Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass

Hossa i hope you feel like a dumb ass
i saw this picture and i loved it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

chapter 19

"one other person I would like to mention, not many of you may know, My cousin. You've been here for me from the beginning. I am so glad that I have you here to talk to about stuff and to make the family food that I cant make.I love you ciera. Your the best cousin EVER!"

As He was saying that I knew I was balling. I hadnt expected him to say anything because it is easier just to leave someone like me out. I mean Evgeni did.

After the speeches were done I litterally ran and jumped on Sidney nearly knocking him down.

"I think YOU are by far THE BEST cousin EVER!!" I screamed hugging him.

"Yeah I have been told that once or twice." He laughed. " Im starving want to go eat now?"

"You gonna carry me?" I gave the biggest smile I could.

"On my back yeah. Like this it would kind of be hard."

"DEAL!" I jumped down and ran around behind him like I was 4 and jumped on his back.

We ended up going to one of my favorite resturants 'Grille 36'.

"An what did I do to deserve this?" I looked at Sid who pointed to Trina.

"It seems like you have been having some rough couple of weeks. An just because someones family wants to be stubborn It makes it harder on you. So lets get your mind of that shall we." She smiled.

We had to wait like a hour to get the back room, While we were waiting I met with Evgeni in the parking lot at his car.

"Sorry Cant eat. Parents not want to." He grabbed my hand.

"It's fine. It's just the Crosby's right now anyways." I shrugged.

"Oh bout parade!"

"Yeah..A..What exacually happened?" I turned to look at him.

"I sorry. They no support desicions." He looked out the window. "Oksana. She talk to parents."

"Wait you mean me?" I looked down.

"Yeah. She say you cheat on me. An I not know. They no understand truth. Oksana family friend. been with her long time." his voice started to get shaky. "They tell get back with Oksana. Or they no talk to me again."

"It's okay Geno I understand."

"Not not understand. I choose you for reason. I love YOU! Not her."

"I love you two."

"Like the sound of that. But they get over it eventually. An they not be here for while. So I no care." He smiled. "They see it an if not oh well."

"I cant believe you choose me over your parents."

"Why noone believe me when say that?"

I laughed. "I dont know it is probally becuase you are so close with them."


"Yeah. I bet go. An so should you."

"I call. We do something later."

"Alright. Goodbye Geno."

Walking back into the resturant I noticed Sidney over in the far corner with A GIRL! I never see him with a girl EVER!

I looked to Trina who shrugged her shoulders, We then both looked over to Taylor Who went over to Sidney.

"She just needs a look now? Wow do you have her trained." I laughed.

"Yeah. She is getting better." She turned and looked at me. "Do you need to talk? I know you usually talk with Sidney about most stuff but I am here if you need me."

"Acually I do need to talk to someone."

"Okay lets go over to the couch where it is more quite." She motioned for me to go first.

I sat down and shifted over toward her."It has been weird with Geno latley. Like something is trying to tear us apart. As If god is trying to tell me he is not the one for me. An I think he may have made a BIG mistake today."

"You never know. God maybe trying to tell you something or he is just trying to show how strong you two are together." She gave a reassuring smile. "I think you are the only one that will be able to tell which one it is. It looks to me that you are perfect together and if you two have been able to get through all of this then you guys will be fine."

"You think so?"

"I know so. An what was his big mistake?" She asked using air quotes.

"His parents told him to get back with Oksana or lose them. He choose me!!"

"So that is why you are stressing about this. You arent quite sure about the way your relationship is going yet. An he may have just lost his family."

"Yes! Finally someone gets what I am saying."

She laughed. " If they truley love him which I know they do. That boy means the world to them. Then they will support his desicions and they deffidently wont disown him." She patted me on the back. "Hell be fine with that it wont last long if they choose not to talk to him for a couple weeks."

"Your table is ready" A man came and got us. He rushed Sidney, Trina, Troy, and Taylor through the crowd and I followed behind with this girl Sid had invited to eat with us.

Sid sat on the far end with his father across for him. Trina sitting by Troy and Taylor next to her. Alowing Sidney and I to sit by each other. But instead this girl moved right in front of me and pulled the chair towards her. Which then left me sitting beside Tay on the other side of the table the farthest from him.

During the whole dinner I would look over to Sid and try and make contact. But everytime I would look at him he was looking at her or messing with her, talking with her, something everytime I looked down to him.

Tay could sense the tension, "What are you fighting about?"

"I honestly couldnt tell you. He's stuck up that girls ass." I pointed to them.

"Yeah i know he is rarley even talking to my dad. Which is way weird."

"you want to dip out of here? Go find someone who will acually talk to us."

"Oh my good yes. An I want to see Joker so bad."

"Alright. An I think he misses you two."



"Tay and I are gonna head back to my house. She wants to see Joker. An OBVIOUSLY Some PEOPLE ARE TOTALLY IGNORING US RIGHT NOW!" Sid gave me a dirty look.

"Alright that is fine. An I know how you feel darling."

"have fun girls." I looked back to see Troy waving to us.

"Bye EVERYONE!" As we walked out to the car.

"Who does she think she is?" I slammed my hands on the wheel.

"I have no clue. Obviously she doesnt know who she is messing with." She gave a evil look to me.

"I know. I hope she is with him later."

"Me two I have a little plan. She wont know what hit her."

"Haha I love you Tay."

"Who you wont me to call over? Take your pick I have EVERY guy on the teams number in there."

"Umm." She scrolled through my phone contacts. "MAX!" She screamed. "He knows how to have fun!"

"That he does."

I had her text him on my phone and ask what he was doing. About ten minutes later he texted 'me' back.

"Hello darling. I was thinking about maybe going to Diesel after the Lemieux party tonight. What were you thinking about doing?"
"Oh yeah. I will be going to the Lemieux's party to. Then maybe throwing a party at my house. You in?"
"No shit! Yeah I am in. Party at Crosby's."
"Send the word around for me but make sure that it doesnt get to Sid. He met a girl today."
"Being mr. Ignorant again?"
"Yeah. I hate him when he is like that. But umm say around midnight get it all started?"
"Hell yeah. I will see you later then. An you owe me for this."
"Yeah. I kind of figured that."

After texting Max I called Geno.
"Hiya Stud."
"What you up to?"
"Driving to store with Tay."
"Oh. Fun."
"Yeah. What are you doing later?"
"Being with you!?" He questuoned.
"Yeah. Party at my house around midnight."
"Awesome. I got surprise tonight."
"Oh really. Well I cant wait to see you."
"See you at parties."
"Bye Evgeni."
"Love you."
"Love you two." I hung up.

"Awhh Ciera and Evgeni." Taylor started laughing.
"Oh shut up" I hit her arm. " I think someone has a crush on Maxie."
"What Are you serious."
"Yes, Yes I am. I saw the way that you lite up when he texted back and that smile when you came over his name."
"So you think you will be able to go to the party since it is at my house?"
"I hope so."
"Yeah you can see Maaaxxx..." I laughed.
"I should ask now rather then later."
"Ill give them a call when we get to the store."
"Alright that works."
We started jamming after she turned the music up.


  1. Oh boy, Penguin parties....
    Sidney and a girl... Hmm. Who does that girl think that she is?
    And Geno, oh Geno, he's such a sweet heart. =]
    Can't wait for more.

  2. Can't wait to see what Geno's surprise is!Yes Geno is a sweetheart1
    Doesn't surprise me that O tried to cause problems.