Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chapter 19

So the new story is going to be on MARC-ANDRE FLUERY!!!!!!(because I already have a Kris story..) ((Modelsorhockeygirlz)) yeah but anyways. I think I will have the first chapter or atleast a intro up sometime tonight. I am going to try and do 3 stories. But I will post the link on here when it is made.


After Kris left I jumped in the shower and got ready for the parade. I was glad that I was riding with Evgeni. Just seeing him with his parents while everyone else is with there wives or girlfriends would make me sad.

I grabbed my keys as I was walking out the door. Not even realizing that I had forgot my phone till I was half way down the street.

"Fuck! Im gonna be late."

I pulled a 'uey' and headed back to the house.

I had to break at least 2 records while racing for my phone. I unlocked the door in about 10seconds flat. Ran up the stairs to my room grabbed my phone and slid back down the banister all in about 3 minutes flat.

When I reached Mellon Arena I found Evgeni standing with his parents so I tried to stay back a little bit. But as I got closer I realzied that they were fighting about something in Russian. Obviously not wanting anyone else to hear what they were saying to him. Geno noticed me out of the corner of his eye and told me to hold on a minute. While him and his father continued what ever they were saying his mother just stared at me with a glare that could kill the devil.

I overheard Oksana's name come out of his fathers mouth then I saw him pointing at me. I now could feel and understand what they were fighting about. I felt tears forming in my eyes so i started to turn and run away. I could have been wrong they may have been saying something else but weither they were or not I didnt want to be somewhere I wasnt wanted.I started searching for Sidney.

"Hey.. I..What happened?" I heard Darryls voice.

"Nothing I think I am going to ride with you today. If that offers still good?!" I looked around at everything but at him.

"Okay. That is what I was going to ask you. But are you absolutley positive that nothing is wrong." he put his hand under my chin and pushed my head up to met his eyes.

"Yupp aboslutley." I fake smiled the best I could.

"Parade starts in 20minutes. EVERYONE riding in the parade please go find your trucks." Someone shouted over the crowd.

I locked arms with Sidney like we do when we are at family gatherings and walked to the end of the trucks. I could see Geno up ahead of us. He seemed to be searching for something. When he found what he was looking for he threw his arms up in the arm and looked at me with the funniest face I have EVER seen.

I texted him instead of trying to yell up to him.

"Dont think that I am wanted up there. I will catch you later?!"

I could tell that he got the text because he looked down than back to them and yelled something before giving me the saddest looking puppy dog face.

"Im sorry" He lipped to me.

"Ill explain everything after the parade!?" He texted me just as the parade was starting.

"So ciera why arent you riding with Evgeni I though you guys made up?" Marc asked.

"Well we did but I dont think that I am welcome up there right now. So I am just going to stay away for the day until somethings go back to normal."I smiled.

"Ohh I understand what you mean." he smiled. "Well glad to have you in the best truck in the parade." He laughed.

"Glad to be here." I smirked.

During the parade I caught up with Taylor, Troy, Trina and Vero. I hadnt seen the Crosby's in a while. An I was glad to catch up.

Soon after the parade started we were down at the stage standing in the VIP area. I was still in awe from seeing all the people lined up along the street. When we reached the stage area I know that my mouth had to have hit the floor. Sid was up so I had to 'take pictures or die.' Sids words.

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  1. Oh my god just thinking about the parade gives me chills. I definitely got downtown at five forty-five am and had an amazing spot down my the stage. It was such an amazing experience. That's when the fact that we won the cup really sunk in for me, when Mario was about ten feet from me.

    Anyway... as for the chapter, as always it was great.
    Can't wait to see what Geno's parents were talking about.