Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

chapter 23

-inside Mellon Arena-

We walked inside to the boys skating around on the ice.

"I thought you didnt have practice today?" i asked.

He said nothing and gave me a pair of skates as he laced up his and ended up skating off with out me. I heard everything get quite as I started to walk out.

When I had finally stumbled my way out to the edge of the ice I saw the guys in a big huddle on the blue line the closest to me.

"GENO!" I yelled.

He turned around with a big smile on his face. As did the others. The first thing I did notice was that Max was nowhere to be found. As I was thinking what all they could have done or said the time I was lacing up my skates and not around Geno motioned for me to come out.

I skated on to the ice as soon as I hit the middle of the ice the lights started to dim like they do at the games. Happy birthday started playing from the booth as from the boys. When I looked up to them I noticed a yellow light in the middle of the group. They had a HUGE cake on the ice.

Geno skated out to me and grabbed my hand as he led me over to the cake the song ended.

It was kind of hard to blow out all the candles seeing there had to be like 100-150 so the boys all had to help me out.

I hugged them one by one as they wished me a happy birthday and skated off the ice eventually leaving Geno and I alone.

"You are amzing." I hugged him.

"Me Know." He smiled Embracing me. "Just try an make day great!"

"What else you got planned."

"well you party...An that really it." He laughed with a scary look.

"You sure?" I questioned.



Later that afternoon I sat at the table wondering what had happened to Max. I didnt want to take the chance of Evgeni getting mad at me because I asked about it or something.

'Maybe he will be here tonight?! An we can try an work things out because Max is a really good friend and is and has been there for me.'

The limo pulled up around two hours later to pick everyone up.

Vero,Marc,Kelsey,Tyler,Jordan,Geno,me,Kris, And room for two other who everyone told me were for Sidney and his date...Sid and a girl?!? Then again we havent talked in a while so it is hard to tell. We headed to 'Grille 36' one of my favorite resturants.

We met Sidney and his date there. When we arrived they were already at the table with drinks in their hands.

"Nothing like waiting for the people this is acually about." Kelsey said rolling her eyes.

Vero, Kelsey and I all turned an looked at each other at the same time...Saying "What the fuck." In unison making the guys all turn around and look at us.

The girl looked at us then to her self and turned a slight shade of red then whipsered something to Sid who then smiled and kissed her check.

"Hooker isnt always the best way to go." Kelsey whispered to us.

We all laughed as the boys took there seats.

"So Sid Whos the chick?" Jordan asked.

"An how much did you pay her to join you?" Kris asked.

"Excuse me?" She answered back to Kris giving him the dirtiest look ive ever seen in my life.

"Oh snippy." Kris laughed.

"Okay guys cut it out. Leave Veronica alone!!" Sid interviened.

"HHeeyyy VVVEERRRoNNiicccAAA!!" Jordan added as Sid gave him a weird look. "Sorry dude Ill stop."

"OKAY ANYWAYS!!" I added. "Its my birthday so we are here to party not yell at each other."

Drinks were pouring an soon everyone was ready for Diesel! We all hoped in the limo leaving Sid's Range Rover in the VIP parking lot of Heinz Field.

Jordan was hanging out the sun roof yelling at every girl he saw walking on the street or in the car beside us. Kris eventually joined him and they did it the hole way there.

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  1. I have a feeling Geno has something else planned!:-)

    I wish she would just forget about Max now!

    Thanks for updating!