Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

chapter 18

The next morning I woke up to an empty house. Sid must have gone home for his Range Rover was gone and so was he. I went into the kitchen to make breakfast when I decided to invite Kris over to talk. I ran upstairs to grab my phone. When I woke up this morning I hadnt realized that I had two unread texts.
"Hey. Sorry I had to leave before breakfast. See you ay parade. Offer still stands!! -sid"
the second one was from Kris.
"Good morning."
I decided to text Sidney back first.
"Oh well It is fine. But you are missing the 'great blueberry muffins and pancakes'."
Then texted Kris.
"Hey good morning. Can you come over?"
As I was walking down the stairs to finish what I started I got a text.
"Ugh why do you have to make the good stuff when I am NOT THERE-sid."
"Because you arent here to eat it all."
I finished making the pancakes while the muffins were still in the oven.
"you are calling me fat eh? well at least save me some?-sid"
"I am not. but I will try."
Then Kris FINALLY texted me back.
"I am on my way."
"Good I made breakfast if you didnt eat yet."
As I set the stuff on the table I realzied I hadnt texted Evgeni yet.
I scrolled through my contacts and decided I would call instead.
"Awe. Were you alseep?"
"No I up. Was layin bed."
"Oh okay. well i wanted to call and tell you good morning. An that I will see you in a few hours."
"Okay morning. See then. Bye?" he questioned.
"Good bye geno. Go back to sleep." I laughed.
"I love you." He whisper almost afraid to say it.
i sat there silently thinking to make sure it was the first time he had said it. Except for the note.
"Geno you said it first." I squealed.
"I know. Me do though."
"I love you two."
"See you later."
I hung up the phone with the biggest smile on my face. I wanted to hear him say it again. I have waited so long for that. Almost 2years if you dont count the small break up. Kris was knocking at the door a few minutes later.
"Come in." I yelled from the kitchen as I took out the muffins.
"Ahh do I smell those famous muffins."
"Yes. yes you do." I laughed
i sat the plate down before he hugged me and then took his seat.
"I am glad you invited me over. This is my favorite food that you Crosby's make and I am starving."
"Yeah it is my favorite to." I looked over at him. "but i didnt just invite you over for the food. I need to talk to you about somethings."
"Alright. Go ahead." He put down his fork an stared intentlly at me.
"Last night Evgeni and I made up. We settled EVERYTHING. An we are back together. I am really sorry Kris because there was something there. It is just I am in love with Evgeni. An always have. I still want to remain close with you. Just for now it has to be friends. An only friends."
"Alrighty I understand. I knew you would choose him if it came down to it. Who wouldnt choose the person you were with for like 2 years. An I want to remain as close as possible I will always be here for you.I want to be that someone you can talk to no matter what time it is. I will always be here. Even if it is just friends." He smiled at me grabbing his fork. " these are better then Trina's."


  1. Aw. Geno is so adorable.
    Kris is such a great guy for understanding.
    Can't wait for more.

  2. Wow! Almost going out two years & finally saying I love you!I don't know why but I like that he said it first. =-)
    I just don't trust that Tanger!


  3. 3rd time trying to post.
    good chapter.I like he said I love you first even though it took two years! lol

    I don't trust that Letang though!