Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

chapter 11

I drove to Jordan's and waited seeing that no one else was there yet. Sidney seemed weird like there was something he wasn't telling me. Sidney, Marc-Andre, Tyler, Jordan, and Kris walked in about 45 minutes after I got there. I asked the guys where Geno was.
"We drove seperatley, I dont know where he is."
"alright I will go call him then." i started to dig for my phone.
"No! I will do it."
The doorbell rang, I thought maybe thats him. Not even thinking about Sid's sudden no. To my surprise it was Max and Chris.
"either of you two know where Evgeni is?"
"Not a clue."
Now that's really weird them not knowing where he was. Something had to be up. I walked into the kitchen with the guys Sidney was getting a beer and they were all sitting in the Living room watching game highlights.
My phone started going off when I walked in Marc threw it over to me. I looked to see Tangers name come across the screen, I looked around to not see him anywhere.
"I need to talk to you in PRIVATE, im upstairs."
Now update here: Kris has had a thing for me ever since Sid had introduced us when I first came up here. An I have to admit that I did use to like him But he had a girlfriend(Jenny) and then things happened with Geno. So I kind of forgot all about that.
I went upstairs to see what he wanted.
"C you honestly dont know how hard this is for me. But I cant let this happen to you so I am goin to take my chances."
I looked at him with a lot of confusion not sure what exacually he was talking about.
"It is Geno!"
"WHAT! whats wrong with him, what happened?"
"nothing he is fine. But when you left the house earlier, he went out an was blowing off steam when he ran into his 'russian problem'. Which was Oksana coming back to see him. He invited her to the game something about bringing up old memories. She took it as he wanted her back since you werent there."
I just stared off into space not quite sure if i should believe him or not. Sidney and I had A LOT of trust for each other, He said if anything would happen when i wasnt around he would watch out for me and tell me. The fact he never told me made me think that Kris was lien. I stood there for a couple minutes processing it all and then eventually took of for downstairs. Once i saw Sidney and looked him in the eyes i knew it was true. I grabbed my stuff and took off. I got in the car thinking about what Kris said. Evgeni wasnt a cheater, but when he is mad he doesnt think at all. So what if he invited her to the game, maybe he just wants to stay friends y'know.
So I drove to the house. Sure enough his car was in the drive. I parked down on the street, and quitely crept in to the house. I heard his voice and followed it into the bedroom. I opened the door thinking he was just on the phone with someone. I heard the shower running and walked toward it to find him coming out and her in the shower. I then got the worst feeling in the world, an i could feel my heart just being ripped out.
He yelled, "Babe it not what seem. Come here."
"No Geno! I cant believe this shit! I came up to the game to see YOU and then I find this. What the hell do you think that it is?"
I ran out and slammed the door right in his face, For the second time today. Except this time he came running out in his boxers. But I didnt want to try and talk to him about this. I slammed the stering wheel at the stop sign, picked up my phone and called Renaee. She didnt answer so i just left her a message.
"Renaee I dont know what to do. I know you werent at the game. But Geno had another girl there, and i went to his house to find her in the shower and him walking out in his boxers. Im upset and i dont know what to do, call me back ASAP please."
I hope she could understand that because I was balling.


  1. Hi I have been reading your story the past few weeks & really like it.

    Please don't let that gold digging O get between them