Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

chapter 20

HEY! I am finnally updating this one. I really likes the begining of this chapter but I need you guys opinion on the ending and what you would like to see her do. So please let me know your opinion and comment this chapter so I can do the next one. Oh an I am also going to try and add POV's to this chapter.
Hope you like it:]

Taylor called her parents as we were getting beer and such for the party. They agreed since it was at my house that she could stay but unfortunetly they wanted to talk to me.

"Hello" I acted excited.

"Dear, Taylor may stay with you, but I dont want her drinking or taking in any part of that kind of stuff."

"Oh dont worry. I wasnt planning on letting her do that. I am at the store right now an I was picking up some mountain dew and such for her to drink. I promise you she wont touch it."

"Okay thank you darling. I will see you girls tommarow then."

"alright Goodbye."

"Are you really going to make me drink mountain dew?"

"No! You can have one or maybe some wine. I haven't decided. But you better pray that Sidney doesnt show up and if he does that he doesnt see you. I really dont want to be in trouble to the point that you cant hang with me when you are in town." I put out my bottom lip.

"Alright I will try my best to avoid him. Okay an I wont get out of handle. Just a couple... Maybe." She laughed.

We left the store within 30minutes of getting there.
"Wow. You are a fast shopper."

"Oh I have had alot of parties through the years. I know what to get and where to go." I smiled. " Im a pro."

Back at the house Max was waiting for us.
"Geez Max why so early?"

"I was bored. So I though I would come entertain you girls."

"Oh okay. There is beer in the back. Will you grab it while I unlock the door?"

"Anything for you darling."

"Thanks. Tay why dont you help him out." I smiled at her and pushed her towards the back of the car.

Taylors POV
"Hey kiddo"

"Hi Max."

"how have you been?"

"Pretty good. you?"

"Not to bad. Crushed. But not to bad." He fake smiled.

"Who could possibly even crush you?" I smiled.

"Your cousin. I hate that she is back with Geno."

"Oh I didnt even know that you liked her."

"I've had a crush on her since Sid brought her in that day. I Acually though it was Sid's girl then when he said she was single but off limits I was so relieved."

"Awh this is cute Max. Does she know?"

"I don't think so. But I was there for her when they broke up"


"Well I guess we should take these in before she freaks out." He smirked walking towards the door. "You got it?" He yelled back.

"Yup I'm good with the beer." I smiled till he turned around. "Just not with you." I mumbled.

Ciera's POV
I watched both MAx and Taylor walk in with sadness in there eyes. I grabbed Tay as she was walking back out to get some more box's.

"Tay whats wrong?"

"He likes you doesnt even notice me."



"Oh I am sorry. He does know that I am with Geno right?"

"Yeah. He 'hates it'."

"You arent mad at me are you?"

"No It isnt your fault."

"Okay. How about you start putting some things away for me. Im gonna go talk to him okay?"

"Please dont say anything. I dont think he wanted me to say anything to you."

"Alright I wont."

We parted an walked in seperate directions. I caught Max sitting in the back with a beer in hand.

"Already drinking I see."

"Yup....Want one?"

"Nahh Im good for now." I looked at him. " Is something wrong?"

"No I am just thinking about somethings."

"Oh. Wanna talk about it?"

"How about I just do this?"

Next thing I know I am kissing Max.

"Max! I am with GENO! You know that. I cant be kissing you."

"I know I am sorry but I had to do it."


"You didnt feel that spark? That connection?"

"I-I dont know Max."

I walk away an run into my room. Not knowing what to do The only thing that poped in my mind was call Geno. I needed to talk and be with Evgeni. An everything will go back to normal.


  1. Oh boy... Max really wants her.
    Poor Taylor, although it would be really weird for her and Max to be together.
    Can't wait for more.

  2. Max is nothing but a player & will break her heart.
    Geno is a sweet heart & even went against his parents for her! He deserves to be treated as such

    Team mates shouldn't go after team mates girls in my opinion.To me it's disrespectful.Teams are just like families & you just don't do that!

    Naybe she should stop hanging out so much with the team & just stick with Sid & Geno for awhile.She hasn't had any time lately alone with Geno

    Just my opinions =-)

  3. One more opinion on Max!

    Recently all stories I have been reading about the Pens.Max steals all the girls.It's getting to be a cliche. I think that is the word I want.......basically it is getting old!

    Be an Original ! =-)