Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

chapter 12

About a half hour later she called me back.
"Omg! Girl. I cant believe him."
"I know right and i didnt even do anything to get him so pissed off that he would even consider doing that." i sobed.
"What was the fight about? you not going?"
"Isnt your mom getting that surgery well already had the surgery."
"yes. She made me come up to find this."
"Where are you?"
"My house."
"Okay Kris, tk, And I are on are way!"
"Alright but why Kris?"
"Cause he was worried. An I know he can make you laugh."
About 20minutes later I heard a knock on the door.
"Its unlocked." I yelled from the living room.
"Sorry It took so long. I knew you would want some Rasberry Ice Cream And budlight. Plus i bought the newest season of Gilmore Girls that you dont have." she held up the bags.
"Thank you. you know me well." I held up a half empty contanior of ice cream and a few crushed cans.
Kris came and sat by me, and out his arm around me and snatched away the ice cream.
"See this is why i didnt want to tell you. Your going to be so depressed that your going to ruin your perfect body."
"Wait you were the one that told her?" Tk asked.
"Yeah. I cant let some one I care for be treated like that."
"Well thats why Sid told us not to tell her. Because we didnt know all the facts and we knew this would happen." He spat at Kris.
"What the hell Tyler. Why wouldnt you tell your girlfriend. Especially seeing it was her best friend who was the one it was happening to. I could have taken care of this with out the mess."
"Well i am sorry. I never thought about it that way."
Suddenly "GENO" came across the screen. This time he attempted to call. Seeing I didnt reply back to any of his 50 messages let alone read them since the time i left.
Renaee grabbed the phone and put it on speaker as she answered.
"What the hell do you want?" She yelled.
"Talk and Apologize to my Girlfriend. Please I talk to her."
"Ehhnt sorry wrong answer."
"Sorry she's currently unavailable at this time. Dont call back at this time. Thank You and have a Horrrible day." She smirked hanging up.
"That was a good one" Tyler encouraged her.
"Kris, Tyler you guys shouldnt be getting in the middle of this. Especially with the finals and such." I pleaded.
"Eh im already in the middle of it." Kris said calmly.
"Yeah and plus he aint gotta clue." Tyler laughed.
Tyler and Renaee stayed and drank with me for about 4 or 5 episodes before leaving. Kris on the other hand was getting in to Gilmore Girls and wanted to stay longer. Plus he said he wanted to be there for me if i needed anything! I never realized he cared that much.

The next couple of days just seemed to drag on. Evgeni kept texting and calling me along with leaving me messages at work and home. Flowers by the dozen, teddy bears, anything he could do to talk to me. But that fact was that I frankly didnt even want to hear his voice. The Penguins game was tonight. The hole city caught up in the mania. I decided i would go to this game. But no Suporting my regular 71 but tonight I had on my 87 jersey instead. Obviously the camera guys noticed for the fact that they zoomed in on me plenty of times. An then to Geno. He had a firey look in his eyes. He scored that night but that wasnt what the press was interested in after the game.
"Geno Geno." one yelled. "Why didnt she have your jersey on tonight?"
He didnt reply with much. "Idk. Game questions please."


  1. I feel bad for Evgeni!He seems to really love her.I think she needs to atleast let him explain.Sounds like Kris was just waiting for a hint of trouble to move in on her....kind of a sleezy move against a team mate if you ask me!