Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

chapter 15

I laid across the bed putting my head where he had been laying. The sheets smelled SOOOO good, that I didnt want to move. Then I felt someone grab my hand and pull me up.
"We should do this more often." He smiled. " Just not with Max."
He grabbed my hand and led me out of the room.
"Wait." I stopped. "Where are we going?"
"I am going to make you breakfast. So dont make me drag you."
I took a peak into the living room to see that Chris and Sidney were sleeping on the coach. An Jordan was on the floor, it looked like he had been kicked off of the coach by one of the two still remaining. Even though Kris, Max, and I had been the only ones up before he started cooking everyone was up as soon as the smell seeped through the rest of the house.
"How was your night sexy?" Max asked with his 'gets em everytime smile' across his face.
I rolled my eyes but smirked, "Terrible I woke up looking at Kris instead of you!" I pouted turning to him.
I dont think I have ever seen someones face light up while another spun around like he was a ballerina.
"But then I turned to see you and it got WAY worse." I added. "Im just fucking with you Max. My night and morning was good."
"Whatever girl you know you want me. I mean who wouldnt? I am Max Talbot SUPER STAR."
"WHAT THE FUCK!!!" I jumped and turned to see Sidney flustered and Red. "What the hell were you doing in her bed?"
"Dude calm down. Kris was there to. An plus nothing happened."
"I dont care. An I told Kris he co--" I cut him off.
"By the way What The Hell was that about???"
"I though you could use some company. I talked to him about how he feels. An I dont know I guess I just slipped up." He slowly looked down at the ground.
I sternley lifted his head. "Well dont yell at Max If you let Kris. Now apologize to one of your best friends."
"I know . I am Sorry Maxie."They hugged each other it was so cute."Everyone just stay away from her. GOT IT!"
We met Geno. He was wearing Jeans with rips at the top and on the back with a light blue Penguins T-shirt an a black hat pulled down over his face. He was looking pretty good. Sarge and Sid both said they were there to help us get out what we need to with out making a scence. We agreed and sat in silence for a minute or two.
"Geno says that he doesnt quite know how to explain to you what happened. I assure you that he didnt and hsnt done anything with Oksana beside a little dancing the other night." Sarge continued. " He also wants you to know that you mean the world to him. An he doesnt want to lose you especially not to Tangers."
"What happens with Kris and me has nothing to do with this. You were mad at me cause I couldnt make it to the game. An next thing I know you start hanging out with her again. You knew this was going to happen thats why you wouldnt tell me in Detriot. An It also explains why you were trying so hard to get me to come. You knew she would do this!" I felt a tear fall down my face.
"No. Not how happen. I care, I do. You-You amazing. I NOT want to lose you!! Had surprise for you. After game, Oksana follow home. Get shower. You come. Things get messed up."
"I know you care but sometimes I just dont know anymore. Why did you even invite her to the game? To replace me? To maybe make yourself fell better?"
"No. You not lisen. Not how happen. she show up. Had pass. Try surprise me. Didnt work. She try get back me." He sighed. " I try get rid her. She no go. Sarge try help. No luck."
"I did try even got security. The only thing we could do was keep her from the locker room. Cause she did have the pass." Sergei looked at me then to Geno.
"See. No lie."
"Okay but I still dont know. Sidney can I talk to you for a second."
"Yeah lets go over here." He pointed over to a empty table.
He looked at me then over to Evgeni.
"I saw the way you looked at him. You dont think you can trust him do you? An I saw the way you looked at Kris this morning to. Is there something else there other then what I was hoping for."
"I dont think I could trust him not as long as she is around, in his life and in contact with him. When I woke up with Max/Kris this morning I had this feeling that I have NEVER had before. But I dont know if it was good or bad. Honestly I dont know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME SID!" I begged.


  1. Aw Geno.
    I can't wait to see where this goes.

  2. I don't get it.Why wouldn't she trust Evgeni?He didn't do anything wrong!Okay so he didn't tell her O was coming( well he sort of did in a way) but that was it.I think he was mad she didn't come to the game b/c he was worried about O & what she would do?He did need to be more open about it with her before she showed up.
    She is the one sleeping with guys so to speak.
    Torturing the poor guy for nothing.
    Sorry for the long post & the venting lol