Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chapter 14

" I am SO sorry Cuz. I just thought they were friends and that he would tell you about her or intro you. I didnt know he had her at the house with him. I didnt want to start something I knew nothing about and end up upsetting you. An then nothing be going on with them. An yes that ment everything to me."
"Whatever Sid I would have felt better that you told me instead of finding out from someone else when you knew. That is the hole problem with that."
Kris interrupted...
"Let's get out of here. This DJ sucks."
"I think he is fine, and I just got here! Come on lets ALL go dance." I tried to pull them towards the dance floor.
"I dont really feel like dancing right now." He said anxiously. Motioning over to Sidney.
I looked at Sidney then tried to find what they were trying to avoid. Evgeni and Oksana had just walked in. An I was fine with the fact they were there after all I told him to have fun with her. But she so went through my clothes at the house because she had on my favorite dress. Uhh.. Who wears another girls clothes with out asking her first.....??? Thats what really set me off. He saw me looking at him and are eyes locked once again. I could tell that he didnt want to be here, an defidently not like that. She followed his gaze to me. Kissed him and then started laughing, rubbing her hands down the dress. I was not amused. But Whatever I wasnt going to let her bother me.
Renaee, Tyler, Sid, Kris, Max, Jordan, Chris and I all hit the floor together. I saw that Oksana had left and gone up to the VIP Lounge, and Geno was heading my way. Thank God that Sidney seen him and moved in front of him and started a conversation with him because it could have been bad. An as if they had it planned Max, Kris, And Jordan all surrounded me and moved me to the other side.
Later that night, The guys all ended up staying at my house. Renaee and Tyler dissapeared but we all knew they had gone to the guest room, they both were trashed so they probally wont remeber what happened. Jordan and Chris went downstairs to the game room, to supposivley 'get a beer' but they were down there for ever!!! Max and Kris headed straight to the X-box 360, an started playing NHL 09. Sidney was out in the kitchen so I figured I would go talk to him some more.
When I walked in his facial expression was blank I just couldnt read it.
"Sidney I am sorry for blowing up on you earlier I should have just asked you calmly why you didnt tell me."
"It's fine. But there is something more important we need to talk about then that."
"Geno?" I asked looking down at the floor.
"Yeah. At Diesel he wanted to talk to you so badly. But I told him he had to talk threw me. He agreed and told me to tell you that he wants you back." He stared at me intenitally. "You should have seen him at his interview the other day. They wouldnt drop the subject of you. He looked misrable and he eventually began to cry and walk away. I think you should at least talk to him."
"Alright. But we never have the chance. Were never alone." I sat down on the counter facing him.
"I can call him and see if he has time to come over or met us somewhere. An another thing whats going on with you and Kris? An why the hell did Max and Jordan both come and ask me to help them with you?"
"Alright that works. WHAT!!! Max and Jordan BOTH asked you to help them get with me??? An as for Kris I guess he really liked me and Hes fun to be around and he has been with me through this hole ordeal." I couldnt help but smile thinking about everything we had gone through this past couple weeks.
"Well I guess I will have to talk to him to." He smiled. " An yes they did I told them no though. An I will go call."
As I waited for his return I thought about what I would say to him when I saw him. How I felt. Maybe I didnt want him back. I Kind of liked hanging out with the other guys, and flirting with them, It was fun! I mean that takes alot to do that to there teammate, and be here with me.
Sidneys POV
As I left the room to call Geno. I looked back at Ciera who was looking down at the floor in a deep thought. I hope she is able to work this out and if not that they can be friends. It would be hard cause she is gonna see him alot. I felt terrible, I might have been able to stop all of this. What if I would have said something to him. Maybe got him to call and tell her she was here. He finnally picked up.
"H-hello?" He stuttered.
"Evgeni, It is Sidney. What are you doing right now?"
"was sleeping, you woke me up." he groaned.
"Oh I am sorry. Is she with you?" I asked with care trying not to piss him off.
"No!!! Make her GO!!" He said frustrated.
"Oh well she wants to talk about all of this. When do you want to met?"
"She...She want talk?" He asked with a surprise sound in his voice.
"Yeah. We just talked." I paced outside.
"It to late now. Tommarow morning. We met?"
"Alright. Ill text you tommarow with location."
I hung up and walked back in to the kitchen.
"Hmm." she looked up at me.
"He said tommarow. I woke him uo he was sleeping."
"Ohh alright..."
"I think I'm gonna head to bed....Wake me up tommarow when you are ready to go."
"Will do." I kissed her forehead and told her goodnight. I walked with her to the steps but we parted as I walked into the Living room with the rest of the guys as she headed up stairs.
Sunday morning I woke up with Kris and Max laying on both sides of me, with Kris's arms around me. I turned slowly to Kris trying not to wake either of them. They both looked adorable while sleeping. I started playing with Kris's hair that was in his face, which must have woken him up.
"Good Morning Beautiful" he smiled as he opened his eyes.
"Hello. Umm what happened last night?"
"Sid sent me up here last night after we talked. He gave me permission but I wasnt planning on it at all. You were already asleep when I walked in, I am sorry if you didnt want me here." He looked over at Max, " An I guess he came in after I did."
"Oh really. It is fine. If I didnt want you here I would have kicked you of the bed instead of playing with your hair." I laughed which woke up Max.
"Hey Max." I turned over to him.
"Well Hello." He wiped his eyes and looked under the blanket. "I probally should go downstairs before Crosby wakes up." He said with a sad look on his face.
Kris and I both laughed as he walked out the door.


  1. I'm glad she is finally going to talk with him.Poor guy is miserable.
    LOL loved his answer when Sid asked if she was still there.
    I can't believe that Gold digger wore her dress!
    Tanger's a traitor & so is Max & Jordan to try & get with her!I hope Sid puts them in their place!


  2. I completely agree with everything said in the previous comment.
    Can't wait for more.