Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

chapter 22

On the ride to where ever we were going I pulled out my phone and scrolled down to Max's name. I decided it would be better to find out what the hell the flowers really meant before Geno did. For some reason I dont think that he believed me.

"Flowers?" I hit send.

A few moments later we reached are destination.

"Where are we?"

"You see."

I smiled as he grabbed my hand and lead me in all a while my phone was buzzing in my pocket.

I didnt even bother with the phone because I was to involved with whatever he was doing. As we walked away from the car he pulled me in even tighter. I looked around enough to see that we were walking into this little dinner. I didnt even know that it was here. Maybe because it was tucked away an not many new like i didnt. Maybe It was one of those things that you just happen to stumble across. Either way I loved it and I hadnt even been inside yet.

Inside this little old women probally about 4 foot something greeted us and spoke to Evgeni as if he was a regular costumer and then looked at me then back to Geno an smiled nodding her head as if giving approval.

When we were finnaly left alone the first thing he said to me was "Flowers?"

"Yeah I have noclue why he sent me those. But Im sure he could tell that I was mad and he didnt want to be on my bad side."


I placed my phone on the table not even giving the text i recieved minutes ago any kind of thought.

"I'll be right back." I kissed him and walked down the hall to where the arrow saying 'restroom' hung.

Geno POV

AS she left and walked behind me i noticed her phone sitting over by the wall. This brought back the thought I had when we walked in..'who could possibly be texting her now of all times.'

I reached for her phone. The first thing I saw was Max's name was flashing on the screen. As bad as this maybe I hit the open button and began to read..

"Well it's your birthday. An you know the main reason is im just trying to make my girls day better."

'WTF! His girl.' Im so confused.

I put her phone back just in time as i heard her walking up the hall. As i thought of an excuse that wouldnt make me look terrible for doing what I had just done as walked up behind me and let her arm run its way down my shoulder.

"While you were gone your phone went off..I thought someone was calling so I grabbed it but you had a message instead." I started to trail off at the end as I looked in her eyes.

"Oh who was it?" She looked down.

Her face dropped. "Did you read it?" She looked down to her phone reading the same thing I just had.

"Yeah acually I did."

"Geno, Honestly I dont want anything to do with him. I guess I porbally should have told you this when it happened yesterday. An I am sorry that I didnt. I just didnt want you mad and wanting to fight him."

"Will you just tell me what happened already?"

She looked at me with fear in her eyes.

"Im sorry I just need to know."

She mumbled something..


She mubbled it again..

I got up out of my seat, she turned to me as i bent down in front of her.

"Baby please, Just tell me."

"He... He kissed me." Her eyes started to fill up with tears.

"What!!!" I screamed. 'That bastard knows better.'

"Im sorry I didnt mean to yell dont cry baby."

"That's not why I am crying I dont want anything to happen to us or to you. Especially since you are teammates."

"Yeah I understand babe but he needs to be confronted about this since he is my teammate he knew better then to do this to me and to you."

He pulled out his phone and walked down the same hallway I was just in.

Ciera POV

After we had finished the rest of are breakfast we got back in the car and began driving towards downtown. Moments later we were outside of the arena.

"What are we doing at Mellon?"

"I have another surprise."

"Okay?" I looked at him confused.


  1. What could the surprise be?
    I love Geno!

  2. Look out Max! Geno's gonna do some butt kicking on you! lol
    I hope Max doesn't ruin the surprise Geno had for her.

    Thanks for updating ! =-)