my self. "Yeah take them somewhere that could use them." I flashed him a smile while grabbing a basket of white ones with blue glitter at the top. An yellow with black glitter. "Except these."

"Anything for you babe."

I laughed walking back into the house.

I pulled out my phone and decided that it was time to talk. I turned to look at everyone following me like lost puppys.

"EVERYONE stay down here. I gotta do something." I turned on my heel and headed up the stairs.

Once in my room I locked the door and went in to the bathroom and also locked that door as the phone rang. A few rings later an I heard the voicemail come on. I pressed end, an slid down the wall to the floor burying my face in my hands.

About 3minutes later my phone rang. Not looking to see who it was I answered.


"you okay? something wrong?" A voice I reconized and missed rang out trough the phone.

"Geno!" I screamed. "I am fine. Why did you leave." I settled down.

"I a-a meeting." he stuttered.

"It is okay you dont have to tell the truth." I sighed putting my hand on my forehead as I leaned back on the wall.

"No. Dont want mad at me."

"Why....Oh nevermind I know why.."

"Not her. Made go." I smiled at the thought of him kicking her out. "For good." He added. "I sorry left. Not want you to..." he trailed of.

Awkward silences bug me so badly so I spoke up...

"Oh okay and I didnt get to finish what I was going to say."

"That what afriad of." He sounded scared. " Met again? try over, Me. You?"

"Ummm where?"

"come home!"

I though about it for a minute that realized that he had ment his house.

"mean my house." He said inocently.

"Yeah. about 20minutes?"

"Good. see you then."


  1. I would have felt guilty if I didn't keep all the flowers! =-) Geno's so sweet!
    I'm glad she called him.Now everybody needs to back off lol