Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

chapter 10

Tuesday morning, The first home game of the season was tonight. We were at Evgeni's an i brought up the Russian thing that had been bothering him the past couple days but i got nothing. Instead he changed the subject. Evgeni was trying his hardest to get me to go to the game that night.
"Why you not coming?"
"I cant my moms getting that surgery tonight. I'm taking her to the hospital i dont think i will be back in time to go."
"Fine! Choose her over watching play a stanley cup."
"Alright i will since you are getting offensive over my mom. I am out of here!"
I grabbed my things, Slammed the door, and was driving off before he could stop me. Not that he would anyways. This was one of the worst things about us...We have the WORST tempers and when you put them together its WW3.
That night i felt terrible for not going since it was a stanley cup game. An his parents werent coming in, they choose to stay home. So technically he didnt have anyone there for him, He should have understood why i couldnt come though. He is as close to his parents as i am to my mom and i know that he would have done the same thing. That night i was sitting in the waiting room so i could go back to see my mom. The nurse came out around 7:50 right before the game was about to start. I walked into her room an she had the game on. Now shes not the biggest hockey fan what is she doing watching the game?!Italic She looked at me an could tell that i was pretty heated about something she just couldnt tell what. The biggest clue she got had to be the fact that i wouldnt look at the TV or the game. I was a hockey fan before i even met Geno so she must have put to and to together.
"What did he do?"
"Nothing. i dont want to talk about it."
"Is it because you arent at the game?"
"Is it that obvious? we fought before i headed down here today. An i understood why he wanted me there i mean that would suck everyone around you having someone there and him not since his parents arent coming in."
"So you choose to be here. I told you i would be sitting here doing excually what i am doing now. There's no reason to be sitting here with me instead of being at that game for him."
"I know but i wanted to be here."
"I know but i am fine. He is the one that needs you. Get your ass to Pittsburgh."
"alright but ill be back."
i heard her mumble "Sure you" before i left.

So i left for Pitt, the game had just started so i knew i would be up there by at least the 3rd period. I lisened to the game on the radio the hole way up. When i got up there they were winning, i looked on my dashboard for my pass. Then i remebered that i took it inside the night before and didnt have it with me. Ive been there plenty of times. So i went to security to find that it was a new guy, an he couldnt let me in. So i went back to my car and waited for the game to be over. Marc was the first one to walk out, He just kind or looked at me in shock. Next thing i know Sid comes running out.
"Hey Cuz, What are you doing here?"
"My mom made me come up here and watch Geno."
"How is she?"
"Good. What did everyone thing that i wasnt going to be coming?"
"Geno said you werent so we didnt expect to see you here, we all thought that we would see you way later. But i got to go back and do interviews. Met me at Jordan's were all going there to see where we are gonna party tonight."
"Alright. See you later."

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