Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

chapter 13

After they were done Renaee and I were outside waiting for the guys to come out. TK took forever, When we saw Geno come out I texted Kris asking where they were and that we needed to go ASAP! He came up to me and imediately are eyes locked. They looked so sincere and sad.
"Sorry. nothing happen. Promise. Told you, you see when friend come."
"Yeah well you forgot to mention it was your EX- FIANCE!!!" I screamed.
Sarge heard me yelling all the way across the parking lot and hurried over to help Evgeni. I looked at him and told him to tell Evgeni that,I cant deal with this right now. I really need to think about things and that he can have fun with Oksana because I have given up on him. Kris and Tyler walked out and stepped between Geno and us as Sergei was telling him what I said. I looked down to see that he was forming fist at his sides and getting a really pissed off look on his face.
"Lets go girls." Tyler pushed us into the car.
Friday morning Renaee called.
"Were getting you out of the house for some fun. I am outside. using my key. An I am coming in."
Next thing I know she is pulling the covers off of me.
"I dont want to go."
"I dont care." She snaped.
She pulled me up and out of bed.
"Lets go shopping!"
"Alright I will do that."
I got a shower and got dressed, and we were headed for Grove City Prime Outlets. Tyler had called Renaee while we were shopping telling her that we were ALL going out when they get back from Detriot.
"Im not sure I should go what if Evgeni is there?"
"Then you show him what he lost. An plus Tangers want you to go. He really does like you and I know you used to like him to before Jenny. So maybe god is giving you your second chance with him."
"I dont even have anything to wear."
"How about we go get that sexy dress you found the other day."
That night we watched the boys game on TV at Vero's. They lost but it was coming back to Pitt for game 6.
Saturday night had finally came. Even thought they didnt get in till like 2am they were still out partying. Renaee said she would pick me up around 1am. I was finishing getting ready just as she walked in.
"Damm you look FINE! Come on we are going to show you a good time."
When we arrived at the club most of the guys had already grabbed there girls and were dancing. I waved to them all out on the dance floor and headed straight for Sidney. We still hadnt talked since the day I found out. He had been avoiding me at all cost. An it totally sucked cause I really missed him.
"How could you not tell me? Did you think I wouldnt find out and everythin would be okay? We promised we would tell each other everything no matter what it was about or who it involved.
Did that mean anything to you?"

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